Gareth Gates Video Inspired By Justin Timberlake?

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Heat Magazine reports Gareth Gates’ new video ‘Sunshine’ is looking surprisingly similar to *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake’s new turn out ‘Senorita’. They both smooch, hip-grind and play cool with young ladies.

Jordan Picks On Gareth Gates

July 30, 2003 – Jordan stripped off for National Foreplay Day and used the opportunity to criticize Gareth after he recently confessed that they pair indeed had an affair. “If anyone has got any tips on foreplay they should send them to him,” Jordan sneered. Last night a pal of Gareth’s urged the raunchy blonde, 25, to keep her trap shut.

Brain Scan Scare For Sick Gareth Gates

July 26, 2003 – News of the World reports Gareth Gates was rushed to hospital for a brain scan after falling ill within hours of returning home from his tour of Asia and Australia. Doctors feared that the Pop Idol runner-up may have contracted the deadly SARS virus after the pop star’s temperature soared and he suffered from severe headaches. “As soon as Gareth arrived he was immediately taken for a brain scan and then he was transferred to a private wing,” a source close to Gates revealed. “Doctors were concerned about his condition and kept him in overnight. They were checking him every hour. The next day his temperature had finally gone down and they let him go home. But he’s been told he has to rest for a while and to contact them immediately if his temperature goes back up.”

Pop Idol Gareth Cheated On Hayley Evetts With Jordan

A friend of Pop Idol Hayley Evetts revealed the 27-year-old is “devastated and humiliated” by Gareth Gates grim confession that he had an affair with Jordan while she was dating him. “To say she’s furious is the under statement of the year,” ranted the singer’s pal. “She’s totally devastated and feels he’s let her down. Even though they split up last year they’ve remained good friends – but now Hayley feels he’s totally humiliated her. Having an affair is bad enough – but with someone like Jordan? I mean, eurrgh, come on, he’s having a laugh.”

Gareth Gates Admits Fling With Jordan

July 15, 2003 – Gareth has finally admitted he did have a relationship with busty pin-up Jordan. He tells Heat magazine, “I was 17-years-old and had just moved from Bradford to London when, to be honest, I was pursued by her,” he said. “I was bemused as to why she went to the press with it as I see relationships as private. That was the very reason I didn’t talk about it. I was embarrassed by what was said and didn’t want my family to find out about it in this way. They obviously know now as I have been open with them.” Now, Jordan says the fling will be part of her upcoming autobiography.

Gareth’s Dancers Danced On Shattered Bulb… Barefoot

July 6, 2003 – The Sun reports that dancers for Gareth ended up badly cutting their feet while performing his chart-topping single ‘Spirit In The Sky’ at Sunday’s Party in the Park. The 14-strong Indian troupe were forced to take to the stage barefoot after a mix up over the delivery of their shoes, and that came back to haunt them when a bulb shattered on the stage. The girls managed to smiled throughout the routine and complete their job, afterwards getting treated for their wounds backstage.

Mom In Fury After Gareth Gates’ Wild Night

Gareth Gates’ mother Wendy is furious after reading about her son’s booze-fueled antics last week in Amsterdam’s red light district. An insider at 19 Management said: “She wasn’t pleased at all about what happened and is deeply concerned that Gareth doesn’t fall in with the wrong crowd. Wendy is very protective of her son and has told him in no uncertain terms that she does not want a repeat performance. She doesn’t want him leaving himself vulnerable to people who don’t have his best interests at heart. We have been warned to keep him on a tighter leash for the foreseeable future.”

The House Gareth Gates Built

April 13, 2003 – The Sunday People reports 13-year-old Lucy Sutton has turned her mother’s house into a shrine for Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates, placing about 3,400 posters, pictures and photos throughout the entire family home. “I just love him so much – his dimples, his songs and his hair. He’s just so lovely,” Lucy said. Not that Anna is in a position to complain – she’s covered the cupboard doors in the kitchen with her own favorite star, Robbie Williams.

