I Blame Coco Shoot ‘Quicker’ Video

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@iblamecoco) on Friday (August 13) with news on a new music video the band shot. The daughter of Sting writes:

On a long, cold, windy Tuesday we shot the music video for our next single ‘Quicker’! Directed by China from Warp Films.

The theme of the video is travel and transport. We shot it in the Isle Of Dogs in east London. There are shots where we travel on motorbikes, on the back of a pick up truck, on foot, in a mini us and on the DLR. It was a really good day. The video will be out soon. Enjoy.


Coco Sumner Enters A New Decade

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@iblamecoco) on Wednesday (August 4), discussing how she celebrated her 20th birthday and the game plan for releasing the band’s debut album ‘The Constant’. Sting’s daughter writes:

Hello everyone.

The band and I have continued to have a busy time this month…

First and foremost it was my birthday last Friday and I entered a new decade… the 20s. On the Saturday we played the 1 year anniversary of No Time For Heroes at the Queen of Hoxton in London Town. There was a brilliant line up and I can safely say that I am now a great fan of Phantom, Rodeo Massacre and Smatka. Twas a top night!

In the lead up towards the release of the album. I’ve decided to write a track by track week by week discussions of the thing. Also I’m going to be answering a couple of questions from you guys. So go ahead and probe me!

Ps I moved into a new flat this week… Hectic but exciting.

Coco Sumner Backstage At Latitude 2010

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco talked to Geoff Lloyd of Altitude Radio at their VW Camper at Latitude 2010, where Sting’s daughter discussed her love of festivals, her favorite festival moment, rarely drinking before going on stage, who she’s looking forward to seeing, what’s on the itinerary, not getting many free ticket requests, and she tried to guess Geoff’s age. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Coco Sumner Touched & Honored By Fans’ Festival Support

I Blame Coco 'Self Machine' single cover

Eliot “Coco” Sumner of I Blame Coco checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@iblamecoco) on Tuesday (July 6), talking about some recent festival shows, the new single ‘Selfmachine’, and her upcoming birthday show on July 31st. The daughter of Sting writes:

Thank you for everyone who came down to Glastonbury, Wireless and Godiva Festival in Coventry. We never expected anyone to turn up to our 11 o’clock show on the Park Stage of Glastonbury, we we’re all very touched, very honored, thrown back! Thank you again. Everyone at Wireless – you were rocking it! Much respect. Coventry!!!! Thank you!! Great show. Twas grand.

Very much looking forward/feeling very nervous for the release of our second single Selfmachine!!!! Finally!! Coming out on Sunday 11th July. I’ve been doing a lot of regional radio promotion for it around the country.

I Blame Coco ‘Self Machine’ Video Behind The Scenes

Coco Sumner behind the scenes on her 'Self Machine' music video shootI Blame Coco are out with behind the scenes footage from the shooting of their ‘Self Machine’ music video, featuring comments from Coco Sumner complaining about a lack of sleep and talking about shooting a scene in double speed, while director Alex Smith described the treatment.

“We just got to the location and it looks a bit like the ‘Twin Peaks’ set,” Coco said. “I’m a little sleepy. We played the Big Weekend yesterday, and I didn’t really sleep last night.”

“Coco likes science fiction, futuristic ideas, and the idea of a space set so the idea was a swimming pool with no water in it suggests that it becomes obsolete,” Smith said describing the scene. “A lot of people like the idea of an empty swimming pool, but I was thinking about if you’re creating a surface of water with plastic dragging in, artificially creating a texture like water. The gang are creating a swimming pool within an empty swimming pool I suppose. Floating in water but not being in water.”

Talking about a quickened scene she was about to shoot, Coco said, “In order to keep the performance in synch, they play at double speed, so I have to sing double speed. I sound like a chipmunk. It was like what music is going to be in 20 years, when kids don’t have any attention span whatsoever.”

Watch it below.

I Blame Coco ‘Self Machine’ Video

I Blame Coco 'Self Machine' single cover

I Blame Coco is out with the music video to her new single ‘Self Machine’, out July 11th in the UK via Rough Trade. Coco Sumner is set to release her debut album later this year. Watch it below.

I Blame Coco Filming At London’s Metropolis Studios

Coco Sumner at Metropolis Studios in LondonThe latest I Blame Coco video blog features Coco Sumner and her band filming at Metropolis Studios in London, where they were recording ‘Quicker’, ‘Self Assured’ and ‘Turning Back On Love’ for Channel 4.

“There’s a bunch of cameras, and I’m not sure what we’re doing,” Coco confessed in the video.

The band members introduced themselves and talked about the instruments they played and their favorite Coco song. The clip ends with Sumner and company dealing with some broken equipment.

Towards the end, Coco complained, “The machine is broken, and I’m confused. You and I are stuck here, with the machine that doesn’t work.”

Video has since been removed.

I Blame Coco Photo Shoot In Dalston

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco at a photo shootI Blame Coco’s latest video blog features Coco Sumner at a photo shoot in Dalston on March 18th. The singer said she wasn’t sure if the pictures would be for press or the album cover. Sting’s daughter also showed off her hypnotism skills waving a pocket watch back in forth, with the timepiece being used in the photo session.

Video at Brightcove has since been removed.

I Blame Coco Vocal Session With Subfocus On ‘Splash’

Coco Sumner of I Blame CocoI Blame Coco (Coco Sumner) posted some footage of her vocal session with Subfocus on ‘Splash’.

Sting’s daughter writes, “Sub Focus released the track without a vocal a while ago then about 5 hours after I’d finished my vocal on it, it was sent in to Zane Lowe! I’m over the moon Nick (Sub Focus) asked me to guest on it. It’s a great track and it’s my first time doing the drum+bass thing. Hopefully he’s going to remix my next single ‘Selfmachine’.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

I Blame Coco Shoots New Video

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco checked in with fans on her official web site’s blog at iblamecoco.com on Tuesday (February 9). The daughter of Sting writes:

Hello all.

We have finished shooting the video for the next single, shot by Hope + Audikana the genius brains behind the ‘Caesar’ video. It was a good two days of shooting in a lake. Freezing.

Three nights ago we played at Skins House, E4s festival in Bristol. The crowd we’re brilliant. Come to Proud in Camden on Thursday and join me for a pint. Hope to see some of you there!