Janet Was Blind For A Month & Opened Eyes To Bad Marriage

The Enquirer is reporting this week that a pair of freak accidents awhile back while she was still married to Rene Elizondo left her with both eyelids swelled up to the size of golf balls leaving her almost completely blind for a month.

The incident left Janet to become aware of the problems in her and Rene’s marriage as a friend revealed, “Janet was literally BLIND and Rene basically ignored her.”

“He was worried about other things while Janet was lying in bed in agonizing pain. That was devastating for Janet. How could he not care about her at all?!”

The Buffness Of Music… & Janet Jackson’s muscle tone

The Philadelphia Daily News is running a piece on stars like Janet Jackson buffing up on tour ahead of her performance at the First Union Center tonight. Shape magazine’s Richard Perez-Feria said Janet was, “in the best shape of her life.”

Part of the new look is because of MTV making music more visual, though MTV also has changed what young audiences expect from a rock concert, as they demand dance and choreography.