Pop Stars Top Worst Of 2003 List

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Australia’s Who Magazine printed their annual wrap-up of 2003 in music and movies. While no pop stars’ 2003 releases made it into the ‘Best of 2003’ list, several pop star’s made it into the ‘Worst of 2003’. Read on for the reviews.

Holly Valance’s Last Chance Pop Bid To Be A Disco Cover

Sky News reports former ‘Neighbours’ star Holly Valance is making a final stab at keeping her pop career. The Australian singer is planning to cover the ’70s disco hit ‘Yes Sir I Can Boogie’, a global smash for Spanish band Baccara.

Holly Valance Plots ‘Grittier’ Film Career

Japan Today caught up with Holly Valance who revealed she has an interest in jumping from a recording career to movies. “I think the key to longevity is to be brave enough to try new genres,” Valance said. “It’s easy to be caught up in the safety net of what’s working now. I don’t know yet how I’ll evolve, but I want to do a film next.” That has been a risky move for other singers – Madonna, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears have all failed to hit the big time on the big screen. “I think the reason many singers don’t make the transition to the big screen is because they take easy roles in which they look great in every scene, being the cool chick,” Valance explained. “I want to do something grittier. I’d rather play a homeless junkie than be in some Cinderella story. You can see that in a photo shoot. I read about two or three scripts a week, but they are nice girl roles from people who saw me in ‘Neighbours’. Not that I mind the show. I’m proud of it and it was a blessing. You have to start somewhere. Even Russell Crowe was on it and he’s not doing too badly.”

Holly Valance Bombs On Home Turf

AAP reports Holly Valance’s pop career looks doomed after the singer lasted only two weeks on the ARIA top 100 chart in her native country of Australia with her latest effort, ‘State of Mind’. After selling just 1600 units in week one and around 1000 in week two, week three was an even greatest disaster, selling only 918 units last week.

Holly Valance No Fan Of Britain

The Mirror reports that Australian singer Holly Valance hasn’t taken to England since she’s moved there in a bid to launch her pop career. “People can be so bitter and twisted. It’s something that runs rife in this country and I don’t understand it,” says the 20-year-old former ‘Neighbours’ star. “I’ve travelled the world many times and I’ve only noticed a sort of negative streak in London. I’m half-British myself but there is a real bitter circle. Everyone is capable of being lovely but a lot of people can’t see the good in things. It will backfire one day and something really terrible will happen.”

Holly Valance Annoyed By Her Own Hit

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Holly Valance has admitted her own music annoys her and she switches off the radio every time her hit ‘Kiss Kiss’ is played. “The song went to No1 and was in the charts for months,” she said. “I have to say now that it annoys me. When it comes on the radio, I change the station.”

Holly Valance Knows Her Fellow Pop Star’s Quotes

Top of the Pops fed quotes from various other singers to see if the Australian could figure out who they refer to. She was asked about the quote, “A lot of people are only interested in me as a notch on their belt, a celebrity. They don’t want to see me as a person.” Holly correctly answered, “It sounds like this person has gone to one of those doctors who take you back to your birth. It’s definitely someone kooky. I reckon Mariah Carey.” She also correctly answered quotes by Pink, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, and more.

Holly Valance Never Wanted To Be Famous

Although Holly Valance’s new album ‘State Of Mind’ sounds as though it has been trapped in the VIP section of a hip nightclub, Valance enjoys nothing more than staying at home in Bayswater, in west London, cooking lamb and hosting dinner parties – “anything Greek – with red wine.” She tells Living Abroad Magazine, “I’m pretty low-profile. I can’t go to bars and stumble out in a mini-skirt like other teenagers. I find myself followed by fans and paparazzi. I never wanted to be famous… What is so interesting about me buying a pint of milk?”

Holly Valance Breach Costs Dearly

AAP reports Holly Valance has been ordered to pay out to her ex-manager, Scott Michaelson, who she sacked before she became famous. The judge said that she had shown a ‘calculated disregard’ for Scott, who discovered her when she was 15, so she now has to dish out $250,000.

Holly Valance Hates Carnival

Holly Valance has learned the Notting Hill Carnival will be passing her front door, and she’s not happy about it. The Sun reports the Australian singer said, “It’s a waste of time – a bunch of people doing nothing but vomiting on my front lawn. I barricaded myself in the flat until it was over. I couldn’t understand what people were being entertained by.”