Gavin DeGraw Eating In Italy

Gavin DeGraw enjoys catering in Milan, ItalyGavin DeGraw posted another video update from his recently completed European tour, this time in Milan, Italy on November 12th, where the singer songwriter was eating the catered food backstage at Alcatraz with his crew and bandmates.

“When you’re at the top like this, you get to eat like this,” Gavin joked. DeGraw next performs in San Antonio on December 2nd.

The clip at MySpace has since been removed.

Gavin DeGraw Checks Out The Pricey Shops In Zurich

Gavin DeGraw in ZurichGavin DeGraw continues to document his tour in Europe, this time the singer songwriter is seen sightseeing in the main shopping area in Zurich, Switzerland.

“The kind of stores that nobody can afford to shop at, but everybody kind of likes to walk inside them and touch stuff,” Gavin explained. “So we’ve touching a lot of stuff.” Gavin performed at Kaufleuten on November 11th.

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Gavin DeGraw Is Your Heineken Music Hall Tour Guide

Gavin DeGraw at Heineken Music Hall in AmsterdamGavin DeGraw gave a tour of Heineken Music Hall, the venue he played on November 10th in Amsterdam, on his MySpace TV channel.

The singer songwriter said, “This was a great night. This was really an exciting evening here in Holland. We’re gonna come back through this country in a few days.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Gavin DeGraw Finds His Favorite Fireplace

Gavin DeGraw in CopenhagenGavin DeGraw checked in with fans on his MySpace TV channel from Copenhagen, Denmark ahead of his KB Hallen show on November 5th. DeGraw was impressed with a fireplace, but had trouble with what to call the hearth before the singer songwriter did the Matrix effect.

“This is my favorite fireplace I have ever seen in the whole world. Look at this thing,” DeGraw said with the work of architectural art behind him. “It goes from the floor to the ceiling. One continuous fireplace, and you can sit around the rim of it.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Gavin DeGraw Strolls Through A Deserted Amsterdam

Gavin DeGraw taking a walk in AmsterdamGavin DeGraw posted an update as the singer songwriter and his cameraman walked through Amsterdam on a recent evening with most of the shops closed and the streets empty. Gavin got a kick out of seeing a shop called, and his friend’s unsteady hand behind the lens.

“We’ve never been here before,” Gavin said. “It’s starting to drizzle a little bit. Being that we’ve never been here before, I figured we should take a little walk just to see it a little bit. I was having a bit of deja vu back there. I dreamt about a town that looked like this about seven or eight years ago, so I figured I had to walk and see it.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Gavin DeGraw Checks In From His Tour Bus

Gavin DeGraw checked in from their new tour bus before performing at The Annex in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday (November 3). Gavin and crew are in Europe for about a month, happy to get a day off in Amsterdam.

“Today, we’re in Stockholm Sweden,” Gavin said, “and this is our new bus. In Europe we have two story buses, this is a double decker bus. So right now we’re upstairs in the front lounge, sitting above where the driver is underneath me. He’s down there. Right buddy? How are you doing?”

Video of the guys talking about mostly nothing at MySpace has since been removed.

Gavin DeGraw Signs His Own Autographs

Gavin DeGraw signs his autograph on a drum headGavin DeGraw proves he signs his own autographs in a video clip at his MySpace TV channel.

“For all of you who always ask me, do I really sign my own autographs, you know when you get stuff in the mail, this is just proof. These are drum heads and I’m signing this for y’all. Now you know,” Gavin said before inking his signature on the drum head.

Footage of the singer signing a drum head at MySpace has since been removed.

Gavin DeGraw Talks About Travis Barker, DJ AM Plane Crash

Gavin DeGraw piano

Gavin DeGraw visited 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix on September 22nd, talking with DJ Chino about his show with Travis Barker and DJ AM in South Carolina hours before the pair were involved in a plane crash that left both badly burned and killed the other four people on board. “That news really kinda shook me up,” DeGraw said. “Having just shaken their hands, and the people who were working with them, shaking their hands, the security guy. I shook his hand, I dunno, an hour or two before he died. Messed my head up. It really freaked me out. I thought I had pretty weird experiences in my life before but this is a real wake-up call. Makes you wonder if you’re ready to go. If you’re ready for it to be your time.”

Gavin first learned about the crash when a buddy called him, then he checked his cell phone to see a “all these crazy messages on it.” DeGraw then called his parents, who he said were a little distraught.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Dad Feared Gavin DeGraw Was On Barker & DJ AM Plane

Gavin DeGraw photo

Gavin DeGraw performed at an event alongside Travis Barker and DJ AM just before their plane crashed late Friday. The singer songwriter tells ‘Extra’ he got a call from his father, who had feared he was one of the four other passengers on the plane who didn’t survive. “My dad got on the phone and he goes, ‘Just say hi’ and I said, ‘Huh’ and he said, ‘That’s enough. I just wanted to hear your voice’,” Degraw shared.

Gavin also told “My heart goes out to the friends and families of those affected by this tragedy. I wish Travis and Adam the best during their recovery.” Check out more of Gavin’s ‘Extra’ interview here.

Gavin DeGraw Performs ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ On Ovation TV

Ovation TV’s ‘Notes from the Road’ features an interview with Gavin DeGraw, who talked about his hometown South Fallsburg, New York, offering a tour of the town. Gavin then talked about his debut single ‘I Don’t Want to Be’.

“I remembered I played the song for my brother,” DeGraw explained, “and I got to the end of the song, and he looked at me and pointed at me and said, ‘That’s your hit. That’s your first hit song right there. You got a hit song finally.’ I had written hundreds of songs prior to that and he had never said that to me.”

Watch the interview and performance of ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ at Bonefish Grill in Schaumburg, Illinois on July 14th via YouTube below.