Jason Mraz: My Turd Still Isn’t Ready For Consumption

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at Blogspot on Thursday (November 4), discussing the process of creating his new album and how taking a lot of time to create an album isn’t always a good idea, using an analogy Beavis or Butthead might enjoy while doing so. The singer songwriter tells readers:

You can only polish a turd for so long before it starts to fall apart. So it goes with album making. ‘Thriller’ was made in just 8 weeks while Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, though rehearsed and performed live before it was ever recorded, was made in just 2 sessions. I am not currently working on ‘Chinese Democracy’, but I have been sculpting this turd for almost a year now and it’s doesn’t even remotely resemble a Snickers Bar. My point: It’s still not ready for consumption.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to stop calling it a turd. After all, I’m hoping you’ll like it in the end. To be honest, throughout this whole process I never once referred to my work as sh**e or anything that resembles fecal matter. It just came to me to turn that phrase when I sat down to write this drivel. I think I’m just hungry for chocolate. This veganism and living on falafels while in studio is really making me lofty. I apologize if I poo-poo’ed the magic.

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Jason Mraz Connects Voting With Being Green

Jason Mraz checked in on his blog at Blogspot on Tuesday (October 26), talking about the following Tuesday’s elections and his environmental activism. The singer songwriter tells readers:

This year I found both the time and resources to try things outside of my comfort zone – Like traveling to Louisiana to witness the devastation and learn ways I could help take better care of our environment. Not before that trip did I connect voting with being green. It was a powerful epiphany. Some applauded my choice to travel there. Others criticized it.

Regardless of who says what – I don’t take it personally. I thank those people for responding at all. Criticism proves they listened (to some degree). I can recall a time when the demographic my age were considered slackers. I don’t see a trace of that anymore. I only sense do-gooders everywhere. In fact, it’s hard to keep up with all the progress! (Especially the technology – which is but a reflection of the user’s ability.)

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Jonas Brothers And Jason Mraz Promote California Tourism

Jonas Brothers Visit California

Jonas Brothers and Jason Mraz are amongst the celebrities featured in a new advertisement for the California Travel and Tourism Commission with the stars talking about the misconceptions regarding the state. Watch the ad below and check out more info at visitcalifornia.com.

Jason Mraz Teams With Brett Dennen To Create ‘What Mama Say’

Jason Mraz talks about composing 'What Mama Say' with Brett DennenJason Mraz talked about the song ‘What Mama Say’, off the singer songwriter’s just released EP ‘Life Is Good’ that he wrote with Brett Dennen.

“We had mother on the mind,” Mraz said of the track composed around Mother’s Day. “I had been throwing the verses around forever. Brett is just such a melodical wonderkind that we spent a good half an hour, hour trying to find a path to take chord progression wise that just made us feel good.”

“That’s always the fun part of writing a song is you’re in one spot and then you always want to go in these journeys and find your way back to the root. I remember that was the best part about creating that song, other than both of us going back and forth about things that our mamas say or had said to us over the years because even though I hadn’t met his mom and he hadn’t met mine, it’s pretty obvious what gets said to a kid. It’s funny the similarities and the things we all have heard.”

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Jason Mraz Has No Ceiling With ‘Up’

Jason Mraz talks about his song 'Up'Jason Mraz talked about the song ‘Up’, off the singer songwriter’s just released EP ‘Life Is Good’.

“It was all started because I heard a young woman talking about how beautiful a relationship is when it has no ceiling on it,” Mraz explained. “Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, you can get the sense that it’s limited. There’s something things you won’t do, there’s some things you won’t say. There’s boundaries, so the relationship can have a ceiling on it. So I love the line, ‘We’re taking the ceiling out’.”

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Hope ‘Love Love Love’ Video Ft. Jason Mraz

Hope 'Love Love Love' music video

Hope is out with the music video to her first single ‘Love Love Love’, featuring Jason Mraz, off the Los Angeles singer songwriter’s upcoming debut album on Atlantic Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Jason Mraz Hardly Phased By Touring Anymore

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his Blogspot on Sunday (October 3), offering his thoughts on how he is a bit on auto pilot while on the road. The singer songwriter tells readers:

After nearly 10 years of touring I hardly seemed phased by it anymore. Only audiences continue to challenge me – the rest is a blur I let my subconscious deal with. The dash between cities; the wait, the transporting of humans and stuff, the load-ins and load-outs, the packing and unpacking of a tractor-trailer – this is what touring is 22 hours of the day. A well-oiled machine made possible by a family of technical geniuses who have the ability to see the big picture when unpacking miles of cable each morning.

When I arrive in a city on a day off, I sometimes forget to look up to see which hotel chain I’ll be entrusting with my sleep and valuables. My faith lay in management for them to select hotels that meet our standards for business-traveler-earth-friendly-excellence.

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Jason Mraz Advocates Voting Green In November

Jason Mraz at a radio station in Paris, FranceJason Mraz checked in with fans on his Blogger on Friday (October 1), discussing the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest and green ideas. The singer songwriter tells readers:

In June of 2010, I visited the ravaged Gulf of Mexico with friend and photographer, Jen Rosenstein. At the time, the beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana were deserted and off limits to us. We knew our only hope in making a difference would be to use our voice, share Jen’s images, and rally citizens far and wide to shift their attention on greener solutions – not protesting – but simply acting strongly FOR safer and smarter ways of powering our conveniently electric lives.

One simple way we can make a huge leap in progress for Green ideas is to VOTE in this November election. Seriously! By electing environmentally conscious leaders we can CAUSE A SHIFT in the world and gain access to the wind and solar energy that’s right there waiting for us to harness. The hold up in Washington for decades is always “fear of spending” while oil money pays congress to not move on these issues. Yikes! Isn’t it time for a generation to stand up to the oil bullies who continue to devastate and destroy our home?

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Jason Mraz Talks About ‘San Disco Reggaefornia’

Jason Mraz on 'San Disco Reggaefornia'

Jason Mraz talks about ‘San Disco Reggaefornia’ in a new video clip. The song is off the singer songwriter’s ‘Life Is Good’ EP, out Tuesday (October 5). Visit JasonMraz.com to stream the song now. “For my last record, I had ‘San Disco’ as a working title but it just disappeared rather quickly. I was back in the studio and bringing back the fusing the danceable disco with the balance of reggae and somehow I happened to mutter ‘San Disco Reggaefornia’ and everyone started laughing but it all made sense to me.” Watch the commentary below.

Sprinklers Interrupt Jason Mraz Autograph Signing Session

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Sunday (September 26), discussing how an autograph signing session turned into a water soaking on Saturday. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Last night outside of the gig in Searcy, Arkansas a crowd lined up on a lawn between the auditorium and the bus to cheer, exchange high fives, snap pictures and have my signature scribbled on an assortment of items, mostly ticket stubs. Like a scene from the movie in my mind, just as I happened upon the large crowd, the sprinklers came on. Screams of delight and muted panic rose from the men and women, who were all now catching a midnight cold. Luckily the Arkansas weather this time of year welcomes this kind of caddyshack foolery. Most of the late-staying patrons seemed to enjoy what had happened. To stop the water from cascading over the lawn, a guy named Shawn – a noble Dad – stood on top of the geyser for 20 minutes, taking the brunt directly up his shorts. When I saluted him from afar, the crowd went wild as they all knew he had saved the occasion. He was indeed the star of the evening. Thanks to he, we could all wade listlessly between the bus and the auditorium without umbrellas or ponchos.