The Song That Cheers Gabriella Cilmi Up

Gabriella Cilmi talks about how 'Faith' by George Michael is a song that cheers her upGabriella Cilmi’s latest “The Song That…” video features the Australian pop singer revealing the song that cheers her up is ‘Faith’ by George Michael.

“There’s just something about that song,” Cilmi said. “If you had a bad day and need a bit of cheering up, you have to have a little faith. George Michael always cheers me up.”

The brief clip at brightcove has since been removed.

Shaggy’s ‘Oh Carolina’ Brings Back Memories For Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi talks about songs from Shaggy and Justin Timberlake that bring back memories for herGabriella Cilmi’s latest “The Song That…” video features the Australian pop singer revealing the song that brings back memories.

Cilmi selected ‘Oh Carolina’ by Shaggy, “Because I love Shaggy. He was one of the first concerts I ever went to. I loved ‘Oh Carolina’. I used to dance to it by the stereo when I came home from school.”

Gabriella also cited Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You’. “I did a dance at school once, when I was in grade 6, so it was the last year of primary school, I danced to Justin Timberlake ‘Like I Love You’, so that brings back memories,” she said. “I’m not a great hip hop dancer, but yeah, that was a bit embarrassing.”

The video clip has since been removed.

The Song That Makes Gabriella Cilmi Want To Dance

Gabriella Cilmi talks about the Bee Gees song that makes her want to dance, 'You Should Be Dancing'Gabriella Cilmi has a series of “the song that” videos on her official web site, where the Australian pop singer reveals in the latest one that the song that makes her dance is ‘You Should Be Dancing’ by the Bee Gees.

“The song that always gets me up on the dance floor would have to be ‘You Should Be Dancing’ by the Bee Gees,” she said. “I’m a massive Bee Gees fan and I love a little bit of disco fever.”

The video clip at brightcove has since been removed.

Gabriella Cilmi ‘Ten’ Track-By-Track Commentary

Gabriella Cilmi discussed the songs on her sophomore album ‘Ten’ with a series of brief video clips at her YouTube channel, including ‘Defender’, ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’, ‘Boys’, ‘Superman’ and her new single ‘On A Mission’. “It’s all about releasing your inner superhero,” the Australian pop singer said of ‘On A Mission’. “It’s an anthem for women and girls all around the world. Really inspiring and empowering. It’s not excluding men in any way, I think men can listen to it and get in touch with their feminine side. I actually co-wrote it with men.”

The track by track commentary at YouTube has since been removed.

Gabriella Cilmi Deals With Nerves With A Punch To The Gut

Gabriella Cilmi has an unusual and disturbing method of calming her nerves, telling The Mirror at the St Tropez Prince’s Trust ball at Hurlingham House the other night: “I get really nervous before I perform – I feel sick. To get over it I get my band to punch me in the stomach.”

The Australian pop singer also confessed to nerves ahead of Monday’s release of her new album ‘Ten’, telling her Twitter followers (@gabcilmi):

Hope you guys are liking “Ten” out tomorrow in the UK… AHH Nervous!! Doing trampoline exercise to take my mind off it xx

Gabriella Cilmi So Excited Following ‘On A Mission’ Top 10 Debut

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Friday (March 19), thanking them for getting ‘On A Mission’ to the top ten in the UK singles chart. The Australian pop singer writes:

A thank you from Gabriella
..Hi everyone,

What a week….thank you, thank you, thank you, for making On A Mission top 10 in Britain……

I was sooooooooo excited when I got the call… I was in Milan doing a TV – had a hilarious time with the hairdresser there. He was wearing a very little tank top with both his nipples showing….

Apologies I forgot to take a pic!! Meanwhile…..I must say thanks to D&G – they gave me so many new dresses – soooooo exciting!!

Since then, I got to go to Belgium for promo – now, I fancy myself as a bit of a chocolate aficionado and I can assure you – the chocolate in Belgium is the best anywhere ever….particularly if you are like me and like dark chocolate. We had a 5am wake up call for three days in a row- and then I was too tired to go to the R Patz premier of Remember Me….gutted!!

Last night I went to Prince’s Trust Ball….Noisettes performed – Dan the guitarist is ace…

Anyway, my album is out on Sunday – hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I (mostly) enjoyed making it…. I am so excited for everyone to hear it….

Love Gab xxx

Gabriella Cilmi Relaxes With Velvet Underground

Gabriella Cilmi talks about how listening to Velvet Underground in the bathtub is what she does to relaxGabriella Cilmi is featured in a new video clip where the Australian pop artist talks about the song that relaxes her.

“It’s gotta be ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ by the Velvet Underground,” Cilmi said. “I love Nico and I love her voice even though it’s just a little bit out of tune at times. It kind of adds something to it. I love the lyrics. When I need to relax, I’ll put on a hot, hot bath. I’ll put my computer in the bathroom and it will get fogged up on the screen, but I’ll play some music and just kind of chill out.”

Video of the commentary has since been removed.

Gabriella Cilmi Meets Meatloaf

Gabriella Cilmi updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Monday (February 8), discussing her participation in the ITV show ‘Popstar To Operastar’ and the latest Jean Paul Gaultier collection. The Australian pop singer writes:

Over the weekend I watched The Notebook- maybe a bit too romantic for a Saturday afternoon- kissing in the rain a little bit much…but I guess it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure.

On Friday night I went to the live filming of “Pop star to opera star”! I sat right next to the judges and got to meet MEATLOAF.

I was very exciting considering I used to love dancing and singing along to “Paradise by the Dashboard light”…yet another guilty pleasure. I don’t care much for “Bat out of Hell version 5000″…but I do love the original. I got a picture with him YAY!

Gabriella Cilmi Fashion Tips

Gabriella Cilmi offers fashion tips, like mixing Topshop with vintageGabriella Cilmi offered some fashion tips in a video at her official web site. The Australian pop singer said her wardrobe favorites included American Apparel dresses, hats, and wearing jewelry that means something to her.

“I love mixing a bit of Topshop with a bit of vintage. There’s this vintage store where I live that I like,” Gabriella suggested. “I love American Apparel for little bits and pieces, like I have these really kind of leotard tights. American Apparel kind of dresses. I don’t know how to describe it really. They’re really that kind of leotard fabric. It’s cool because you can dress them up, or you can dress them down. You can wear them in winter or summer. I’m obsessed with hats too. I have loads of hats from Topshop. Topshop is a great place to get hats.”

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Gabriella Cilmi Beauty Tips

Gabriella Cilmi offers fans some beauty tips, dry shampoo and accentuating cheekbonesGabriella Cilmi offered some beauty tips in a video at her official web site. The Australian pop singer suggested to use dry shampoo and gave her secret on how to accentuate your cheekbones.

“I’m gonna say dry shampoo,” Gabriella said. “You’ve probably heard it before in all the celebrity magazines, but it really does work. If you’re like me and you can’t bother washing your hair every day of the week, then it’s good to get a bit of root lift and to make your hair look like it hasn’t been through the garbage bin. To accentuate the cheekbones, I think a good bit of makeup advice is to grab your brush and a darker color bronzer and a darker color foundation, find your cheekbone, and kind of highlight somewhere underneath it.”

Video has since been removed.