Jada Rehearse For ‘American Cowboy’ Tour

Footage of Jada doing rehearsals for the ‘American Cowboy’ tour at Bristol Studios in Boston has been posted online, featuring commentary from the girl group’s choreographer Adrian Wiltshire. After rehearsing, the girls sat down to discuss their debut single ‘American Cowboy’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Jada ‘American Cowboy’ Video

Jada 'American Cowboy' single cover

Jada are out with the music video to their new single ‘American Cowboy’, off the Boston girl group’s upcoming debut album on Motown/Universal Records. Watch the Ray Kay directed video below.

Jada ‘American Cowboy’ Video Wrap

Footage of Jada thanking the crew after filming their ‘American Cowboy’ music video has been posted online, featuring the Boston girl group performing a song the video says is ‘Hold On’ a capella for the appreciative listeners. Watch via YouTube below.

Jada Finish Shooting ‘American Cowboy’ Video In LA

Jacyn Tremblay of Jada updated fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Monday (March 23), talking about the shooting of their ‘American Cowboy’ video in Los Angeles. Tremblay writes:

As many of you know we shot our first music video this past week for our single “American Cowboy”! What a crazy adventure it was! We had 3 days of intense choreography rehearsals, wardrobe fittings, and all kinds of stuff! We only had 1 day to shoot it, so everything had to be just right—no pressure eh? :)

The schedule was not for the weary or weak let me tell you. We had a 5am hair and makeup call in our hotel. We had to be on set by 8:30am. We shot straight through till 10:30pm. You definitely want a pillow and a hot bath at the end of THAT day…hahahah.

One of the things that made the day really special was the fact that 7 of our friends were invited to be extras! It was such an amazing feeling to have familiar faces on set! I have to admit it made me a bit teary–my good friend Ryan from high school, and my friend Chris (who played my boyfriend in an early indie jada video…but we won’t talk about that!! heheheh..) were there to witness/get face time in our first big video!! :) Our friends JC, Chike, Larry, Edgar and Maxwell also were on hand to play sexy cowboys in the club scene!

Jada Filming ‘American Cowboy’ Video In Los Angeles

Lauren O’Keefe of Jada checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Sunday (March 15), talking about shooting their debut music video for ‘American Cowboy’ soon. O’Keefe tells readers:

Hello Jada friends and fans of the world! lol Just wanted to let you all know that we are getting ready to shoot our music video for our single “American Cowboy” in LA!! It will be our FIRST music video and we are so excited… we can’t wait! We will be flying out a few days before the shoot to rehearse with our amazing choreographer Adrian Wilshire of the Amount Boyz and have our wardrobe styled by the fabulous Laury Smith. Yay! The video is being directed by Ray Kay (Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface”) who is incredible! We are also so excited to have our dear friend and hair genius Nelson with us to make our hair super fierce! The video is going to be a crazy fun party scene shot at the fabulous nightclub LAX and some of our friends might make a cameo! What better way to shoot a video than with your friends, right? We then roll right into some radio station visits in L.A., San Diego and Phoenix, AZ. Get ready for some ninja-tastic Jadaness! Stay tuned next week when we tell you all about the shoot…!

April Forrest Discusses Jada’s Radio Promo Tour

April Forrest of Jada checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Thursday (March 5), talking about their radio promo tour in support of ‘American Cowboy’. Forrest tells readers:

What’s up party people!? It’s ya girl April here just giving you a little shout out/update from JADA land. So as you may or may not know we just finished the 5th week of our radio promo tour for our single “American Cowboy”! This week was especially fun. :) So much went down!

First we hit up Pittsburgh and chilled with our boys Kobe and Flick at WBZW along with some other great people at the station. They were so great, they had an entire performance set up for us with cool stools, lighting, mics and not to mention a complete display of the pimpest sandwiches I’ve ever seen! We sang, did our Thing and made some great friends! (I also grabbed Kobe’s butt by accident when we were taking pictures…oops haha)

Then… Since it WAS Fat Tues and all (Mardi Gras), we couldn’t just stay in could we? Nope. We had a great day with our new friends Scottro and Alex over at WKST (KISS). Scottro asked us all to be his late Valentine and presented each of us with an 8×10 photo of himself making a kissing face (haha). After a great dinner with the guys, later that night we went to a local club in Pittsburgh and partied it up a little bit. Since we had only gotten 2 hrs of sleep the previous night (had a 7am flight…..ehem) we only stayed out until about 12am then back to the hotel for some shut eye. Thanks for a great time you party animals!

Jada Visit 98.5 KRZ

Footage of Jada visiting 98.5 KRZ in Pittson, Pennsylvania during a stop promoting their new single ‘American Cowboy’ has been posted online. The Boston girl group were excited to go back home before heading off to Florida next. Watch video below.

Jada Busy Promoting ‘American Cowboy’ On Radio

Jada 'American Cowboy' single cover

Lauren of Jada checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Wednesday (February 11) as they promote their new single ‘American Cowboy’ on a radio tour. She writes:

Ok – second week of the East Coast radio tour done!! It was awesome!! We conquered PA and Delaware and visited Q102 in Philly, WSTW in DE, Kiss WHKF in Harrisburg PA, WBHT is Wilkes Barre PA, and WKRZ in Pittson PA! Whew! It was a jam packed few days and we even did a club show in Wilkes Barre with Ralphie and AJ from WBHT and OC came down from to see the show and celebrate his birthday with us! It was so much fun to see the crowd dancing to American Cowboy! Dina, (one of our Motown radio reps) set everything up. We named her “Platinum Ninja” because she is oh so stealth. haha.

Jada Ready ‘American Cowboy’ For February Debut

Jada checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@jada) on Wednesday (December 24). The Boston girl group write:

Hello friends and lovahs!

Though we have parted ways for 2 weeks of vacation :) :)- We want to wish you and your families and friends and everyone a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! It’s an exciting and busy time of year for all us and we are thankful for all of you!

THE MYSTERY QUESTION: What is the single and when is it REALLY coming out??? We are proud to announce that we have chosen the SONG!!! It’s called “American Cowboy” and it was written/produced by the world famous Red One (Lady Gaga, Kat Deluna, Sean Kingston, Brandy) and a guy you may have heard of named Akon!! The song is hot off the press–The big debut is FEBRUARY 10, 2009! No jokes, no kidding around….Us Jada ninjas will finally strike!! :) :)

Have fun this week :) Throw some snowballs, eat some candy and be merry!We sure will!


Jacyn, Lauren, April, and Elle



Jada Respond To National Anthem NFL Network Beeping

Jada checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@jada) on Monday (November 17), after last week’s performance of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’, aired on the NFL Network, and apparently with some technical issues. The Boston girl group tells readers:

So as most of you know we sang the National Anthem at the Patriots vs. Jets game Thursday night. It was awesome! The crowd was super excited which only made it that much better for us cause they went crazy at the end of the anthem. I don’t even know why we keep singing at the end cause the crowd is so loud that nobody can even hear us anyway! Just Sayin’!

It was supposed to rain like all night but it held out for us, woohoo! That would’ve been interesting with us holding umbrella’s while we sing the anthem.

Anyway, after we sang and we got back into the dressing room we all had like a million texts from people who say us on TV. And then we found out that apparently there was some weird technical difficulties that made that bleeping noise while we were singing. You know that bleeping noise that they use when people are swearing and they aren’t aloud to say those words on TV. Well now there are people assuming that we were swearing during the national anthem!! Come on people! Some individuals have even gone as far as saying that we are ‘Anti-American,’ now if that’s not ridiculous I really don’t know what is. Lol!

Check out the beeping below.