Gabriella Cilmi’s Dubai Arrival Doesn’t Go Smoothly

Gabriella Cilmi 'Lessons To Be Learned'

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Friday (November 6) after arriving in the UAE. The Australian singer performed later at Dubai’s Sound City festival. The 18-year-old writes:

I’m very bored sitting in my hotel room in Dubai!!! I know I’m in Dubai, I mean I really shouldn’t be complaining… but I’ve arrived and so far I’ve been interrogated at customs, landed myself a DODGY hotel room and then I got rejected at the club downstairs because the legal age here is 21… big bummer. So now I’m sitting in the hotel watching TV with subtitles! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Watch Gabriella Cilmi Recording ‘Let Me Know’

Gabriella Cilmi is out with some behind the scenes footage recording a song from her new album called ‘Let Me Know’ at Grove Studios and then heading to Rollover Studios in London to record with a choir.

Gabriella Cilmi Upset With Miss Frank ‘X Factor’ Ouster

Gabriella Cilmi 'Lessons To Be Learned'

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Sunday (October 25), weighing in on the latest with ‘The X Factor’ and talking about how she spent her weekend. The Australian singer songwriter tells readers:

The two banana’s should go…am I right?

Miss. Frank should have stayed the world needs a new girl group who DON’T mime!!!!!

AHHHHHHHH SOOO SILLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo today I enjoyed a nice lazy Sunday. I slept in and then slept even more because of the time change! I also did a spot of shopping at American Apparel and bought two beanies from Topshop- one BRIGHT Pink one I just love!

I also watched an Italian mafia film called “Gamorrah”. Its quite gory- especially the first scene- think blood, guts and brains. Worth the watch though if you can stomach that kind of stuff.

Now I’m gonna go buy the the new Flaming Lips record yehhhoow!

love love Gab

Gabriella Cilmi Putting Finishing Touches On Second Album

Gabriella Cilmi 'Lessons To Be Learned'

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Thursday (October 15), discussing progress on her second album. The Australian pop singer writes:

Well a …. LOT seams to be going on all of a sudden!! I’m putting the finishing touches on my record after getting some last minute inspiration from Donna Summer, I just finished filming the video for my first single and I FINALLY turned 18 WOOOOOOO!

I’m getting real excited now for everyone to hear the first single. I’m not allowed to give much away yet but I’ve put a mood board together of what it sounds like… in pictures.

On TV: Gabriella Cilmi, Justin Timberlake, Prince

Gabriella Cilmi 'Lessons To Be Learned'

Pop acts on television this week include:

It’s Motown week on ‘American Idol’ on Tuesday and Wednesday night on FOX, preceded by Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest visiting ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ (NBC) on Monday night. Last week’s castoff castoff Alexis Grace visits ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (Syndicated) and ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ (ABC) on Monday. ‘Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi visits ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Tuesday.

Jon Peter Lewis, who performs on ‘The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet’ (FOX) on Tuesday.

Gabriella Cilmi, who performs on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ (NBC) on Tuesday.

Prince, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show’ (NBC) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Iglu & Hartly, who perform on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ (NBC) on Thursday.

Corbin Bleu, who visits ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ (Syndicated) on Thursday.

Justin Timberlake, who visits ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ (Syndicated) on Friday.

Enrique Iglesias & Gabriella Cilmi Perform On ‘Life & Cooking’

Enrique Iglesias appeared on ‘Life & Cooking’ in Hilversum in the Netherlands on Sunday (March 15), performing his new single ‘Taking Back My Love’, with Australian teen pop singer Gabriella Cilmi filling in the role of Ciara on the track. Enrique also was interviewed on the show, having a laugh about his brother’s appearance on the show that featured a streaker and talking about his favorite hat which he was wearing. He is heading back to Holland in May for a concert. Watch the performance below and the rest of the show at YouTube.

Gabriella Cilmi Gets Mugged In London

Gabriella Cilmi talked with Dan Wootton of News of the World, revealing that she was mugged the other day. “I was mugged this week in London,” the Australian teen revealed. “I was sitting at a cafe in a book shop when someone just pinched my phone. There was a bit of a scrap but they managed to run off. I was really annoyed.”

Cilmi’s brief interview, where she talks about the Brit Awards, the struggles with getting Radio 1 to play ‘Sweet About Me’, and exploring London at has since been removed.

Gabriella Cilmi Offers Prayers To Australia Fire Victims

Gabriella Cilmi 'Lessons To Be Learned'

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her bog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Tuesday (February 10), commenting on the fires in her native Australia while in the studio in London. The 17-year-old tells readers:

Just want to say that my thoughts are with all the people who have lost friends and family and who have been affected by the fires at home in Victoria. Will be in my prayers.

Gabriella Cilmi Excited About Recording Second Album

Gabriella Cilmi 'Lessons To Be Learned'

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (February 7), talking about her return to England after spending some time back home for the Australian Open and progress on a follow-up to her debut album ‘Lessons to Be Learned’. The ‘Sweet About Me’ singer tells readers:

Since I’ve been back I’ve been in the studio recording some new material- getting real excited about making my second record. I’m also going back in the studio with Xenomania which should be sweet and I’m putting it out there- I WOULD LOVE Danger Mouse to have a look at a tune too.

Yesterday was a pretty funny day. Had a photo shoot with a photographer who was used to shooting Page 3 models, apparently not used to shooting people who actually keep there clothes on. She kept on trying to make me sexy things up – but not in a classy way lets say!

NO THANKS! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriella Cilmi Ready To Bring ‘Lessons To Be Learned’ To America

Gabriella Cilmi chatted with, discussing her performance at the Brit Awards nominations party, how she thinks ‘Lessons To Be Learned’ will be received in the U.S., starting to write her second album at the moment, sweeping the ARIA Awards and having difficulties with her dress, having a weakness for dark chocolate, wanting to collaborate with Lupe Fiasco, and more.

Asked if she hopes the U.S. release of ‘Lessons To Be Learned’ could meet success she enjoyed internationally, Cilmi said, “I hope so. I’d love to come on tour in the U.S. because I haven’t really played a proper show here yet and I’m just like really looking forward to it.”

Talking about teaming with Xenomania on the project, Cilmi said, “It was a bit funny at first because I love Led Zeppelin. I used to think I was the female version of Robert Plant. I actually used to scream all the time and all of the sudden I was working with these people who were pop producers, so it was kind of a different world for me. I got to learn how to write a proper song with a melody that people would sing along to. I got to record in the house that I recorded my album in that actually belonged to Alex Little. I lived across the road from it. It was like a hundred year old house.”

On a follow-up album, Cilmi teased, “I’m starting to write it at the moment. Starting to write a second album. I think I’ve got three tunes already. I just keep writing and writing. I really want to work with Danger Mouse.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.