Howie Dorough’s Setlist For His Japanese Concert

Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough recently flew to Japan for a series of fundraising events for his Dorough Lupus Foundation. Howie gave attendees a private concert, as well. After the show, he told the fans, “I’ll come back to Japan by tour of BSB.” Read on for his setlist:

Howie D. And Joey Fatone Playfully Bust Each Other’s Balls

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Howie appeared on Los Angeles radio station KIIS 102.7 FM on December 19th. According to fan and listener DawnJElmer, Howie said he was spending the holidays in Florida with his family. JoJo, the DJ, said he wanted to have a song on the new Backstreet Boys album and Nsync album. Howie reiterated that BSB are back together and will start recording on January 10th. JoJo told Howie that he had someone on the line that wanted to talk to him; it was Joey Fatone of Nsync. The two talked about recording and shared a few laughs. Joey playfully gave Howie a hard time about how BSB beat Nsync “to the punch with recording next year & that BSB was always beating them with everything.” Howie playfully shot back and said something about how BSB focuses on music but haven’t put out anything for the past 3 years while Nsync tends to focus on putting out ‘stuff’ (i.e. dolls, lip balm, merchandise, DVDs). Howie also confirmed that BSB are once again managed by Johnny Wright. He acknowledged that Nsync are still managed by him as well, and said that maybe the two groups can do something together in the future. Read more.

Howie Gives KIIS The Scoop On Backstreet Boys Plans

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On December 18th, Howie Dorough phoned into Los Angeles station 102.7 KIIS-FM. DawnJElmer from the Backstreet Boys Mature Fan Club summarized the conversation. She says: “That was too funny. I loved it when Joey from ‘N Sync brought up the bit about Howie doing the voice of Santa in Dora The Explorer. Howie seemed so embarrassed about that & about ready to kill him. Howie also said he is leaving tomorrow to go back to FL & is moving all his things back home so sounds like he will be there for quite a while. He also mentioned about the BSB’s new cd, about his cruise & also the thing he is doing in New York in Feb. He brought up the thing with Johnny Wright too so it definitely is true since I heard it myself. That’s all I can think of right now. Maybe someone else will have more to say. I was so thrilled to hear Howie. It totally made my day hearing his beautiful voice. I love that man.”

Dorough Lupus Foundation Stamp Petition

The Dorough Lupus Foundation, founded by Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough, needs your help. They would like to have the U.S. Postal Service put out a Lupus stamp to promote Lupus awareness. They need 25,000 signatures to make this dream a reality so sign it and e-mail it out to friends and relatives too. You’ll be doing a great thing for the DLF., which hosted the petition, has since shut down.

Howie Tells Sharon Osbourne ‘Backstreeet’s Back’

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Danielle Morano from the New York radio station Z100 posted some info on the station’s website about Howie Dorough’s appearance on the Sharon Osbourne show today. She writes, “Thought they were gone forever, well the Backstreet Boys are planning a reunion. ‘Backstreet Boy’ Howie Dorough breaks the news to Sharon Osbourne that the group will be back together to work on a new album early next year. We’ll be waiting to hear it!” Howie was at the show to support recording artist Seal who has Lupus, the same disease that took the life of Howie’s sister.

Howie D. Attends Anand Jon’s West Coast Debut

Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys was on hand for as IG International presented a sneak peek of Anand Jon’s West Coast Debut Supporting Helping Hands on Wednesday (October 29) at Sephora Boutique Hollywood & Highland Complex in Hollywood, California.

2003 Radio Music Awards Photos

Michael Jackson, Avril Lavigne, Jewel, ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Branch, 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey, Coolio, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys stars Howie Dorough and Nick Carter were on hand for the 2003 Radio Music Awards on Monday (October 27) at The Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out pictures from GettyImages and WireImage.

Dido, Avril, Stacie Orrico & Others Do Charity Album

October 29, 2003 – Contributed by ballersfantasy: Dido, Avril Lavigne, Stacie Orrico and Sarah McLachlan are among the artists on a charity album for the Oxygen network. All proceeds will benefit the channel’s Build Your Own Business public-service program. ‘Oh!’ From the Girls features 15 previously released tracks, plus unreleased live recordings of Macy Gray’s ‘Come Together’ and Tori Amos’ ‘Cornflake Girl.’ The album is due January 13th. McLachlan and Lavigne will share a stage as part of Oxygen’s Custom Concert series November 4th in New York. The concert will be broadcast November 9th.

Howie Discusses The Radio Music Awards & Backstreet Boys

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Tonight, JoJo (DJ for Los Angeles’ KIIS-FM 102.7) is interviewing tons of celebrities who are participating in the Radio Music Awards which airs Monday the 27th on NBC. One of the people I heard JoJo talk to on the air was Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys. JoJo said that during the Radio Music Awards, he and Nick Carter would be doing a special presentation, probably a tribute to Michael Jackson, in which the video for ‘What More Can I Give’ will be played during the show. JoJo was asking Howie to give him some dirt on Nick to try to embarrass him during the show. Howie brought up Nick’s smelly feet. Then JoJo asked Howie about the status of Backstreet Boys. He said the he’s been hanging out with Nick all weekend and talked to all the guys this past week, including Kevin who’s all the way in London. Howie said that all the guys are ready to end the hiatus and get back in the studio. The five of them discussed the time frame for 2004. They’re not sure if they’re going to release the solo albums first and then the group album or the group album and then the solo albums. The break was especially beneficial to Brian. JoJo agreed. Howie said it would have been horrible for Brian to be touring during the first year of his child’s life. So he’s glad Brian got to enjoy that at home. JoJo also interviewed Michelle Branch, Staci Orrico, Joey McIntyre, Loon, and more. All of these people and more will be appearing at the Radio Music Awards, which airs on Monday, October 27th on NBC at 9/8pm.

Howie & Pollyanna Attend The Unity Awards

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Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough and sister Pollyanna attended the 2003 Unity Awards held October 12th in Bloomingdale, Ohio. The ceremony honors Catholic music and video annually.