Girls Can’t Catch Break Up

Girls Can’t Catch announced Tuesday (July 13) that they’ve ended the group after getting dropped by Polydor Records. The girls said:

Daizy Agnew: “Sadly, its time for us to call it a day. GCC has been a brilliant experience – one of the most exciting journeys of my life – and one that we’ll look back on with extremely fond memories. But we’re all agreed its now time to move on. From each of us, to every single GCC fan, we want to say a huge thank you.”

Jess Stickley: “We have received such amazing support since day one and at so many of our performances. We’re so thankful for the dedication and generosity from all of the supporters, it’s an experience we will never forget and we’ve loved meeting so many of the GCC family.

Phoebe Brown: “You honestly don’t expect such warmth and dedication from fans, so when it comes along it actually takes you by surprise. Its time to pursue some new and very exciting career opportunities, so we’re looking ahead with real optimism. Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing from each of us very soon!”

Girls Can’t Catch Take Part In The ASICS British 10K London Run

Girls Can’t Catch completed in the ASICS British 10K London Run over the weekend. Daizy Agnew wrote on the British girl group’s MySpace (@girlscantcatch):

Phoebe and myself had an awesome weekend running the London 10k. We managed it in pretty good time. Thanks to Jess for filming our webisode and taking care of the fans. Also, to all the fans who came down and showed their support – you guys ROCK!! And most importantly thanks to everyone who donated money to help us raise funds for the Fostering Network charity. Stay tuned for our webisode and lots of pics!! In the meantime, click the link below for a quick clip of us crossing the finishing line!

Fun For Girls Can’t Catch At University Of Warwick’s Summer Party

Jess Stickley of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the British pop group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Wednesday (June 30), discussing their Summer Party at University Of Warwick show and going on vacation. Jess writes:

Hey Guys! Hope you’re all having a great last few weeks at school, college, uni! We played at the Warwick Uni summer party yesterday, which was so much fun! They had a mini festival with lots of different music tents, bouncy castles and a foam party! We performed in front of many uni students who were sunbathing on the grass and joined in with ‘Echo’ when we asked them to! :) I’ve spent numerous nights recently having picnics on the beach with my friends here in Bournemouth but this week I’m swapping one beach for another…

Girls Can’t Catch Behind The Scenes At Glasgow’s SECC Arena

Phoebe Brown of Girls Can't Catch in the dressing roomThe latest Girls Can’t Catch webisode features exclusive behind the scenes footage on their Choices For Life Tour stop at the SECC Arena in Glasgow on May 4th. Daizy Agnew, Jess Stickley and Phoebe Brown are followed as they prepared to perform, revealed their essential item for performing on stage, read fanmail and hit the canteen for a drink before hitting the stage.

“Okay so we’re on our last show today in Glasgow, and I think we’re all feeling really, really excited for it,” Jess said. “Then we fly home after the show today and we go to Edinburgh next week. Daizy Agnew of Girls Can't Catch in the dressing roomWe’re really looking forward to it. It should be good.”

“All of us have hairspray. It’s the essential thing when you are performing on stage,” Daizy said while in the dressing room.

Before they prepared to hit the stage, Daizy said, “We are now complete with our look. I’m wearing a different outfit today. Normally I’m wearing a black and white dress, but my tights ripped, so I can’t do that. Jess is wearing black and white. We’re black and white on this tour. Jess Stickley of Girls Can't Catch backstagePhoebe is wearing her sparkly catsuit, or whatever it is. Playsuit. All of our suitcases are here as well, because we’re about to go to to Seattle straight after the gig. We’re flying about 8 times this month. It’s really not joyful. Hate it.”

The highlight reel has since been removed.

Daizy Agnew Blogs About Girls Can’t Catch’s OsFest 2010 Gig

Daizy Agnew of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Thursday (June 3), discussing their show at the OsFest 2010 music festival in Oswestry last month. Agnew writes:

What a busy few weeks it’s been for Girls Can’t Catch. No sooner as the girls and I had finished the Scotland ‘Choices For Life’ tour, we were back on the road again gigging up and down the country!

First stop was York University’s Summertime Ball. The crowds were so much fun and we had a really good time. The people behind the scenes couldn’t of been any more friendly and welcoming towards us.

That same night we headed to Sheffield Uni where Reggie Yates was DJing. We love Reggie so it was great to have him introduce us on stage. After another great gig, and a night in a hotel, it was then straight on to Leicester where we performed at their Uni’s summer ball. This time we decided to throw in our song ‘Unconditional’. We hadn’t performed it in a while so wanted to get some practice in before an important festival performance the next day. It went down really well! We had all forgotten how powerful it is on stage!

