Holly Valance Had Damages In Mind

Holly Valance offered her former manager less than $2000 in damages after breaching their contract, a court has heard. The singer, 20, was sued in the NSW Supreme Court by former manager Scott Michaelson after she ditched him 15 months early. Justice Clifford Einstein found last month Mr Michaelson was entitled to damages.

Holly Valance ‘Star Struck’ After Meeting Britney Spears

Holly Valance was one of the few stars that Britney Spears was pictured with at her recent ‘welcome to London’ party. The Australian pop singer confessed afterward she was humbled by the meeting.

“I was one of the lucky ones, I’m a massive fan so I was a bit star struck,” Valance told Sky News. “The party was good, really nice. Drinks were flowing, good music, a good bunch of people – we had fun.”

Britney Spears Party At The Rex In London

Blue, Liz McClarnon of Atomic Kitten, Holly Valance, Darius Danesh, Busted, Blu Cantrell, Alex Parks, Sugababes, and Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson were on hand for Britney Spears’ party for the start of her UK promotional tour at The Rex club in London on Saturday (October 25). Check out pictures from RexFeatures (page1 / page2) and TheSun.

Holly Valance And The Hookers

The Sun reports Australian singer Holly Valance has discovered she lives above a brothel – and has been forced to call in police to deal with rowdy late night disturbances. “The house always smells of laundry powder because they wash the sheets downstairs,” she explained. “I haven’t been there long but I’ve already called the police a few times when certain people on the street bash each other on the doorstep.” Despite her fame, Holly says she lives in a grotty, run-down part of London and doesn’t feel safe when at home alone.

Britney And Holly Caught Not Looking Their Best

The Sun has profiled pop stars not looking at their best, including Britney Spears sporting a zit the other day after leaving a New York hotel and Australian singer Holly Valance displaying a bit of cellulite on the thigh during her performance the other day on the UK edition of TRL.

The pictures at thesun.co.uk have since been removed.

Holly Valance Realizes The Obvious: Sex Sells

Ratethemusic.com reports Holly Valance’s bid to be “taken seriously”, marked by public outings in prudish outfits, failed to inspire fans – so she’s decided to strip her clothes again to promote future releases. “It has taken me a long time to get my head around this industry but now I know exactly how it works,” the Australian singer explained. “Obviously sex sells, so if you get your kit off, naturally more people wanna see your bits. It’s good to tease.”

Holly Valance Talks About New Electro Sound

Holly Valance’s new single ‘State of Mind’ is out at the end of the month. It’s got a more electro sound which is the direction she wants to head in. She told Radio 1, “I was listening to like Planet Funk, a lot of rocky stuff – No Doubt, and I kind of thought I’d love to mix rock and electric guitars with a more dancey kind of style and I love the eighties, so every time I talked to a writer or producer, I would mention a few different groups and say ‘somehow can we mesh these styles in together?’ And it was a really good contrast. So there’s a bit more continuity with this album.”

Holly Valance Misses Q Awards & Electric Six Guys

Holly Valance tells Radio 1 she was disappointed she couldn’t go to tonight’s Q awards, especially because she wanted to hang out with her new best friends. “I was actually going to go with some friends, the Electric Six guys, and I’m not going now,” the Aussie singer said. “Chris the bassist has done pretty much half my album, so I’ve written lots of stuff with him, and he’s just become a mate. They’re really cool guys, so I was going to go and hang out, be their groupie for the night.”

Holly Valance Writhes Around In ‘State Of Mind’

The Mirror has details on Holly Valance’s new video ‘State Of Mind’, with the single released on October 27th. The video features Holly writhing around on the floor of a club in Los Angeles, and then the singer changes into a Miu Miu dress and does yet more writhing on a bed. “Her record company have spent a lot of money on the new video,” a source said. “It’s got an incredibly sexy vibe going on. It’s a very 80s-influenced electro-pop track. Holly has been much more involved in the album’s creation.”

Holly Valance Case Closes

The bitter court battle between Holly Valance and her former manager Scott Michaelson drew to a close yesterday at the NSW Supreme Court hearing in Sydney. During the 1 1/2 weeks proceeding, Valance accepted Michaelson helped launch her career, organizing her audition for ‘Neighbours’ and paying for acting classes. But she said she dumped him before his contract was due to expire because he was not equipped to handle her rising music career.