Myleene Klass Not Interested In Hear’Say Reunion

Though Kym Marsh has talked about getting Hear’Say back together, her former bandmade Myleene Klass tells The Sunday Mirror she’s not interested. “I know Kym has been calling some members of the band trying to see if they want to get back together,” the new host of ‘cd:uk’ said. “I don’t believe in going backwards. I would never say never but I believe in going forwards. I shed lots of tears after the split. It was hard for all of us. But we also had some very good times together – the best.”

Myleene Klass Mans Phone Line For Niger Famine Aid

August 6, 2005 – Myleene answered donation lines at the BT Tower in central London on Tuesday (August 2). The former Hear’Say star was among those who pledged their support tonight to help millions of starving people in Niger. Klass manned the phones to take donations from the public after a high profile advertising campaign was launched to encourage people to dig deep. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Myleene Klass Attends ‘The Sixties Set’ Private Viewing

July 3, 2005 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene attended the Private View for ‘The Sixties Set: An Inside View By Robin Douglas-Home’ at The Air Gallery on Tuesday (June 28) in London, England. The rare exhibition features photographs by the socialite and journalist Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home, and husband of Vogue model Sandra Paul.

Hear’Say Singer Finds Work As Charlie Brown

June 5, 2004 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say singer Noel Sullivan has finally found some work since the breakup of the pop group. He has signed up to play Charlie Brown in a West End musical about ‘Peanuts’ dog Snoopy. “Noel is extremely excited because he loves singing. All any performer wants is to work,” a source insisted.

Hear’Say’s Noel Sullivan Snubs Kym Marsh

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Hear’Say singer Noel Sullivan has confessed he never speaks to former bandmate Kym Marsh. “I still keep in touch with most of the band, but have not spoken to Kym,” he revealed. “I’ve not known her now for longer than I knew her, and when things were hard I spent time with my friends and family. Kym never told us she was leaving two years ago and I’m over it now. I am very grateful for the experience and where it put me. am now able to walk into lead roles because of Hear’Say.”

Hear’Say Settle Differences, Reunion Possible

June 18, 2003 – The Sun reports Kym Marsh has hinted Hear’Say could reform after she buried the hatchet with her old bandmates. She says, “The bridges have been built again. We plan to get back together like old times.” If the band’s solo careers fail, a reunion could be more likely.

Kym Marsh: Hear’Say Would’ve Split Even If I Stayed

Capital FM in London spoke with former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh who opened up about leaving the pop group, and the band’s breakup shortly thereafter. “I think they would have split anyway,” Kym responded when asked if they would have split if she had stayed in the group. “Because if what they say happened to them – all the abuse and being spat at etc – is the truth, then that would have happened whether I was there or not. It wasn’t happening when I was still in the band, but our popularity was on the wane.”

Kym Marsh Seeks Professional Help For Flying Phobia

March 27, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say singer Kym is going to have therapy to overcome her fear of flying. “I freak out a lot about flying and my management decided it would be a good idea to get professional help,” Marsh admitted. “I cry on my way to the departure gates and when I get on the plane I get really dry-mouthed and my breathing goes all funny.”

Kym Ends Klass War With ‘Cry’

January 17, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh is ending her feud with the group by writing a track about the band’s last days. ‘Cry’ will launch Kym’s solo career in April, and will include the line: “I think about you every day, no matter what I do or say/I’d just like to say I never meant to make you cry.” The lyrics reportedly address bandmate Myleene Klass’ tearful appearance on the Frank Skinner show after the split. A source close to the singer said, “The song is her way of saying sorry for anything that happened and a sign she is moving on.”

Kym Marsh Packing Lumber At Do It Yourself Store

November 10, 2002 – The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say singer Kym was spotted at a do-it-yourself store carrying out wood for a bit of home handiwork with EastEnder hubby Jack Ryder. One onlooker who spotted the pair in St Albans, Herts, said: “It seems Kym has got Jack doing the DIY like any new husband should but he was looking a bit tired as he carried the packages.”

Kym Marsh Switches On The Christmas Lights

November 3, 2002 – Former Hear’Say member Kym was on hand at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Grays, Essex, UK, where she switched on the Christmas lights on Friday night (November 1).

