JRand On His Radio Promo Tour

JRand close-up

JRand has just shared Episode 2 of his ‘On the Road with JRand’ video diary, giving fans an inside look at his recent tour with chart topping rapper Tyga. In the new clip, JRand stops by a handful of radio shows in Indiana, West Virginia, and Washington DC en route to his NYC date with Tyga at Times Square’s Best Buy Theater.

The video features a pair of black DJ’s telling the artist “I thought you were black”, leading the artist it explain that he’s Cuban.

“JRand here. We’ve gotta drive from Indianapolis to Virginia,” the ‘Up Against The Wall’ singer explained. “From Virginia to Washington DC to do XM The Heat tomorrow morning, to New York to do the show.”

In between stops, JRand is seen hanging out with some cows before hitting the XM studio with Chris Styles.

JRand ‘Don’t Judge Me’ Remix Video

JRand 'Don't Judge Me' video

JRand released the official music video for ‘Don’t Judge Me’, a reworked version of Chris Brown’s ballad from his latest album, ‘Fortune’. The remix will appear on JRand’s debut mixtape ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, coming soon.

The Miami performer also recently shared a new video diary from behind the scenes at the ‘Closer to My Dreams Tour’ with Tyga, giving fans an inside look at the Chicago stop of his first ever tour.

“My first tour, kinda, it’s gonna be dope,” JRand said at the airport. “In Chicago, and I’m ready to rip down this show. We’re gonna cause some mayhem.” After the show, the video ends with JRand finishing off an ice cream cone.

Check out the video at RedBalcony.com and the diary after the cut. (more…)

J Rand Discusses Stage Name, His Sound & Music Beginnings

Joshua 'JRand' Randall sits down for an interview, discussing his fascination with entertainers like Michael JacksonPop R&B singer J Rand sat down and discussed his inspirations and his music in a new ‘Meet JRand: Episode 1’ video. In the clip, Joshua Randall opened up about what sparked his drive to be an entertainer, and also goes behind the scenes of recording and filming for his debut single, ‘Up Against the Wall’.

Born and raised in Delray, Florida, JRand is not only a talented singer and dancer, but also an actor who appeared in the Tom Cruise film Rock of Ages and the upcoming Spring Breakers starring James Franco. The Poe Boy Music Group / Geffen Records recording artist is set to release his debut album soon.

“J Rand comes from my birth name of Joshua Randall,” the Delray, Florida native explained. “For the sake of being cool, we’re shortening it to J Rand.”

J Rand wearing sunglasses talking about his modern, fresh pop R&B soundAs for his early inspiration to get into music, the artist said, “When I was a kid, I was just always fascinated with entertainers, Michael Jackson, I saw that guy dance and thought I want to do something like that when I grow up. I think it started out with me dancing around at my sister’s birthday parties. Performing and getting that attention, I like that feel, of feeling pressure and getting up in front of people and just performing and getting that nervous energy out. I developed a love for singing and then a love for writing. As a child, just playing around in my garage. It’s kind of funny, my mother always said you make a living now and you’re still playing around.”

Asked how he’d describe his music, J Rand responded, “I think it’s modern. I think it’s fresh. It’s pop, R&B. My life performance, I guess it’s expect the unexpected. Of course we’re gonna have choreography and dancing, but the element of surprise and element of living in the moment, you never know what’s gonna happen. That’s exciting about performing live.”

Watch the feature via YouTube below.

J Rand Releases ‘Amen’ Remix

J Rand singer

Poe Boy Music Group / Geffen Records artist J Rand recently dropped the music video for his debut single, ‘Up Against the Wall’, and is following up with a remix of Meek Mill’s ‘Amen’. The original track comes from Meek’s latest mixtape, ‘Dreamchasers 2’, and features Drake and Jeremih. Listen to ‘Amen’ via YouTube below.

‘Up Against the Wall’, which was produced by Young Seph (50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck) and will be featured on his upcoming debut album. The song is available now on iTunes.

J Rand ‘Up Against The Wall’ Video

J Rand 'Up Against The Wall'

J Rand is out with the music video for his debut single ‘Up Against the Wall’, out now on iTunes via Poe Boy Music Group / Geffen Records. The Miami native delivers a sexy “bad boy” party clip shot by Malcolm Jones, who has directed videos for R. Kelly’s ‘Hair Braider’, Mario’s ‘Crying Out For Me’, and Lil Mama’s ‘Lip Gloss’. ‘Up Against the Wall’ was produced by Young Seph.

“When I recorded ‘Up Against The Wall’, I wanted it to be something that people would want to dance to,” Rand explained. “I want to be able to go out and see people seriously up against the wall to my music.” Aside from music, J Rand also appears in the new Tom Cruise film, ‘Rock of Ages’, as well as next year’s ‘Spring Breakers’, starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez.

J Rand’s debut album is coming soon.

J Rand ‘Up Against The Wall’

J Rand 'Up Against The Wall' single cover

Delray Beach, Florida pop artist J Rand is out with his Interscope Records debut single ‘Up Against The Wall’. Listen to it via Soundcloud below.