James Morrison’s Unfortunate Sneeze

James Morrison spoke with ‘Top Of The Pops’ in a Q&A, where he revealed that “Every date I’ve ever been on, I’ve spilt drinks or snotted on girls.”

Asked to explain that, Morrison said, “Well, it was New Year’s Eve, and I went to give her a kiss, and I sneezed, and snot covered her lip, and went OVER her lip, and she was like ‘ehhhhh!’ and it was dangling down and I was just like, ‘Oh no, this is NOT good’. But I don’t really – I suppose when I look at this, I think of my sister – she’s so gross – she used to file her feet and there’d be a pile of shavings on the floor. You’d be like, ‘No, that’s wrong!’ That’s so wrong. So I don’t really get any good thoughts from that.”

The interview transcript at bbc.co.uk has since been removed.

James Morrison On James Blunt Comparisons

Popworld.com caught up with James Morrison for a Q&A, and asked the singer/songwriter if he discovered he was being referred to as the new James Blunt, how would he react. “The same way I’ve been reacting when people ask me that question,” Morrison responded. “At the end of the day he’s done well, man. He’s a good songwriter and he’s done well. A lot of people bought his album so if I sold as many albums as him then I will have done really well. I think it’s a good thing what he’s done and if I get there I’ll be lucky. But, at the same time, I think we’re different. People always make comparisons and I think it’s up to me to get my album out there.”

Job Loss Prompted James Morrison’s Singing Career

After crashing a few vans he was employed to clean, James Morrison was fired, prompting him to become so depressed he turned to songwriting to channel his woes. “In many ways, getting the bullet was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Morrison told The Sun. “They gave me the boot because I crashed a couple of vans.”

Pop Newcomer James Morrison’s A Music School Flunkie

The UK’s hottest new pop act James Morrison was so terrible at music he couldn’t even manage to scrape a lowly E grade, instead getting a U for Ungraded. “James started off well in music,” one of his former school pals told The Sun. “He really enjoyed it at GCSE and was persuaded by his teacher to go on and study it at A-level. It all went downhill pretty quickly after that though. He found it much harder and just couldn’t get his head around the more academic side of music which you can see from his terrible A-level results. Still, it goes to show you don’t have to be an academic talent to be a successful musician.” Read more.