Kylie Minogue Says She Won’t Tour America

Kylie Minogue tells the Sunday People that she’s decided not to tour America. Kylie revealed, “My career has taken on a life of its own at the moment and I don’t know whether I can stop it. But this year I have decided not to tour America, and after my European commitments are over that’s it for the time being. I think this Kylie-mania is a passing fad, but I’ve got to admit it has been hard to get used to it.”

Kylie Mingue & Holly Valance Battle Each Other On Aussie Charts

June 1, 2002 – The Herald Sun spoke with Holly Valance ahead of this week’s chart showdown with fellow Neighbours actress turned pop star Kylie Minogue. Valance will release ‘Kiss Kiss’ while Minogue drops ‘Love at First Sight’. Holly said, “I wish Kylie the best of luck. Kylie’s hot and I’m glad I could be up against artists like her that I have always admired. At least I’m not up against Bob The Builder.”

Kylie Minogue Thanks Fans For Singing ‘Happy Birthday’

May 30, 2002 – Kylie Minogue checked in with fans on her official website on her 34th birthday on Tuesday. Kylie thanked fans at her Wembley Arena concert for singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. “Having around 12,000 people spontaneously sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at me at Wembley was awesome. Thanks for a great final UK show and a wonderful birthday to remember! Europe, here we come!”

Another Kylie Minogue Rendezvous With Ex-Boyfriend

May 29, 2002 – The Sun reports Kylie Minogue was again spotted headed into a hotel with ex-boyfriend James Gooding at the Mandarin in Knightsbridge, West London on Tuesday, which also happened to be Kylie’s 34th birthday. Kylie told the Sun, “We are loving friends. It was really special for me that James could share my birthday.”

14 Year Old Holly Valance Pics Turning Up On Porn Sites

Channel V reports Holly Valance has called in investigators after photos of her as a 14 year old turned up on pornographic websites. The photos originated from an underwear catalog she modelled for K-Mart, and their use for pornographic purposes has Valance “disgusted.”

Holly Valance Isn’t A Morning Person

The former Neighbours co-star of pop stunner Holly Valance, Anne Charleston, tells The Mirror that Holly wasn’t much of a morning person on the set of the soap. Charleston revealed, “I used to call her the Grunter. None of us liked the early starts but she’d arrive and just sit there going, ‘Urrrgh!’ Funny kid.”

Holly Valance Says Boyfriend Loved ‘Kiss Kiss’ Video

Aussie pop star Holly Valance tells The Mirror that her boyfriend Peter Ververis, a 21-year-old marketing graduate for two years, had a good reaction to her racy new video that show her practically nude. “Peter loved it,” she says. “He was really sweet because I was obviously very nervous. We watched it together and I hid under the pillows on the couch. He turned and looked at me and said ‘Yes, this is going to be big’. We have a very good understanding. I haven’t got this jealous nutcase of a boyfriend.”

Holly Valance Getting Sued After ‘Kiss Kiss’ Tops Charts

Fresh off the news that her new single ‘Kiss Kiss’ topped the UK charts this week, Holly Valance learned that she’s being sued by her former manager Scott Michaelson. A source told the Sun, “Scott discovered Holly and made her a star in Australia by getting her to do lots of raunchy shots. He also organized her record contract and feels very unhappy he was sacked just before she became a huge hit.” Holly claimed she left Michaelson because he was not managing her career properly.

Holly Valance Has Been Juggling Music & Acting For Awhile

Rajesh Mirchandani met up with Holly Valance to talk about her jump from Neighbours to pop music, in the same fashion as Kylie Minogue. Holly says, “It’s a big surprise for people who don’t know me – I’ve been juggling the music and acting for a while. It’s come a long way and it’s all been positive – so fingers crossed.”

Holly Valance’s FHM Photo Shoot Video has a video clip of pop newcomer Holly Valance doing her photo shoot for the men’s magazine. The shoot was done on the beaches of Australia and Holly says it went on for about 12-13 hours. The footage has since been removed but can be seen at YouTube.

Holly Valance Flattered By Kylie Minogue Comparisons

The Sun spoke with Holly Valance move to launch herself as a pop star following her job as a star on Aussie soap ‘Neighbours’, a move very similar to Kylie Minogue. The 19 year old said of comparisons to Kylie, “Anything that remotely links me to Kylie is flattering. She is one of my heroes but I’m not striving to be her. I just want to wing it and see how it goes.”

Kylie Minogue Bringing Mom As Stylist On Tour

April 11, 2002 – The Mirror reports Kylie Minogue is bringing her mother Carol along to be her dresser on her eagerly-awaited UK and European tour. Carol used to be a model, and loves her daughter’s skimpy outfits – especially her trademark hot pants. So far, Kylie’s only tour request has been for her mom to be backstage with her every night, a refreshing change from demands by comparable big name acts.

Kylie Minogue’s $10 Million Year Puts Her In Australia’s Top 50

April 10, 2002 – The Sydney Morning Herald reports Kylie Minogue has shot up to the number 9 spot on the Top 50 Australian entertainers’ earnings chart after making $10 million last year, according to the latest edition of BRW magazine. Among those above her were AC/DC, Russell Crowe, and ‘Moulin Rouge’ director Baz Luhrmann. Read more.

Kylie Minogue Wonders If ‘Locomotion’ Was Tainted By Big Hair

April 7, 2002 – Spin magazine spoke with Kylie Minogue in their May issue. When asked if questions about her 80’s hit ‘Locomotion’ get annoying from US reporters, she said, “No, it makes me laugh! I’m amazed they actually remember the song. Now I’m the ‘La la la’ girl. ‘Locomotion’ is a classic; I’m not sure if I tainted it with my aerobic gear and big hair.”