Gareth Gates Takes Girlfriend To Church

The Sun reports Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates has taken his dancer girlfriend Suzanne Mole home to Bradford to meet his parents – and showed her a wild time at his local church. “Everyone was stunned when Gareth walked into church with Suzanne,” a pal admitted. “He’s not been since December. But he’s fallen for Suzanne in a big way and wanted her to come to the church as it was a big part of his life.” Read more.

Meeting HIV Sufferers Humbles Gareth Gates

March 18, 2003 – Gareth says the experience of meeting HIV sufferers his own age has stayed with him. “It made me look at my life differently,” he admits. “Meeting them was the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say they were HIV-positive. I tried to hold my emotions back but I failed. When I walked in, I saw a bunch of ‘normal’ kids and it was hard hearing them talk about HIV.”

Gareth Gates & The Kumars Top Aguilera On Brit Charts

March 16, 2003 – Gareth’s cover version of ‘Spirit in the Sky’ with comedians the Kumars has claimed the #1 spot on the British music singles charts, ending Christina Aguilera’s two-week run with ‘Beautiful’.

Jordan Will Lash Out At Those Who Crossed Her

March 13, 2003 – The Daily Star reports Jordan plans an all-out assault on anyone who has ever crossed her. Her revenge will feature on her album where past lovers, betrayers and those that got away will be named and shamed. “I lash out at everyone what’s done me wrong,” she says. Pop Idol Gareth Gates may be taking notice, after denying her claims of having sex.

Gareth & One True Voice Get Shameful ‘Awards’

March 4, 2003 – The Scottish Daily Record reports TV channel Music Choice’s alternative to the Brits, the Naomi Awards, have given the “honor” of Britain’s worst group to One True Voice. Others in the hall of shame include Gareth Gates, whose ‘Unchained Melody’ was named worst single.

Gareth Gates Will Show TV Viewers His Stammer Problems

March 2, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Gareth will bravely appears in a special edition of ITV’s Tonight With Trevor McDonald, where millions will see how he is affected by his stuttering problem. “The main interview will show for the first time just how tough it is for Gareth,” a source revealed. “[Interviewer Fiona Foster] followed him around for a couple of months and built up a friendship with him. But even as they were chilling out on the golf course Gareth found it hard to have a flowing conversation. He was frank and honest. Gareth is a remarkable young guy desperate to overcome his problems.”

Will Young Had To Pee Bad At Brits, Used Ladies Room

The Sunday People reports Pop Idol winner Will Young was so desperate to hit the bathroom during the Brit Awards on Thursday night that he barged through a line for the Ladies room, then emerged to apologize to the waiting women for having wet hands as there were no paper towels left.

Fame Makes Gareth’s Stammer Worsen

February 23, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Gareth is falling deeper into despair as his stuttering problem has gotten worse. The Pop Idol runner-up took five minutes to answer a simple question in a TV interview and is terrified of being asked anything in public. “Nobody should underestimate how serious this is,” a pal confided. “Gareth is in an awful state and it is eating him up. At times he is struck dumb. As Britain’s brightest young star with the world at his feet he should be enjoying every moment of his life. Instead he is enduring a living hell because of his terrible stutter.”

Gareth & Will Lead Brit Award Pop Nominations

January 13, 2003 – Ms Dynamite and The Streets (aka Mike Skinner) led the pack in picking up four nominations each for this year’s Brit Awards. Pop acts getting nominations included Pop Idol stars Gareth Gates and Will Young, who each got three nominations, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Atomic Kitten, Daniel Bedingfield, Liberty X, Blue, Enrique Iglesias, and Shakira. Check out all the nominees for the February 20th awards to be held at Earls Court in London here.

