Gina Glocksen Gets An On-Stage Marriage Proposal During ‘Idols Live’ Tour

Gina Glocksen gets a marriage proposal from longtime boyfried Joe Ruzicka live and in concert at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois‘American Idol’ season six finalist Gina Glocksen received a marriage proposal from longtime beau Joe Ruzicka on stage during the ‘Idols Live’ tour stop on Tuesday (August 7) during her hometown gig at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Glocksen had just finished a duet with Phil Stacey on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s ‘It’s Your Love’ when Ruzicka was ushered onstage.

Watch what happened next below.

‘American Idol’ Auditions Already Underway

August 1, 2007 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “In San Diego, auditions are already under way for the next season of ‘American Idol’. Thousands, I mean thousands of people are already in line hoping to be the next Jennifer Hudson or even the next Sanjaya. In fact, one of the people waiting in line today to be the next Sanjaya, Sanjaya. Yeah.”

‘American Idol’ Stars Gear Up For Tour

June 28, 2007 – The top ten contestants on the sixth season of ‘American Idol’ are gearing up for 56-city tour. Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis, Melinda Doolittle, Chris Sligh, Sanjaya Malakar and more spoke about the tour with Adam Housley of Fox News. Video at has since been removed.

Simon’s ‘Character’ Oversaturating ‘American Idol’?

June 11, 2007 – The Toronto Globe and Mail caught up with ‘American Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest, who addressed the issue of the falling ratings on the sixth season of ‘Idol’ compared to the previous year. “Well, the knee-jerk reaction would be Simon [Cowell],” Seacrest joked. “Clearly there’s an oversaturation of his character. It’s still 30 million-plus viewers [in the U.S.] … which we’re very happy with.” As for whether the show may make some changes with the judges to reverse the trend, Ryan responded, “That’s clearly rumor. I’m positive you can’t recreate the chemistry that we have with the group on ‘American Idol’.”

‘American Idol’ Finale Mystery

May 26, 2007 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “Well, tonight, of course, was the season finale of ‘American Idol’. Since we tape just a little bit early, we don’t know who won. However, we do know that tomorrow, Paula Abdul won’t remember any of it.”

Gina Glocksen Appeas On Fox News Chicago

Ousted ‘American Idol’ finalist Gina Glocksen of Naperville was supposed to join Fox News Chicago on Wednesday (April 11) on ‘Fox News in the Morning’. A combination of bad weather and bad traffic kept her away. But Glocksen was finally directed to a remote camera at a McDonald’s restaurant for an interview. Video at has since been removed.

Gina Glocksen Talks With Phoenix’s KISS 104.7

Ousted ‘American Idol’ finalist Gina Glocksen was on the phone with Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix on Tuesday (April 10) to discuss her experience on the show. They joked about Haley Scarnato’s legs and discussed her tongue ring, how her fingernail length relates to her relationship with her father, her thoughts on Jordin Sparks, missing the chance to work with Jennifer Lopez, her boyfriend, and more.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Gina Glocksen Visits ‘Today’

Ousted ‘American Idol’ finalist Gina Glocksen visited ‘Today’ on Tuesday (April 10) to discuss her experience on the show and why she felt she got the boot last week. “I think maybe fans thought I had two great performances in a row,” Glocksen said. “Maybe they thought I was safe and didn’t vote.” Watch the interview below the cut. (more…)

Gina Glocksen Q&A

MTV News caught up with ‘American Idol’ castoff Gina Glocksen for a Q&A, asking her how it was like living life in the ‘Idol’ bubble. “I love it, although when I get down on myself, wondering if I made the right choice, I wish I could take my body home for just 10 minutes,” she said. “But I never second-guess anything. This is what I signed up for. … If you think about it, it’s only six months out of your whole life, and it’s an amazing experience, so I wouldn’t regret anything.” Read more.

Gina Glocksen’s Ouster Caught Her By Surprise

‘American Idol’ castoff Gina Glocksen admitted to ‘Access Hollywood’ her ouster was definitely a shock. “At no point in time on Tuesday night or before I went to bed on Tuesday or preparing for Wednesday night, did I think that I’d be going home,” Gina explained. “I thought that I had a really good performance on Tuesday, and I was really proud of the song that I chose and the way that I chose to present it. I didn’t even have a chance to be in the bottom three ever, and the one time that I was, I’m going home. So it was pretty hard.”

Gina Glocksen Talks With LA’s KIIS FM

‘American Idol’ castoff Gina Glocksen was on the phone with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 5). Gina admitted she had meant to remove her tongue stud for Tuesday night’s performance, and discussed the moments before her elimination, learning from Simon Cowell’s critiques, how the finalists are holding up, the speculation regarding Lindsay Lohan and Chris Richardson, and more.

The interview audio at has since been removed.