I Blame Coco Scala Show Highlights Ft. Robyn

I Blame Coco at Scala

Highlights of I Blame Coco’s headlining show at Scala on October 20th in London has been posted line. Coco Sumner talked about the gig backstage, which included a special guest appearance by Robyn, joining on the performance of ‘Caesar’. “I’m in top form. I have a bit of a spring in my step today,” Sting’s daughter said about the sold-out show. Watch the footage via YouTube below.

I Blame Coco: Tour Has Been Amazing So Far

Coco Sumner checked in with fans on her official web site blog on Thursday (October 28), talking about I Blame Coco’s current UK tour. The daughter of Sting writes:

Hello everyone.

We’re half way through our UK tour. Currently driving to the Motherland in Newcastle. Its been amazing so far. Robyn joined us for another surprise feature for our London Scala date. It was a very handsome evening.

Highlights for me so far have been Glasgow, Machester and London. Supporting us we’ve had Rodeo Massacre, R O M A N C E and Kyla La Grange. All three bands have been amazing so keep your eye out.

‘In Spirit Golden’ is coming this Sunday and the album is out the Monday after in the UK. Very excited about the releases. Feeling positive. Our European tour has just been confirmed! That’s about it people. Enjoy.

Coco Sumner Discusses ‘The Constant’ Title Track

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco talks about how her song 'The Constant' is about invisible loveTrack eight in I Blame Coco’s exclusive track-by-track look at Coco Sumner’s debut album ‘The Constant’ features Coco giving viewers the lowdown on the title track itself.

“‘The Constant’, it rounds up the entire record in one song really,” the daughter of Sting explained. “Musically and lyrically. The beginning has this constant drone that goes on throughout the whole song. You don’t really notice it once you’re in the middle, but it’s still there.”

As for how it was created, she said, “It’s about invisible love. In producing ‘The Constant’, me and Dan Carey, we used lots of different instruments, different synths and stuff. Roland SH2, which was good fun to use. We put it through a Culture Vulture, it’s a machine that makes things sound good basically. We programmed drums and had real drums. Leo (Taylor) from the Invisibles played the drums on that song. Leo made it sound really good I think. He definitely brought something to the table.”

Describing the meaning of the track, Coco said, “The song is sort of about invisible love. Love that you really can’t hold or touch or anything like that, hence the line ‘phantom hearts feel too’, because they’re not really there.”

Video of the comments has since been removed.

I Blame Coco Discusses ‘Playwright Fate’

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco talks about her song 'Playwright Fate'Track seven in I Blame Coco’s exclusive track-by-track look at Coco Sumner’s debut album ‘The Constant’ features Coco giving viewers the lowdown a song she wrote last year called ‘Playwright Fate’.

Sting’s daughter said of the track, “‘Playwright Fate’ is a character who chooses and governs what happens in his story. Governing moods and fate. A puppetmaster. A puppeteer. All songs come from my subconscious, and they make sense later.”

She added, “The characters in the song, the cat and the cat’s wife, they’re not happy and they want to die, but they want to die beautifully. It’s a nice way to look at death. Death shouldn’t looked at as morbid or sadly.”

Video of the commentary has since been removed.

I Blame Coco ‘In Spirit Golden’ Video Behind The Scenes

I Blame Coco 'In Spirit Golden' music video making of

Behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for I Blame Coco’s new single ‘In Spirit Golden’ has been posted online. “It’s gonna be quite dark and sinister, but bright at the same time,” Coco Sumner explained. “Fearful I think is how the mood is. Post apocalyptic feel to it. I was on some weird medication when I wrote this song, so I could remember being terrified and exhaustion and fear.” Watch the footage via YouTube below.

I Blame Coco ‘Quicker’ RacknRuin Remix Video

I Blame Coco 'Quicker' RacknRuin

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco checked in with fans on her official web site blog at iblamecoco.co.uk on Tuesday (September 7), talking about the ‘Quicker’ RacknRuin remix video and upcoming shows. Sting’s daughter writes:


Hope you are all well. Along with the RacknRuin remix we give you the ‘Quicker’ RacknRuin remix video. Something for all you dancers and your kids. This will also be available as part of our next single ‘In Spirit Golden’ which is out on Sunday 24th October! I am shooting the video for it tomorrow. There are going to be a lot lights and emotion… I’m excited. I’m doing it with the Stamp crew again who did the Caesar video I did with with Robyn way back when.

On the live front NOIR have a few nights coming up which is my club night. Next up: 14th September at the Paradise: I Blame Coco acoustic set, Miike Snow dj set, Rosie Holland live and Black Discs (Eliot Sumner and Age-Emily) dj set. Also we’re very excited to be supporting Mark Ronson at the London Freeze festival on the 30th of October. Oh yes!

Stay well.

I Blame Coco

Watch the ‘Quicker’ RacknRuin remix video below.

I Blame Coco Behind The Scenes At Reading Festival

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco at Reading FestivalFootage of I Blame Coco behind the scenes during last weekend’s Reading Festival has been posted online. Coco Sumner was seen in the press tent doing some interviews, then checking in from the dressing room before they took the stage.

“All the festivals are really quite magical really,” she said. “People are just having a brilliant time and that’s what it’s all about I think.”

After her live set, Sting’s daughter said, “Today was probably the best day ever. It was an amazing crowd. I like going into the crowd.”

The video clip at her official web site has since been removed.

I Blame Coco ‘Quicker’ Video

I Blame Coco are out with the video to their new single ‘Quicker’, coming out September 27th on Island Records. The song is off the Coco Sumner led pop group’s debut album ‘The Constant’, out October 4th. Watch it via universalmusic.fr below.

Coco Sumner Talks About ‘Selfmachine’

Coco Sumner - 'Selfmachine'

In the first of a series of clips where Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco talks viewers through all the tracks on her forthcoming debut album ‘The Constant’, the daughter of Sting discusses ‘Selfmachine’. Sumner explained the studio experience, the ideas that gave birth to the song and the people who helped make it happen. “It’s a song of alienation,” Coco explained. “It’s about programmed robot who can only feel sympathy for itself. It’s programmed to be selfish. It can’t empathize with any other characters, and for that reason everyone leaves the robot and the robot’s all alone.” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

I Blame Coco Acoustic EP Teaser

I Blame Coco - EP

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco has been in the studio recently laying down some acoustic tracks, some of which was captured by cameras. Check out a short teaser of what to expect from the recordings, including Coco singing ‘Summer Rain’, via YouTube below.