Hannah Montana Live In London

Atomic Kitten and former S Club star Hannah Spearritt were on hand for Disney’s new TV special ‘Hannah Montana Live in London’ One-Off live show, featuring Miley Cyrus, at Koko on Wednesday (March 28) in London, England. Watch fan filmed highlight clips from YouTube. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Hannah Spearritt Cheats On Longtime Lover With ‘Primeval’ Co-Star

Hannah Spearritt’s former S Club 7 bandmate and former long term lover Paul Cattermole has gone to News of the World after the ‘Primeval’ star dumped him for her co-star Andrew-Lee Potts. “Hannah and I lived together happily until she started working on ‘Primeval’,” Cattermole explained. “Within days she became secretive and spent all her time in hotels, only coming home every few weeks. Within a couple of months our five-year relationship was over. I knew in my heart she was seeing Andrew. After being with somebody that length of time you have an amazing gut instinct.”

Plug Pulled On Hannah Spearitt’s Musical

Former S Club star Hannah Spearitt’s hopes for West End success in ‘Snow! The Musical’ were dashed after the producer pulled the plug well before its scheduled January 7th conclusion. The last straw occurred when only two people attended a showing earlier this week. “The cast were upset but not surprised when the producer told them it was over,” a source said. “No one is saying it wasn’t a good production or that the cast could have done better – it just didn’t capture the public imagination. They have cancelled all future performances because it was not viable to keep going.” Read more.

Hannah Spearritt Lands Role In ‘Seed Of Chucky’

The Mirror reports former S Club star Hannah Spearritt has signed on to star in ‘Seed Of Chucky’ alongside actress Jennifer Tilly and rapper Redman. She jets to Romania at the end of the month to start filming. The co-presidents of the film company Focus Features said: “Having already achieved worldwide success with S Club 7, Hannah is making the transition to acting with great charm and spark. She will be the lone beacon of sanity as Chucky runs amok.”

Hannah Spearritt Plans For U.S. Success

Teen People caught up with former S Club star Hannah Spearritt as she preps to introduce herself to America co-starring in ‘Agent Cody Banks 2’. Asked how she’ll handle it if she becomes a megastar in the U.S., the singer/actress said, “I’ll stay indoors with a bunch of DVDs and loads of chocolate-chip ice cream.”

S Club 7 Hottie Hannah To Quit As 7 Becomes 5

News of the World reports Hannah Spearritt will follow the lead of her boyfriend Paul Cattermole and quit S Club 7 to pursue a solo career. A source revealed, “When Paul decided to leave, Hannah thought she could handle being apart. But she’s found it very difficult. Plus, she doesn’t really get on with the band as much as she used to.”