Imogen Heap Finishes Up ‘Ellipse’

Imogen Heap’s vBlog #40 is the final one for the making of her new album ‘Ellipse’. “Right now…. I’m completely frantic trying to get together the artwork for this Wednesday, shooting a video on Thursday, rehearsals, photo shoots… I don’t have a minute to myself,” the British singer songwriter says. “Making this album was the first time I’ve been in one place for more than 2 years since I was 12! Now it all changes. I’ve got to go to the states for another promo trip 5th July. I really found in the last few months I treasured that time. Knowing that once I’m done… my time is no longer my time. It’s everyone’s.” ‘Ellipse’ is scheduled for release August 24th via Megaphonic Records, Epic/Sony Music. Watch the vBlog below.

Imogen Heap Finishing Up New Album In Maui

Imogen Heap wearing a scarf

Imogen Heap updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@imogenheap) on Monday (May 4), talking about progress on her new album, which she’s been delaying but is now saying will be out in the third week of August. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

Last few hours in beautiful Maui. I wish I didn’t have to go back. The thought of finishing this album is filling me with dread. I haven’t done what I’d hoped to do while I was here. I do have another 12 hours before my flight though so maybe I still might plus the 20 hour flight back home!

This last song, “Between Sheets” is going to be the missing piece. I’ve got the essence of the song, little sound world, melody and about half the lyrics. I really felt the album needed this one calm space. A little breather about half way through. It’ll be nice to have something fresh on there for me as I’ve been living with some of these songs for 2 years.

Imogen Heap Discusses Album, Twestival, ‘Earth’

Imogen Heap checks in with fans from the studio

Imogen Heap checked in from her home studio with more news on her upcoming album. Heap talked about taking the piano out of ‘The Song That Never Was’, adding that it won’t be on the album because she specifically wrote it for a children’s animated movie called ‘Little Spirit’. She’ll also be participating in Twestival, the Twitter festival happening in London on February 12th. Heap played a bit of a new song she wrote called ‘Earth’, admitting to some struggles with the environmental song because she’s not too knowledgeable about the subject.

“I’m still not done. Sorry. You’ve waited this long. I know you’ll be okay. It is gonna come out. I assure you of that,” Heap said about the new album. “For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a song that I played you right at the end of the last (blog). It’s still technically called ‘Earth’. So I wanted a bit of a rest. So I went and played ‘a-ha’. When I played ‘a-ha’ to some friends recently, I was playing it, and you know I said it was going to be a love/hate song. Well, it’s fine if I really love it all the time, but sometimes I actually hate it myself. Sometimes I play it to people and I’m like, you know I’m kind of sitting around uncomfortably in my chair and I’m not comfortable with this. I need to look at it again. So I did. I looked at it again and I’m really getting it now. I took out the piano, which was kind of the backbone of the song. I much prefer it because it breathes now and it fits so much better on the album.”

Watch the video blog below.

Imogen Heap’s Shoes Attract Unwanted Canine Attention

Imogen Heap checks in on the shores of Devon, EnglandImogen Heap’s latest video blog features the singer standing before the shores of Devon, England.

“It’s so great to be by the sea here in Devon and out of the basement for a few days,” Heap writes. “A few of us ran into the freezing water yesterday morning. Was so brilliant. When I got back on the beach and closer to where my trainers were…I saw a dog investigating my trainers and then it peed on them! Then as if that wasn’t bad enough… another dog came up and did the same… and then…no lie… a third dog came up and weed on them too! Lovely! I’ve decided it’s good luck.”

Watch the video below.

Imogen Heap: 9 Songs On New Album In ‘A Really Happy State’

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@imogenheap) on Thursday (December 25). The British singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s 7pm on Christmas day. I was hoping I’d get a nice vblog up for you but no chance! I’m amazed I managed to get all the pressies bought and wrapped amongst everything else. Just so happy to be, calmer now with my crazy family. Anyway… we’re all here and I’m gonna get back to it… but I just wanted to say, hope you’re all having a great day and thank you for a fantastic year. In the run up to Christmas I managed to get tons done with a 40 hour awake session in the studio! Got all 9 songs to a really happy state. Just need a day or so mixing and the odd bit here and there. If I’m really together I’ll get Swoon up there with the rest of them by new year’s then I can PARTY. Come new year I’m really looking forward to discovering what the two missing songs links are gonna be.

We were trying to get together the animation of you/me up for Christmas but I think I was being a tad optimistic! It’s looking good though and actually It’ll work for anytime of the year so all’s good.

Imogen Heap Discusses U.S. Election Results, Improv For Charity Idea

Imogen Heap talks about the U.S. election resultsImogen Heap posted a new video blog on her YouTube channel, where the British singer songwriter talked about her pleasure with the U.S. election results that saw Barack Obama defeat John McCain, participating in PopTech, missing a flight for the second time in her life, having an idea to do improv during her live shows to record and sell for charity, and going as the “Grim Heaper” for her Halloween party.

“United States of America, you’ve chosen a president that I actually like and have dinner with,” she said. “You feel a sigh of relief, a worldwide sigh of relief that we all heard. So yes, massive thank you for choosing the right man.”

Watch the video below.

Imogen Heap Delays The Release Of Her Third Album

singer Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap posted her 28th video blog, where the British singer songwriter talked about going jogging the other day and finding an ideal spot to do her blog from the rolling hills. Heap then said she’s done four songs in the studio for her upcoming album, and showed some highlight clips of her working on tracks. She also talked about the construction of her house in London, showing some construction clips. She also revealed that due to the stress of trying to get the album out by the end of October, she decided to slow down, and is setting a new goal for December 8th.

“There’s only so many albums you make in a lifetime. This is a time I should be enjoying and relaxing myself,” she said. “Because when the album’s out, that’s it. I don’t have control of it anymore. It’s out there and people want to hear it and I’ve got to promote it and I’ve got to do all that. And this is the time I should be relaxing and not stressing out, and enjoying the house, and being open to create.”

Watch the message below.

‘The OC’ Boosts Imogen Heap From Obscurity

Imogen Heap

The Sun’s Something For The Weekend spoke with Former frou Frou singer Imogen Heap about the success she’s enjoyed since ‘The OC’ played her track ‘Hide And Seek’ in an episode. “I owe ‘The OC’ a whole load,” she said. “The fact that at the end of the episode there was no ‘ad card’ got people out there talking about this bizarre song that played. It was all over the message boards and in blogs. Those who hadn’t watched the show heard about it and checked me out. It really was quite incredible to watch it unfolding. The sales off of iTunes went crazy! I think because ‘Hide And Seek’ is in such a world of it’s own people just wanted to find out who the hell it was singing it and delve deeper into my music.” Read more.

Imogen Heap Performs On NPR’s ‘World Cafe’

Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth of Frou Frou

Former Frou Frou singer Imogen Heap was on NPR’s World Cafe, where she spoke with host David Dye and performed four tracks from her new album ‘Speak for Yourself’.

On how she composes her material, Heap said, “Some days I don’t have good days in the studio and had a bad day at the office. I didn’t want to leave the studio with that feeling because you come back the next day and haven’t done anything and it all spirals down. A week goes by and you haven’t done anything. So I always try to do something before I leave.”

Listen to the interview and performances of ‘Goodnight and Go’, ‘The Walk’, ‘Hide and Seek’, and ‘Headlock’ via below the cut. (more…)