Kym Marsh Surprised But Not Smug On Hear’Say Demise

October 1, 2002 – The Sun spoke with former Hear’Say singer Kym, who admitted to being shocked that the group decided to split. Marsh said, “Our paths just don’t cross and I don’t have their phone numbers. It came as a bolt out of the blue. I had no idea.” She insists she’s not happy to see the group’s demise though. “One thing I would like to make clear is that I’m not wearing a smug little smile. In fact, I wish the band all the best and hope they can all go on and make a career of it, either with other bands or as solo artists.” Read more.

Former Hear’Say Star Bravely Performs Karoake In Pub

The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say star Noel Sullivan upset drinkers with his karaoke version of the band’s ‘Pure and Simple’ in a Cardiff pub.

Hear’Say Abuse Drove Sullivan To Brink Of Suicide

November 21, 2002 – The Sun reports Noel Sullivan, formerly of Hear’Say, was close to suicide according to his former therapist Giovanni Malacrino. The singer was devastated when the public turned against him and bandmates. “Noel’s tired and pissed off … knackered,” blabbed Malacrino, oblivious to the idea of patient confidentiality. “The kids were thrown to the lions. The record company wanted to make a quick buck from those who did the hard work, like Noel.”

Hear’Say Split Blamed On Elton’s Diss

October 23, 2002 – Former Hear’Say member Noel Sullivan is blaming Elton John for sparking a wave of hatred for the group that led to their breakup. Elton had told The Sun the manufactured pop group were “the ugliest band in the world.” Noel fumed, “After Elton said all that everyone waded in – and this from a man who wears wigs and is hardly a hunk himself.”

Extreme In-Fighting Behind Hear’Say Split

News of the World reports the true reason for the Hear’Say split earlier this week wasn’t because of hatred from the public, but hatred from within the group. The most serious tension focused around the busty Myleene Klass, who told bandmate Noel Sullivan: “You’re a Welsh ****.” Klass also stopped talking to Suzanne Shaw, even though they live in the same block of luxury London flats. Now that the group has split, Klass is baring her claws at former bandmate Kym Marsh. “Myleene wants her solo deal sorted as soon as she can,” said a source. “She’s been approached by other labels and she’s working on the best deal for herself. She’s also spitting blood for Kym. The pair never got on but you’d think she’d drop it by now. But she’s not having any of it.”

Foster To Vacation Abroad After Hear’Say Split

October 3, 2002 – Hear’Say’s Shrek look-a-like Danny Foster says now that the group has split, he’s also going to split England, travelling for the remainder of the year, where he’ll contemplate his future. His grandad Reggie commented, “He’s looking forward to a rest and getting away from it all. It has been stressful. Something like that always is. Personally, I was always happier listening to him sing karaoke down the pub.”

In-Fighting Not Behind Hear’Say Split Says Source

October 1, 2002 – The London Mirror reports that insiders say the TV manufactured group Hear’Say split after being together less than two years because, “They felt they were constantly competing to try and win public approval.” The source denied fighting within the group prompted the split. The paper thinks Danny, Noel and Suzanne will sink back into obscurity, but the huge breasted Myleene Klass probably will continue on.

Hear’Say Are Done – Say Abuse Got Too Much

October 1, 2002 – The Sun reports Hear’Say have decided to split, after getting daily abuse from the public which made their lives hell. Myleene Klass, 24, said, “Nobody deserves what we went through.” Danny Foster said, “Myleene was being called a bitch every day by people in the street and we were being called wankers. It all got too much.” Noel Sullivan commented, “We’re not millionaires but we are a lot better off than we would have been if we had been waiters and cleaners. Now we can go back to our families and give something back – we’ve been missing from their lives for nearly two years.”

Popstars Judges Say Hear’Say Are Finished

September 3, 2002 – The Sun reports judges from Popstars, the show that created Hear’Say, think the group is sunk. Louis Walsh, manager of Westlife, blasted, “It’s all over for Hear’Say. They had their chance but they’ve blown it.” Fellow judge Pete Waterman added, “Who are Hear’Say? I don’t care or know who they are.”

