George Michael Explains Ended Friendship With Geri

The Sun reports George Michael has given his reasons for why he’s no longer close with former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. George said, “The truth, the real truth, is Geri’s a lovely girl and in some ways she’s a remarkable person but it’s very difficult to maintain a relationship with a person who lives for the Press. It’s hard to hang out with someone who loves the Press when you spend your time running away from them.”

George Michael Burglary Victim

George Michael’s London home has been burgled by thieves who escaped in his sports car and a total of $144,000 worth of loot, police sources said on Sunday. Scotland Yard said in a statement on Sunday, “Police were called to reports of a stolen vehicle. Police attended an address in Hampstead that was discovered to be the scene of a burglary.”

George Michael Plotting Unlikely Sony Reunion

The Sun reports George Michael is in talks with Sony to bring out his new album which at this point doesn’t have a distribution label. Michael was involved in a bitter legal battle with Sony before singing a 2 album deal with Virgin which he completed with Older and Songs From The Last Century. An insider told the Sun, “There has been a lot of water under the bridge since his big fall-out with Sony and now there is a different team in charge.” Read more.