Hope Thanks The Fans

Hope checked in with fans on her YouTube channel, promising more videos to let them know what’s going on in her life. “I wanna than my fans. All of you who supported me all along the way thank you so much for your love and support,” the ‘Love Love Love’ singer says in the video.

The brief update at YouTube has since been removed.

Hope ‘Love Love Love’ Video Ft. Jason Mraz

Hope 'Love Love Love' music video

Hope is out with the music video to her first single ‘Love Love Love’, featuring Jason Mraz, off the Los Angeles singer songwriter’s upcoming debut album on Atlantic Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Hope Busy Gearing Up For Her Debut Album Release

Hope 'Love Love Love' single cover

Hope checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@hearhope) on Thursday (September 30), talking about promotion in support of her debut single ‘Love Love Love’, and filming the Jason Mraz featured song’s music video. The singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s been a very busy week while gearing up for my new album release. The promo tour is our next step. Nowadays, I spend a good amount of time looking over all the content for my CD and video. Today we finished the final version of my video for the single “Love Love Love”!! I can’t believe I just did my first music video, crazy. I just had my first show in New York last week. I also did a show at Hotel Cafe a few days ago. I’m so super excited to start performing again! Until next time…

Stay Lifted!

See you on tour,

Hope ‘Love Love Love’

Hope is out with her new single ‘Love Love Love’, featuring Jason Mraz, off the singer songwriter’s upcoming debut album. Listen to the song via YouTube below.

Hope Album Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Hope is out with behind the scenes footage from her debut album photo shoot. “With this album I wanted everyone to feel like they could identify with a part of it,” Hope explained. “Just giving people hope and letting them know that with this record they can kind of relax and let go and just enjoy the music.”

The footage at her MySpace has since been removed.

Hope Live At The Apollo

Hope performed on BillboardLive at the Alicia Keys Friends Concert, held at New York’s Apollo on January 7th. “Performing at the Apollo last night was unreal,” Hope says in a video clip. “I was so happy and so honored to be able to be on that stage, and my mother actually performed at the Apollo like 40 years ago.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

Hope Still Overwhelmed After Obama Inauguration

Hope checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (January 22), talking about the inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday and how she spent the historic day. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

As I write this blog I am still overwhelmed with joy and emotion! My President is Black! Having grown up with little history in school of my African American heritage, I spent the day glued to the TV with my wonderful family and a table full of home cooked vegan “soul food”. As their voices and sweet aromas were warmed the living room…I felt free! When Obama was inaugurated he became the 44th President of the United States of America and the first African American hold the highest earthly title of the most powerful nation in the world! I can safely say that I am only one among the millions that are so proud this day has come!