Holly Brook Decides To Leave The Music Biz

Holly Brook checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday and Monday, revealing that she’s planning to leave the business of music. The singer songwriter told readers on Sunday:

The time has come to GROW UP and face reality.

THIS IS MY DREAM: I’ll find steady income from a job. Then I’ll save up some money, build a mini studio, self produce, and give away my records for free. If someone pays me enough, I’ll take time off work to play a show, or do a tour. If an opportunity like working on a movie score falls into my lap, I’d be delighted to do it.

But I refuse to be a desperate artist. Not anymore.

Brook then followed up on Monday:

I made it sound like it was all about the financial struggles in that last blog, but its so much more than that.

Its so messed up that the thing I am so passionate about has become the greatest reaper of havoc in my life.

Holly Brook Live On KGRL.fm

Holly Brook is featured as KGRL.fm’s Flower-Powered Artist for August, where the singer songwriter does an interview and live set. Brook discussed her influences, her songwriting process, her debut album ‘Like Blood Like Honey’, collaborations, busking, Duncan Sheik, and her tentatively new album ‘Oh Dark Thirty’.

The interview and performances of ‘Haunted’, ‘It’s Raining Again’, ‘Man On The Mountaintop’, ‘Stay Close’, ‘Ordinary Tune’, and ‘All I Want’ at kgrl.fm have since been removed.

Holly Brook ‘Bleach’ DIY Video

Holly Brook 'Bleach'Holly Brook is out with a video to her new song ‘Bleach’. The Oregon based singer writes on her MySpace blog:

Sometimes, the writing of a song comes long after the experience which inspired it. The reason for that is sometimes its hard to know what you are experiencing until its in the past. The ocean was not the inspiration for this song. It was simply the balloon from an angioplasty opening up the arteries so that the blood could flow smoothly through the vessels of creation. This is what flowed today…I reckon it is the aftershock of the darkness I experienced about 4 days ago, when I had an “episode”….enjoy “Bleach.”

Watch it below.

Holly Brook Survives Tour Bus Generator Fire

Holly Brook updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (March 14), talking about her nearly completed tour with Duncan Sheik, and a scary moment on the trek. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Of course, no tour would be complete without a near death experience. The generator on our bus caught on fire while we were all sleeping one night. Luckily the smell woke me up! We got out quickly and called the fire dept. Supposedly if we had let it burn 15 more minutes, we would’ve been toast! Very BURNT toast!

The post with more highlights from the tour has since been removed.

Things Come Together For Holly Brook’s Second Album

Holly Brook checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (December 30), discussing progress on the follow-up to her 2006 debut album ‘Like Blood Like Honey’. The Mazomanie, Wisconsin singer songwriter tells readers:

I finally feel like things are REALLY coming together for my record. To start, I seem to have a few financial angels around me, who are making this all possible. Its amazing that I’ll be able to pull off the completion of this record without the help of a label, which usually ends in some sort of destruction anyways. The independent model may not put me on the top of the highest mountain, but it will at least put me in a much less precarious spot. Things can only get better from there. Now, with producer, Duncan Sheik, the studio time is booked, the players are in, the artist is in, and the new website is weeks away from launching.

My only issue right now is that I still don’t have a title for the record! Do you have any ideas? I’ve been collecting a list of possibilities, but I’m still not sure if I’ve even come close.

The entire post and some of those ideas have since been removed.

Holly Brook Hopes To Release New Album Spring 2009

Holly Brook updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (December 16), offering an update on her upcoming second album. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

It snowed in NYC today!!! it was cold… and beautiful.

Duncan [Sheik] is playing guitar on one of my songs right now… it sounds so amazing. I am so excited… speaking of which, there is finally a timeline for my record. The funds seem to be coming together…(I actually DO believe in humanity again). It is looking like I’ll be completely done recording by the end of January, so the release is probably going to be early spring, and this time I mean it!!! So I’m actually going to put a deadline on my album art contributions… if you have any items you want to send, do it now!! The address is on my home MySpace page.. The deadline is end of January!!! I’ll give a more official date soon, though. A new website will be up and running soon as well… which will be a better place for us to communicate message-board style.

It’s so nice to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!!!


New Album Coming From Holly Brook Soon

A day in the life of Holly Brook video clip has been posted at Treylor Park III’s YouTube channel, featuring some of her prior appearances and a photoshoot, hinting that a second album is coming from the Mazomanie, Wisconsin singer songwriter.

The video has since been removed.

Holly Brook No Longer Opening For Jesse Malin In The UK

Holly Brook checked in with her MySpace friends on Wednesday (May 7) with the following bulletin:

Hey everyone,

just wanted to let everyone know that due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be opening the Jesse Malin shows in the UK.

If you’ve already bought tickets for any of the shows I would highly suggest going to see Jesse because his live show is brilliant!

I was really looking forward to meeting all of you and it would have been my first time in the UK so you can say I’m a little upset.

But the good news is that I’m in the studio finishing up my new record!

I will let you know when I’m coming to the UK to do some shows.


Holly Brook Bowery Ballroom Show Highlights & Update

Holly Brook in New York CityHolly Brook checked in with a video blog in New York City outside the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday (April 26) before she opened for Jesse Malin.

“I’m in New York City. Here we are. I’m playing at the Bowery Ballroom tonight, opening for Jesse Malin,” Holly said. “He’s playing two sets tonight. One cover set with an acoustic thing, and I’m playing four songs. I’m very excited. I’m doing crazy things. I’m learning plenty of hit songs for tour… I just dyed my hair and I’m hungry.”

Watch the clip, also featuring highlights from her performance, below.

Holly Brook ‘Haunted’ Audio

Holly Brook checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace after posting a new Halloween themed song. “‘Haunted’ will be on my page for only one week,” she writes. “Listen now! I wrote it about the ghosts in my head, and how I need a place to leave them so they don’t haunt me. I hope you like it. Its just a simple recording I did with a piano… let me know if you like it. Have a happy and safe Halloween!” Audio of ‘Haunted’ at myspace.com/hollybrook has since been removed.