Aguilera & Young Win In Reader’s Poll

December 27, 2002 – The big winners in The Sun’s 2002 Bizarre Readers’ Poll are in, and amongst the pop winners are Christina Aguilera, who was the unanimous winner of Dom’s Dog’s Dinner Of The Year for her long list of dreadful outfits. Other winners included Will Young who won Best Male Singer and Best Single.

Despite Competition, Will & Gareth Are Great Mates

December 26, 2002 – Despite their competition during Pop Idol, the show’s runner-up Gareth Gates is a big fan of the winner Will Young. Asked who his pop idol is, Gareth said, “Will Young, of course. It’s the way he does his own thing and the fact that he has such a unique voice – he’s an inspiration.” Asked if he really was a fan of Will, Gareth insisted he is. “Will and I are great mates. We went out to a party together last night actually. I’m very proud of him, he has really shone this last year, and his music is fantastic.”

Girls Beat The Boys But Reality Pop Starts To Fizzle

December 23, 2002 – While the girls beat the boys in first week sales on Popstars: The Rivals, the total sales were a big drop off and many wonder if the reality pop star genre has gone bust in the UK. Girls Aloud sold 213,000 copies of ‘Sound Of The Underground’ since last Monday, while One True Voice’s single Sacred Trust shifted just 147,000. Hear’Say sold 550,000 copies of Pure And Simple in March 2001, while Will Young and Gareth Gates sold 1.1 million and 860,000 copies of their albums respectively.

Will Young Named Television Personality Of The Year

December 20, 2002 – Will has been named Television Personality of the Year. Will beat the likes of Ant and Dec, Graham Norton and Cat Deeley in a nationwide poll to find Britain’s best-loved TV star. Will received his award at a glittering bash at the Royal Opera House in London.

Gareth Gates Disappointed In Shutout, But Delighted For Will Young

December 2, 2002 – The Mirror reports that though Gareth walked away empty-handed at Friday’s Top Of The Pops Awards he managed a brave face. A source says, “Gareth was disappointed but was delighted Will Young won two trophies. They both support each other.” If he was upset, he washed it away performing at G.A.Y. on Saturday, donning a diamond-studded jumpsuit at London’s Astoria.

Hayley Evetts Fumes Over Gareth Gates’ ‘Elderly’ Girlfriend

The Sunday Mirror reports Gareth Gates’ former Pop Idols rival and girlfriend Hayley Evetts still has the hots for him. She made her feelings plain at a party when she let fly at Gareth’s new love, dancer Suzanne Mole. “God knows what he thinks he’s doing, she’s 28 or something isn’t she?” she said. Hayley, who at 25 is six years older than Gareth herself added, “She’s obviously too old for him. It’s never gonna last, is it?”

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2003 Campaign Photos

February 8, 2003 – Gareth was spotted at a photocall on Friday (February 7) to launch Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2003 Campaign at The Great Eastern Hotel in London, England.

Gareth Gates Buys Parents Chrysler Grand Voyager

January 19, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Gareth has bought his parents a £45,000 limited edition Chrysler Grand Voyager for Christmas. The auto features DVD player, all leather interior and fridge. Friends say Wendy and Paul Gates are “chuffed to bits” with the minivan.

Gareth Gates Wants To Ditch Squeaky-Clean Image

January 12, 2003 – Gareth is set to shock his British fans this year by ditching his squeaky-clean image – and turning into a hunky sex symbol. “Yeah, I want to move on from the kind of cheesy, innocent little boy image I’ve got,” he tells Sneak magazine. “I wanna be a bit rougher and readier and a bit more sexy!”

Gareth Gates Caught Snogging Schoolgirl

News of the World reports Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates was spotted snogging 16-year-old schoolgirl Sophie Wellings at the Home House private members’ club. “There was clearly a lot of chemistry between Gareth and Sophie,” a clubgoer revealed. “They could hardly keep their hands off each other. She kept sitting on his lap and they shared a number of lingering kisses. They looked very comfortable together and totally besotted with each other. They are a striking pair.”

