Nick Carter & Jacob Underwood Perform Together

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AJZANGELGIRL from reviewed the Houston Jingle Jam concert. She says Nick Carter’s set include the ‘Now or Never’ songs ‘Girls in the USA’, ‘Is it Saturday Yet’, ‘Miss America’, ‘Do I Have to Cry For You’, ‘I Stand for You’, and ‘Help Me’. For the ‘Help Me’ performance, Jacob Underwood from O-Town came out on stage with the Backstreet Boys star and played guitar during the song.

O-Town’s Jacob Talks New Album And Wedding caught up with O-Town member Jacob Underwood on his upcoming marriage to his high school sweetheart at a private ceremony in San Diego, California and the group’s new album ‘O2’, which will finally come out November 12. “The main thing is, I’m the last person who would ever use my personal life for publicity reasons and try and sell records, so it’s weird that it’s happening now because my record was supposed to come out six months before my wedding,” he said. “The wedding’s been planned for a while, but I’ve been ready to marry this girl since I was in high school, and it’s going to be one of the best days in my life.”

O-Town’s Jacob Labels *NSYNC ‘Ugly’

WENN reports O-Town singer Jacob Underwood has labeled rival boy band *NSYNC “ugly”. He sniffed, “There are a lot of bands that are ugly too. Like *NSYNC – they’re pretty ugly.” Asked whether he’d be interested in going into space with Lance Bass, Jacob said, “No way. I wouldn’t go because Lance isn’t cool and I like hanging out with cool people. Just look at him. The hair, the clothes, it’s a package deal.”

*NSYNC Cover Of Disney Tune

September 15, 2002 – A full version of *NSYNC’s cover of the Disney tune ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ has been posted online. The song is included on the new Disneymania CD coming out this Tuesday (September 17). Other artists on the album include Usher, Ashanti, Aaron Carter, A-Teens, and Smashmouth.

Justin Timberlake On *NSYNC’s Future

September 14, 2002 – spoke with Justin Timberlake and asked him what he thinks about people being concerned over *NSYNC’s future with his solo effort. “I don’t really understand [that],” he said. “If they’re curious about what we’re going to do, then I understand. [But] there’s always going to be a group.”

O-Town Jacob’s Wedding Will Be Casual (WENN) reports O-Town star Jacob Underwood’s marriage to longtime girlfriend Janie next month will be “casual”. Jacob revealed, “It’ll be casual. No suits. We’re going to get married in my grandfather’s house in San Diego. My brother will be best man. And we’re going to dress Abigail the monkey in a bridesmaid’s dress.”

Jacob Underwood To Get Married In October reports O-Town member Jacob Underwood revealed in a German interview that rumors about him and his long-term girlfriend Janie are true, and the pair plan on an October wedding. Jacob insists the marriage will have no effect on the future of the group.