Gabriella Cilmi On New Album & Lady Gaga Remarks

OK! magazine spoke with Gabriella Cilmi in a Q&A, asking the Australian pop singer if she was more involved in her new album ‘Ten’ than with her debut effort ‘Lessons To Be Learned’. The 18-year-old responded:

About the same amount. I’m still a big part of the writing process and I got to produce one of the songs as well, which was something I hadn’t done before. That was really fun. That’s when I decided that early disco, Donna Summer, early 80s sound was the kind of direction I wanted the album to go in. My band are like my brothers so we argued a little bit about it but it was cool because we had a lot more control. We had this song that started a bit Motown but we totally changed it and now it’s got all these kind of ghostly, angelic vocals in the background – it’s got a lot of atmosphere.

Cilmi also commented on a reported conflict with Lady GaGa:

I said something about how I couldn’t understand how she was wearing those little shorts in the freezing cold weather, I didn’t mean it in a nasty way, and the papers twisted it around and said I said she was some dirty, sex obsessed person. They changed it totally and when we got backstage at the BRITs my manager said she pointed at me so I was pulled away, but hopefully she doesn’t think I actually think that.

The transcript at has since been removed.

Gabriella Cilmi Gets Ready For A Fashion Show

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Thursday (January 28), discussing work with her band and a fashion show she was attending later. The Australian pop singer writes:

Been getting high on throat lozenges all morning…possibly something to do with being stuck inside all day this week in a small room with 4 walls and 4 smelly boys…my sometimes lovely band. Actually a little exciting as it sounds better than I thought in the first few rehearsals with my new material.

Tonight I am going to V&A Museum for London College of Fashion catwalk, how… awesome, free food, free champagne and free fashion… yay!! Am just choosing my out fit now… I can’t decide between a Sass & Bide dress or a Sass & Bide Tina Turner skirt… It was Australia Day this week so wearing an Aussie designer!!

Gabriella Cilmi At The BRIT Award Nomination Ceremony

Absolute Radio caught up with Gabriella Cilmi on the red carpet at the BRIT award nomination ceremony, being held at the O2. The Australian pop singer complained about the cold and discussed how she was relaxed not having to perform, who she was hoping to win, hopes for a new chapter in her career in 2010, the inspiration behind her new single ‘On A Mission’, and how to prevent blisters on your feet in high heels.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Gabriella Cilmi ‘Ten’

Gabriella Cilmi 'Ten'

Gabriella Cilmi is out with the tracklisting for her new album ‘Ten’, coming out March 22nd. The lead single is the album’s first track, ‘On A Mission’.

1. On A Mission
2. Hearts Don’t Lie
3. What If You Knew
4. Love Me Cos
5. Defender
6. Robots
7. Superhot
8. Boys
9. Invisible Girl
10. Glue
11. Let Me Know
12. Superman
13. Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version)
14. Digital Insert

Check out the tracklisting for the special iTunes edition of the album below the cut. (more…)

Gabriella Cilmi Gets Ready For Brits Launch Party

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Sunday (January 17), discussing her outfit for Monday’s Brits launch party.

I’ve been busy adding some final vocals, listening to final mixes and looking for a dress for the Brits launch party, which is on Monday, woo!

I had a meeting yesterday with William Tempest’s PR, one of my fav designers, and choose the first dress I saw, literally. It was waiting for me as soon as I came in and it fits like a glove.

I’m wearing these gigantic Louboutin stilettos on the night. They are like stilts! But very hot

Gabriella Cilmi ‘On a Mission’ Video

Gabriella Cilmi 'On a Mission' single cover

Gabriella Cilmi is out with the music video to her new single ‘On a Mission’, the first release from the Australian pop singer’s upcoming second studio album ‘Ten’. Some have said the song’s backing track sounds a lot like Joe Jackson’s 1982 hit ‘Steppin’ Out’. Watch it via her YouTube below.

Gabriella Cilmi ‘On A Mission’

Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi is out with the cover to her new single ‘On A Mission’, the first release from the Australian pop singer’s forthcoming sophomore album. The song is expected to be released in March. The singer checked in with her MySpace friends (@gabriellacilmi) on Thursday (January 7), writing:

Just got back from chilling at the beach today, I had NO internet, so that’s why I haven’t dropped by in a while.

I’ve been having a lovely time in Melbourne catching up with my mates, eating home-made ravioli and playing on my brother’s new drum kit :p – the neighbors sure have something to day about that!

I watched Pink’s Funhouse concert DVD today – that chick is amazing! Especially all that trapeze work she does while singing pretty damn good. I can’t say I imagine myself doing that, but I am looking for some new ideas for my live shows.

Gabriella Cilmi’s New Album Deadline Is Today

Gabriella Cilmi updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Wednesday (December 9), discussing progress on her second album, plans for the Christmas holiday, and going to a private showcase for Alicia Keys later. The Australian singer tells readers:

Well it’s all very scary, crazy and exciting at the moment…basically I have three days to finish my album. It’s has to be all ready by Friday before my big plane trip back home to Melbourne for Christmas. AHHHHHH!!!!! I’ve been busy in the studio finishing off tracks. It’s hard to say that a track is properly finished I think I could keep tweaking things forever sometimes. But there is a DEADLINE and I am nearly at the end of the race… I’m trying my best to sprint.

Gabriella Cilmi A Bit Sad About Jedward’s ‘X Factor’ Ouster

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Tuesday (November 24), discussing a show in Munich and how she’s been spending her time in London. The Australian pop singer writes:

Yesterday I went to Yo! Sushi. I’m a regular there, I literally go all the time. I’m obsessed with salmon, I’ll eat anything with salmon in it, so I always get a few of those dishes, and I also love their tofu ones. I watched X Factor this weekend too and I was a bit sad about John and Edward leaving! Not sure who I’m rooting for now… I do like Olly, I think he’s cute and I think Joe has a really great voice. I love Dannii Minogue, she’s my favorite judge at the moment. I saw her wandering around the Rod Laver stadium in Melbourne once with her boyfriend, who’s super-hot.

Luciana Writing With Gabriella Cilmi

Luciana Caporaso checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucianacaporaso) on Thursday (November 19), discussing the state of MySpace and how she’s been spending her time lately. The dance pop singer writes:

Been busy with meetings and writing with the fabulous Gabriella Cilmi. Have a track coming out with David Vendetta, which I’m going to paris to shoot the vid soon. (before Xmas I hope and its festivities)

Debating to do the new Iceland advert with Jeannette krankee…; We’ve been approached to take over Collen Nollan!!!!! I don’t know, What do you think!
There’s a whole album of stuff I have done with bodyrox which I’m real proud about but as ever not sure when, last year would have been good!