Dougie Poynter: Me And Frankie Sandford Have Broken Up

Dougie Poynter of McFly checked in with his Twitter followers (@dougiemcfly) moments ago, confirming news that he and Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays have split up, and throwing cold water on reports that she ditched him for another man. Dougie writes:

I just wanted you all to hear it from me, me and Francesca have broken up. It is way to soon for either of us to be seeing other people, so please don’t believe any of the rumors. It was on good terms and she is still one of my best friends x

Frankie Sandford Takes A Twitter Break Following Abuse Over Rumored Split

Frankie Sandford has been receiving abuse on her Twitter (@FrankieTheSats), prompting The Saturday’s star to tell her followers:

I’m sorry to say but I’m taking a break from twitter for a while. The abuse following untrue stories is just too much to take.

The comments likely stem from reports that she and Dougie Poynter of McFly have split up, and suggestions from body language from the bassist that he was the one dumped by Frankie. Also contributing to the anger are reports that she exchanged Tweets with notorious womanizer Calum Best. Not helping was a reported confession to Zoo magazine that she been with “less than five” guys, a number teen fans of their boy band hero may consider worthy of attack. Searching @FrankieTheSats with “bitch” “whore” “slut” or “slag” reveals multiple results, predictably all from females.

Frankie later reacted to support she’s since received @TheSats twitter account:

Just looked at all the tweets @thesats and saw so many lovely messages from our fans, thank you for your support Love Frankie xxx

Frankie Sandford And Dougie Poynter’s Disneyland Slideshow

Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays is out with a slideshow from her recent trip to Disneyland with boyfriend Dougie Poynter of McFly. The couple enjoyed a “Minnie” adventure, “goofing” around and taking in all the sights.

The video at has since been removed.

Frankie Sandford Weighs In On Sugababes Turmoil

BBC Chart Blog caught up with Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays, asking the singer whether the turmoil with girl group rivals Sugababes being in turmoil presents an opening for them.

Um…obviously for us it’s like we are the only girl band around at the moment, so that’s quite cool, but I think the Sugababes are gonna come back bigger and better. They’ve just got so much press about it, like literally we’ve been on the radio tour all week, and all we’ve been asked about is the Sugababes. It’s just gonna be like this massive… like everyone’s gonna be waiting to see that first video.

Check out the entire transcript at

McFly Fans Don’t Hate Frankie Sandford For Dating Dougie Poynter

Metro caught up with Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays, asking the 19-year-old about her highlight of 2008, how the girl group finds success without the help of ‘X Factor’, what she did after S Club 8 split, being “quite sane” despite being a child performer, and how McFly fans have treated her since she began going out with Dougie Poynter. “I was worried they’d give me stick for it but we’ve got a MySpace for the band and for every nasty message I get from McFly fans I get eight nice ones,” Frankie said. “I went to one of their shows and a lot of people came up to me. I was really nervous about it but everyone was nice. We don’t go out posing for the paps at clubs so I guess we’re not rubbing it in people’s faces. I’m sure that would annoy people.” Check out the entire interview here.