No Sibling Rivalry Between Haylie And Hilary Duff

TV Guide spoke with Haylie Duff about her new role as a mentor for aspiring theater stars in MTV’s new reality series, ‘Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods’, as well as if she has a sibling rivalry with Hilary. “There’s not,” Haylie insisted. “People always want to expect that, but we’re so focused on what we’re doing individually… that that’s the last thing that happens.”

Hilary & Haylie Duff In Court for Parents’ Divorce Hearing

Hilary Duff, her sister Haylie, and their mother hurled insults at a FOX 26 News crew as they left a downtown Houston courthouse. The Duff sisters were in a Houston courtroom at Harris County Family Law Center for a divorce hearing involving their parents.

Video of the incident at has since been removed.

‘Material Girls’: Materially Without Value

Stephen Williams of Newsday reviewed Haylie and Hilary Duff’s new film ‘Material Girls’, giving it zero stars. He writes, “Madonna’s anthem was only good-naturedly arrogant, but the SoCal twins, like the film’s script, are arrogant, ghastly immature and offensive to any audience that isn’t all of the above. Hilary, as Tanzie Marchetta, is at her restrained best pretending she’s a hooker who gives skin-care tips to a trio of hags spending a night in the holding tank. But it’s for sure that acting wasn’t on anyone’s list of priorities in ‘Material Girls’. Overacting was. Haylie Duff, as Ava, the older sister, doesn’t shut up from start to finish.”

Duff Sisters Won’t Release ‘Material Girl’

Haylie Duff tells MTV News her and sister Hilary’s remake of Madonna’s classic ‘Material Girl’ won’t be released as a single, but will be featured in their new film ‘Material Girls’. “The song’s going to be in the movie, but we’re not going to release it as a single,” Haylie said. “There’s no time to shoot a video … but we already recorded it, it’ll be in the opening of the movie, and it’ll be on a compilation coming out [(Lip Smackers Presents) ‘Girl Next’], but not as a single.”

Ocean Drive Magazine New York Issue Celebration

Haylie Duff and Hillary Duff were on hand for the Ocean Drive Magazine New York Issue Celebration at Marquee on Thursday (June 8) in New York City. WireImage has since removed the pictures.

‘Hostel’ DVD Launch Party

Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff were on hand for the ‘Hostel’ DVD Launch Party at The Rokbar on Tuesday (April 18) in Hollywood, California.

Duffs Allow Benji Madden On ‘Girls’ Night Out’

OK! magazine caught up with Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff for a Q&A and asked if they have “girls’ night out”. Haylie responded, “We have girls’ night every Thursday. All my girlfriends and Hilary and I, we all go to dinner. [Benji Madden of Good Charlotte] has gone on some of our girls’ nights. He’s been the only boy allowed to come on girls’ night.”

Duffs Leaving Black Steel

Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff were videotaped at Black Steel in Hollywood the other night. While Haylie smiled and signed autographs, Hilary had a special assistant who covered her face with a pillow to avoid photographers. has since removed the video.