Hot Chip Perform ‘I Feel Better’ On KCRW

Hot Chip performed tracks from their album ‘One Life Stand’ during an appearance on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on Wednesday (March 9). Watch or listen to the full session, including the English electropop band performing ‘I Feel Better’ and sitting down for an interview, via below.

How Hot Chip Got Their Name

Hot Chip

Spin magazine spoke with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip in a Q&A, talking about how the British electropop band got their name. “I remember Alex [Taylor] and I making the name up on the spot at a gig in our school’s theater when we were 15 or 16,” the co-vocalist told David Marchese. “We were using an old electronic organ and electric guitar and were playing some of our own songs and some covers: Spacemen 3, Pavement, stuff like that. We hadn’t even bothered to come up with a name yet. When we were done playing, someone asked who we were and we just said, ‘Hot Chip,’ which was a phrase we thought was funny at the time. We liked it because it was kind of pathetic. It’s essentially a stupid image: French fries, which are called chips in England. Basically, this is all a way of saying that the Hot Chip name began as an inside joke, and 15 years later it’s still our band’s name.” Check out more band name discussion here.

Hot Chip ‘One Life Stand’ Video

Hot Chip

Hot Chip are out with the music video to their new single ‘One Life Stand’, the title track off the British alternative dance band’s fourth album, out February 8th via EMI. The single is released a week prior. Watch the video via YouTube below.

Hot Chip ‘One Pure Thought’ Video

Hot Chip

Hot Chip are out with the music video to their new single ‘One Pure Thought’, from the British electropop group’s third studio album ‘Made in the Dark’, out now on DFA Records / Astralwerks Records. Watch it below.