Gareth Gates Secretly Shaving His Chest

The Sun reports Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates secretly has been shaving his chest. Gates is so embarrassed about his hairy chest he has opted for the smooth body look. One source said, “If you compare photographs of Gareth there is no doubt that sometimes his chest has hair and at other times it doesn’t. Maybe he’s trying to keep his youthful looks that appeal to his younger fans.”

Gareth Gates Gets Whacked By Girl Fan

December 20, 2002 – The Sun reports Gareth was pelted by a fan’s teddy bear with her keys and home address attached during a performance on Top of the Pops. “Poor Gareth. He looked nervous enough because he was singing live,” an audience member revealed. “Then this woman, who was there with her boyfriend, threw this teddy bear with her keys attached. Goodness knows what her fella must have thought. The bundle hit Gareth right on the head. She was hoping to hijack him and take him home but he didn’t seem too impressed.” Read more.

Sunday People’s Correction On Gareth Girlfriend

December 15, 2002 – Gareth must be unleashing the lawyers as the Sunday People states: “In The People dated November 17, 2002, we published a story saying that Gareth Gates’s new girlfriend is Mandy Davis. This story was published by us in good faith. The story was provided by Chris Nathanial, who continues to be co-manager of Frenzy of which Mandy Davis is lead singer. Gareth has contacted us to point out that the story is untrue and we are happy to set the record straight.”

Gareth Gates Has Simple Christmas Needs

December 9, 2002 – Gareth only wants socks and underwear for Christmas. Gareth admitted to the Sunday Mirror, “I’ve gone a bit mad on all of my family. The credit card has taken a hammering. For me, all I want is normal stuff – socks, underwear, aftershave, CDs.”

Gareth Gates Hit Voted ITV’s Song Of The Year

December 8, 2002 – ITV viewers last night voted Gareth’s smash hit ‘Unchained Melody’ their favorite chart buster of the year. The version of the Righteous Brothers’ classic beat ‘Evergreen’ by Gareth’s Pop Idol rival Will Young into second place with Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ third.

Gareth Gates Splits With Hayley Evetts

Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates has split with girlfriend Hayley Evetts, and she’s already dating Popstars: The Rivals winner Keith Semple, who was voted into One True Voice. A Popstars insider revealed to The Sun, “Keith is absolutely smitten with Hayley, he thinks she’s gorgeous. They’ve spent a lot of time together and there was always a lot of chemistry and flirting between them. Rumors started flying around the Popstars camp but now we know they have snogged. Now Keith has split with his girlfriend and Hayley has finished with Gareth, who knows what could happen?”

Gareth Gates Goes On Marathon Drinking Session

December 1, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror reports Gareth Gates was at it again at the Top Of The Pops awards, as the Pop Idol star once again tarnished his squeaky clean image by indulging in a marathon eight-hour drinking session at Manchester’s Lowry Hotel. “Gareth was really putting it away.” a fellow drinker revealed. “But he didn’t appear at all drunk. Every song was note-perfect.”

Gareth Gates Gives Underwear To Charity

The Sunday People reports ‘Pop Idol’ runner-up Gareth Gates has found a home for all the sexy underwear he’s sent by fans. He explained, “I give most of it to charity shops.”

Jordan’s Crazy Crush Shakes Pop Idol Gareth

November 24, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Jordan had bizarre fantasies about Gareth – and falsely claimed they had a four-month fling. Gareth insists they only ever swapped text messages and phone calls, and the model’s ex-lover thinks she developed a crush after reading Gareth’s book. “It was such an odd fascination,” Matt said. “She didn’t know where the fantasy ended.”

Gareth Gates Is Führious Over Hitler Portrayal

November 22, 2002 – The Sun reports Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates’ management are fuming after Sleazenation magazine portrayed him as Hitler. The mag launched a campaign against pop pap, but bosses worry it will ruin his image.