Frankmusik ‘Do It In the AM’

Frankmusik 'Do It In The AM'

After the success of his top ten UK debut, Frankmusik is preparing to release his new album in the U.S. entitled ‘Do It In the AM’, which was inspired by the energy of his adopted hometown of Los Angeles. The album’s eponymous lead single ‘Do It In the AM’ will be released May 3rd and features Far East Movement. Get a feel for ‘Do It in the AM’ below with a hot new collection of remixes by Les Loups, Jacob Plant and Frankmusik’s own Crystal Palace remix.

Frankmusik Interviewed After SXSW Concert

Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute with Arjan caught up with Frankmusik backstage at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The singer talked about how he felt after just getting off stage, the reaction to his new single ‘Do It In The AM’, and his beatboxing skills. “It was my first, first live show in America with the new material,” the 25-year-old explained. “It’s been absolutely amazing, and I think the crowd loved it.” Listen to the brief interview via YouTube below.

Frankmusik ‘The Fear Inside’ Video

Frankmusik 'The Fear Inside' music video

Frankmusik is out with the music video to his new single ‘The Fear Inside’, off the British pop artist’s upcoming album ‘Do it in the AM’, released on Island Records. The video for “The Fear Inside” – which just premiered this weekend – was shot on Frank’s new home turf in downtown LA.

“‘The Fear Inside’ is a song about relieving the pressures and complications of the modern world through the strength of a close and intimate relationship,” Frankmusik explained. “And it wasn’t too bad getting to show that with Natalie [lead actress] in the video.”

The Guillaume Doubet directed video was shot on Frank’s new home turf in downtown LA. Watch it via YouTube below.

Frankmusik Covers ‘Dance The Way I Feel’ By Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Frankmusik posted a cover of the Ou Est Les Swimming Pool song ‘Dance The Way I Feel’ in honor and memory of Charlie Haddon, the group’s 22-year-old singer who jumped to his death at the Pukkelpop festival on Friday.

“Thank you for being able to make me smile whether it’s Newcastle or at the top of a mountain in the French Alps,” the electropop artist writes. “May you rest in peace.” Frankmusik added on his Facebook, “Hope you like it guys. It’s insane how much this whole thing has effected me.”

Listen via YouTube below.

Frankmusik: I’ve Been Track Jacked By

Frankmusik in DundeeFrankmusik is lashing out at on his Twitter account (@Frankmusik), claiming the Black Eyed Peas star lifted his loop on Cheryl Cole’s song ‘Boy Like You’. The Frankmusik Vs Tinchy Stryder ‘Yes Or No’ (New mix) samples ‘Little Lies’ by Fleetwood Mac, as does ‘Boy Like You’.

Listen to Frankmusik and Tinchy and Cheryl and at YouTube.

Frankmusik writes earlier today:




OK so its im pissed at not Cheryl Cole just to clear things up. I heart Ms Cole if anyone looks at my previous tweets. Let me vent

@growingflame Its not the sample that is the problemo here. It’s the whole “I’m going to make the EXACT same loop as FrankMusik”. Dont be rude

@JoeeeAllOver Er no I really do not hate Cheryl. I just finished writing a track about her.

@scottkeenan You are missing the point. Its not the sample. its the fact that Will I Am used it in exactly the same way as I did.

@colezz No No NO hating the Cole. Its not her that I am having a problem with.

@Lewis_Rhys I just found out on twitter. I well impressed with Coles success. I dont have a problem with her. Its Will I Am who ripped me

@Polskigay Yes but its the fact that Will I am did it the EXACT same way as I did lol

@luigimasi Not hating the Cole at all. Easy on the “Lets slate FrankMusik cos no ones heard of him” too.

@Lewis_Rhys Nope I just realized after I wrote that that she obviously didn’t produce the record. Then I found out it was Will I Am. Not hate

@Lewis_Rhys PS I am not doing this for promo. Its plagiarism fair and square. I was/am shocked as anyone would be. I did it 11 months ago!

@jjbrown Er I know its Fleetwood mac. As does everyone one else. BUT Will I Am has ripped my idea big time. End of.

@Lewis_Rhys Yes of course sample all you like! Just dont make the same consecutive loop as I did. Seems as he is MASSIVE and im not.

This is the last thing I say about this. I have no problem with Cheryl Cole. Its Will I Am I have beef with. Goodnight friends and foes xxxx

Frankmusik On Teaming With Tinchy, Kissing Holly

Holly Valance stars in his latest video, Tinchy Stryder has done a track with him, now Frankmusik is prepping his debut album ‘Complete Me’. As for the kissing scene with Holly, Frankmusik admits, “I did that take quite a few times. I wanted to make sure I got it just right.” Watch the interview below.

Frankmusik ‘Confusion Girl’ Video Behind The Scenes

Frankmusik behind the scenes on his 'Confusion Girl' music video shootFrankmusik posted some behind the scenes footage from his ‘Confusion Girl’ video shoot. The single is available to download July 5th. Frankmusik talked about the video, as did Holly Valance, who is featured in the clip and requested a kissing scene with the singer/producer, who is also working on her new album.

“‘Confusion Girl’ is about a guy who is completely nuts about a person and the fact that basically she does all these things that make him doubt and question everything. The idea in the video was to sort of translate that confusion and being confused by everything. Holly and I are working together at the moment on an album. I asked her sort of jokingly if she’d be in the video and she said yes.”

Watch the video at Muzu.

Frankmusik Live And Lost Tour Hits Dundee

Frankmusik in DundeeThe Frankmusik journey continues with the British singer songwriter heading to the first official Live & Lost with BlackBerry Gig in Dundee, Scotland eating up the miles from Glasgow with a lot of help along the way from the fans.

“I didn’t really want to leave this house because I got really looked after by a lovely bunch, but we’ve got to sadly move on,” Frankmusik said after being fed with cupcakes. “Hopefully we’ll get a lift one way or another to Dundee.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Frankmusik’s Live & Lost with BlackBerry Tour Day 1

Frankmusik kicks off his Live & Lost tour with BlackBerryFrankmusik’s Live & Lost with BlackBerry Tour begins. Stranded in Inverness, he has to make his way to Glasgow with help from his fans. The artist also did a couple radio interviews.

“I feel there is a lot of people out there who support what I do,” Frankmusik said. “I feel probably the least alone that I’ve ever felt, which is weird because I know this is kind of me on my own.”

Watch highlights of day one below.

Will Tonsillitis Spoil Frankmusik’s Live & Lost Tour?

Frankmusik suffering from tonsillitisFrankmusik checked in from Inverness the day before the start of the Live & Lost with BlackBerry Tour. The artist went to the doctor to learn he had tonsillitis.

“I either get over it in two weeks or I get over it tomorrow,” Frankmusik says before heading to get his prescription filled.

Watch it via YouTube below.