Girls Can’t Catch Sad To Be Finishing Choices For Life Tour

Jess Stickley of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Thursday (May 27), discussing the completion of their Choices For Life tour. Jess writes:

So this week we came to the end of the Choices For Life tour. All three of us feel really sad to be finishing and saying goodbye to all the wicked people we met on the tour! It was amazing to be able to visit Scotland and I think my favorite place we went to has to be Edinburgh, it was such a pretty city! It was also amazing to be back in Glasgow at the SECC which was where we performed for the Girls Aloud tour, so that held some great memories too! In Glasgow this time, we met some amazing supporters who had waited by the gates just to meet us!

The last two weeks were definitely the most memorable as everyone involved in the tour came together for nights out and day trips out together. Our long walk around the Loch Ness with the new boyband The Wanted was particularly funny – they lost us and we got stranded on the Loch in a little boat! That same night we all went for a curry together which was great as there was literally about 30 people in the restaurant and I think it’s safe to say we were the loudest table there! The meal also gave me a chance to get to know Stevie Hoang and Enel who were also on the CFL line up, they put on an awesome show each day and I think they are both really talented – so if you haven’t already then defo check them out!

Girls Can’t Catch’s Daizy Checks In From Choices for Life Tour

Daizy Agnew of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Monday (May 10), discussing their tour in Scotland and getting to perform a new song ‘Les Artistes’ during the trek. Daizy writes:

As I’m sure you know, myself and the girls are crazy busy at the moment performing on the Choices for Life tour around Scotland. We were really honored to be asked to be involved with this tour as it promotes such a positive message to our fans. Without sounding patronizing all three of us remember how difficult moving from junior school to secondary school was. There can be a lot of peer pressure at that age and making the right choice can often be difficult. This tour basically spreads the message that you should never do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. My one bit of advice would be: ‘be true to yourself’. By not succumbing to pressure, and doing what you believe is right, you should find your way out of a bad situation.

I have been especially excited to do this tour because we are performing a brand new song off the album, it’s called ‘Les Artistes’. I actually pushed for this track as it’s one of our favorites. All three of us have really enjoyed being fully creative with all aspects of this performance – coming up with our own choreography, harmonies and styling etc.

Jess Stickley Takes The Ultimate Road Trip To Holland

Just before Girls Can’t Catch left for Scotland to begin their Choice for Life concert series on Monday, Jess Stickley took some time out for a family trip to Holland, which included a visit to the famous tulip park Keukenhof. In a blog at the British girl group’s MySpace (@girlscantcatch), the singer told readers:

So as we’re currently getting ready and really excited to start the Scottish tour, as well as our current club tour, I decided to have a quick relaxing break away to Holland to see some of my family who live there :) and Jess the bear did sneak in my case too!

Because of all the volcano drama, we decided that it would be easier to drive so we had the ultimate road trip – normally the drive to some of our gigs are long so I’m used to the long journeys but this was 10 hours – the longest I’ve ever done! ha-ha

Girls Can’t Catch Deciding Their Next Single

Phoebe Brown of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Tuesday (April 13), discussing Easter, their next single, her boyfriend’s new puppy, gigs, and their next webisode. Phoebe writes:

I’ve had several things to smile about recently. Firstly our next single! Everybody who works for GCC has been incredibly busy behind the scenes! Our management team and our record label have been discussing the next single. We can’t say for sure what it will be just yet, but hold on tight for an announcement coming soon! I can say there is going to be a huge surprise for everyone!! Myself, Jess and Daizy are so excited as we love to shoot music videos, it’s one of the highlights of the job. To be honest, any of the songs on the album could be a single. I’m glad I don’t have to make the final decision, I wouldn’t know which one to pick, I love them all!!!

Girls Can’t Catch Attend ‘Kick Ass!’ Premiere

Daizy Agnew, Phoebe Brown and Jess Stickley of Girls Can’t Catch appeared at Leicester Square on Monday night for the premiere of the new movie ‘Kick Ass!’ The British girl group had a great time working the red carpet and spotting some top celebs, which Brown blogged about. She writes at their blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch):

Our car arrived at Universal, and we all hopped in – before we knew it we had pulled up to Leicester square. It was packed and raining – not good for the hair! We got out and strolled down the red carpet – that still sounds funny to me! We kept seeing really famous celebrities! Really you have to keep it cool and act like it’s just totally normal standing next to Claudia Schiffer or Tom Ford, but inside I was more like “OMG THIS IS SO WEIRD HOW DID MY LIFE TURN OUT LIKE THIS”! When you are on the red carpet, you have to pose and do interviews so it’s a lot of pressure on people to constantly be aware of how they look and how they sound, but I think we rose to the challenge!