Ian Erix: I’m Not Hooking Up With Ashlee Simpson

Ian Erix checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@ianerix) on Friday (February 20), discussing an apparent rumor linking him to Ashlee Simpson again. The pair were reportedly an item in 2005. The pop rock singer tells readers:

So I was dropped from a merch deal today, by a company that works with Fall Out Boy, based on a crazy rumor that I have been hooking up with Ashlee Simpson and that her and Pete’s son could be mine, hahahaha…. let me just say right off the bat that this is the most ridiculous thing ever and far far far from the truth cause I am NOT currently hooking up with nor have I ever previously hooked up with Ashlee…

Every once in a while I hear crazy stuff about myself… that’s just the kind of thing that comes with the territory these days… especially online… but since it’s gotten to the point where magazines have asked for comments on this and music business people have gone so far as to drop me from projects out of loyalty to Pete Wentz, I figured I should totally set the record straight…

Ian Erix ‘Journey Of A Rock Star’ Promo Video

Ian Erix and a contest winner spend a day togetherA promo clip for the new interactive reality television series ‘Journey Of A Rock Star’ starring Ian Erix has been posted online. MySpace users can still enter for a chance to be featured in the upcoming season, where the pop punk star stops on every continent. He dropped in on previously selected but unsuspecting online “friends” who have been communicating with him via MySpace.

“I always wanted to rock out, and not that long ago I left my home in Long Island, New York to go after my dream of performing and recording my songs. So I was off to see the world,” Ian says in the video. “As I rocked my path around the globe, I picked up some pretty hype friends along the way. Dude, the internet is made cool. I decided it would be sweet to chill with some of my online friends in person, so I posted a bulletin to see if anyone wanted to hang. I couldn’t believe how many responses I got. Thousands of my friends wanted me to consider them for my journey.”

Watch the preview below.

Ian Erix ‘Magdalen’ Video

Ian Erix 'Magdalen' single cover

Ian Erix is out with the music video to his new single ‘Magdalen’, the first release from his forthcoming sophomore album. Watch it below.