Hear’Say Aren’t Friends With Kym Marsh Anymore

Hear’Say stopped by Capital FM the other day to talk about their new single ‘Lovin’ Is Easy’, plans for the album, touring next year and life after the departure of Kym Marsh. Asked about the new album, Myleene Klass said, “We’ve been jet-setting all over the place trying to work with as many producers as possible to get as many influences as we can. It’s going to be very cool, very sassy sounding. We’re going out to New York next week and then the week after that we’re in Norway – so there’s a lot of different influences coming our way.”

Meanwhile, Danny Foster didn’t have much kind to say about Kym and not being invited to her wedding. “We’re not still friends with Kym,” Danny said. “Kym left the band and that’s it. We’re not really up on the wedding, we didn’t want to go and we weren’t invited. You have to move on and move away from things. Kym left the band eight months ago now, so to be honest we couldn’t care less what she’s doing, because we’re busy doing what we’re doing. To have a single charting means that Hear’say have moved on and we’re now a new band in our own right. The past is absolutely irrelevant now.”

Hear’Say Shot At By Crazed Gunman

July 16, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports Hear’Say were shaken after a crazed gunman threatened them as they headed to Summer XS gig in Himley Park, Dudley, Wolverhampton on Sunday. A band source revealed, “To say they were freaked out is an understatement. They have no idea why someone would want to launch an unprovoked attack on them. They are just relieved no one was hurt.”

Danny Foster Denies Hear’Say Replacement Fix

Worldpop reports Hear’Say’s Danny Foster (aka Shrek) is defending the band for their ‘open audition’ process that had them pick someone that was already known by the band and was their backup dancer — Johnny Shentall. “It wasn’t nepotism,” Foster insisted. “There was no fix and the auditions were legitimate. He had danced for us before but Johnny was the best man for the job.”

Myleene Speaks Out On Kym Marsh Hear’Say Split

The Sun reports Hear’Say member Myleene Klass has spoken for the first time about the Kym Marsh split from the group. Myleene said, “I won’t be resorting to the playground tactics she seems to insist on.” As for Kym labeling her a bitch, she insists, “I’m not a bitch and I don’t like being labelled as one.”

Travis Comment On ‘Manufactured Bands’

March 21, 2002 – Travis took part in an online chat on BBC’s Radio 1 where they were asked “What do you think of manufactured bands like Hear’Say?” The guys responded:

Dougie Payne: I think it’s fantastic TV but it’s not really about music, is it?

Andy Dunlop: Some of the manufactured bands have great songs. They work just as hard.

Dougie Payne: *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys work their butts off, so fair play to them.

Mom Tells Hear’Say’s Foster She Was A Hooker

News of the World reports Hear’Say star Danny Foster was given the shocking news from her mother Tracey that she used to work as a prostitute. A Hear’Say spokesman said last night: “All this has come as a terrible shock to Danny, but he has vowed to stand by his mum.” Another source close to the family added, “Tracey broke down as she told him everything. She has explained why she did it – it was not through choice. She felt she had no other option.”

Hear’Say Wiping Out Kym On Greatest Hits

The Daily Star reports Hear’Say are having the vocals from ex member Kym Marsh wiped off of their greatest hits list. No word if new member Johnny Shentall will replace Kym on the tracks.

Kym Marsh Forced To Give Up Free Hear’Say Car

March 3, 2002 – The Sun reports Kym was forced to give up the free 206 Coupe Cabriolet she received from Peugeot in July of last year. The car was presented as a gift to each of the members of Hear’Say to drive around and promote the automaker. A source revealed, “Kym was quite shocked that they wanted the car back. She was under the impression the cars were a gift to her and the other band members and thought it was mean of them to demand she return hers.”

Hear’Say Easter Eggs With Kym Marsh Given Away

February 14, 2002 – According to the new edition of the newsletter, a former Hear’Say roadie was spotted offering free Hear’Say Easter Eggs. Apparently there over 100,000 in a Hounslow warehouse, all with former group member Kym’s face on them – so they need to be eaten. No word if they’ll be replaced with new member Johnny Shentall.

Kym Marsh Deal With OK Magazine For Wedding In Jeopardy

February 13, 2002 – reports the OK! magazine deal that former Hear’Say singer Kym and EastEnder Jack Ryder had is in jeopardy following reports that her former bandmates refuse to take part in the wedding. When she signed the GBP300,000 deal, it was agreed that the band would perform and that Suzanne Shaw and Myleene Klass would be bridesmaids.