James Blunt Smitten With PCD’s Jessica Sutta

News of the World reports James Blunt has hooked up with The Pussycat Dolls’ beauty Jessica Sutta. “It’s early days, they’ve only just met, but James thinks Jessica is wonderful,” a source said. “They hit it off immediately but the logistics are difficult as he’s based in Britain and she’s in the States most of the time. But while Jessica was over here promoting her single, they saw a lot of one another. And even though she’s returned home, they hope to continue their relationship. But they know it will be hard. James is really smitten with Jessica. He’s hoping it’s the real thing and he has barely stopped talking about her since they met.”

‘You’re Beautiful’ Set To Become Big-Screen Anthem

As James Blunt prepares to take his act to America next year, Neil Sean of Sky News reports that his chart-topping song ‘You’re Beautiful’ is tipped to be featured on six major films. “I think it connects with so many areas of life and fits in perfectly to many scenes in movies,” Blunt told a source, adding, “I do plan to do a movie theme at some stage. That’s an ultimate goal for me.”

James Blunt Still Poor Despite Sales Success

James Blunt tells The Sun that despite topping the charts in the UK with ‘You’re Beautiful’ and his album ‘Back to Bedlam’, he hasn’t seen a financial windfall yet. “I haven’t been paid so actually I’m skint,” the singer admitted. “I don’t own a car or an apartment. But I do own a motorcycle for getting around London.” He no doubt pleased execs at his record label when he added, “Money doesn’t mean that much to me anyway. I’ve been used to having no cash for years.”

Charlotte Church Slams Pussycat Dolls & James Blunt

Charlotte Church is again creating controversy with her musical peers, slamming chart-toppers James Blunt and Pussycat Dolls. “The Pussycat Dolls song (‘Don’t Cha’) is good straight away, but it’s not a great melody so you get bored quickly,” Church said, according to FemaleFirst.co.uk. “It’s not interesting. And I don’t like James Blunt. His song ‘You’re Beautiful’ is so annoying. The way he says ‘angel’ really gets me.” It’s not all dissing from Charlotte though. “But I love Rihanna’s ‘Pon de Replay’ and I’m a fan of David Gray as well.”

James Blunt A Descendant Of Henry VIII?

The Daily Star reports that James Blunt is a descendant of Henry VIII. “Judging by James’s moneyed background, the area of England he comes from and the uniqueness of the name, the chances of there being some connection are high,” a researcher contended. A friend of the singer songwriter added: “He’ll have a proper chuckle when he hears he’s related to Henry VIII.”