Jason Mraz Tour FAQ

Jason Mraz updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) with details on his recently kicked off tour, including that the stage backdrop is made of recycled plastic, Reggaefornia is the band backing him up, they shop locally and make their own food, and there’s voter registration forms at the merchandise table. Speaking of merch, Jason says there’s a special deal for those carrying $2 bills:

Few people know this – each night, Jerry, our merchandise manager has a special “2 dollar bill item” that isn’t always on display. To acquire this item, you must have a 2 dollar bill. The items range from Polaroids to Pins to Autographed Sheet Music. If you’re ready to spend that 2 dollar bill you’ve kept in your wallet for years, ask for Jerry.

Jason Mraz Feels At His Best On Stage

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Friday (September 17), discussing how much he enjoys touring and what he might be up to were it not for his career in music. The singer songwriter tells readers:

No matter what’s going on in life – up or down – the best I ever feel, without a doubt, is when I’m onstage, in the middle of a show. From this place I might as well be on an island. There’s no chance I’ll be on the phone or make myself wrong for not responding to an email. There’s no way in hell any bad review or false claim could affect me from this space. Mid-show, especially under the spotlight is the quintessential NOW for any performer. There is no past – and the future clearly isn’t written yet. The bright lights add an element of blindness as if I’m singing into an abyss, talking to the Gods, in trust, and as the audience is sometimes removed from view – it’s as if I’m operating out of the purpose of pure joy. The past two days have been rough for me cosmically. Logistics, the schedule, and bad news have been inconvenient, while tour has it’s typical way of fooling you into thinking you’re alone.

How Jason Mraz Deals With Packaging Waste

Jason Mraz in Brazil

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (August 16), offering ideas on how to recycle and upcycle the junk we accumulate. The singer songwriter tells readers:

If you’re self-employed and/or a procrastinator like I, you might spend your weekend poking at projects around the house saying, I’ll do this on Monday. Well, it’s Monday, and those projects are about to get a heavy dose of Vitamin Me.

Being as I’d just returned home from abroad, there is a great deal of mail, large and small to sort out – which, offsprings a great deal of packaging waste, namely cardboard & Styrofoam packing peanuts. I make sure to carefully collect them and drop them off at the local postal annex for re-use. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing those little plastic popcorns snowing in my garden or blowing down the street as they can so easily blow out of garbage trucks and landfills and become permanent fixtures in nature, drawing on my brow a look of bewilderment and of my frown, a sad face.

Jason Mraz Takes A Hike

Jason Mraz capoeira

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Wednesday (August 11) after enjoying a hike outside Oslo, Norway. The singer songwriter tells readers:

My Scandinavian isn’t good enough to know the difference between the laundry detergent and the body wash, so to play it safe I scrub with the Palmolive hand soap from the sink basin, which leaves my skin feeling silky smooth in the sheets where I lay under a faux bearskin blanket snuggled up with Robert Langdon in the latest Dan Brown decoder. I’ve come here to escape the maze of London and get lost (quite literally) in the mountains of Norway, just outside of Nddlljflek as it appears in my brain without spell check. As a songwriter, environment plays a key role in the game of making sh** up. And as it goes – I’m not one who enjoys having to make anything up, preferring instead to put my real life on the line when that line is calling to be written.

Jason Mraz Talks About His Songwriting Process

Jason Mraz arms

Jason Mraz spends time in New York City’s Central Park with friends Jon Marro and Jaymay, discussing his songwriting process and sources of inspiration. “Searching for a melody for me, is a bunch of scatting, oohing and ahhing, making sounds and syllables and random shapes. Then through that, I see what those shapes are trying to say and what words start to come out, and I try to make the whole thing really organic. I rarely sit down with a pen and paper first. I have to kind of know the avenue those words are going to be traveling down. Once I get the melody then I’m able to break away and start crafting lyrics to that melody.” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Jason Mraz: My Partner Isn’t Pregnant

Jason Mraz in Brazil

Jason Mraz checked in on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Saturday (July 31), with more thoughts on the “Double Rainbow” guy on YouTube, and clarifying an impression that his significant other is pregnant, and they would hold off on marriage until everyone has the right to marry. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

This is so good it deserves a double post – All the way across the sky. Perhaps the comments I attached to it took away from the man’s journey, his wonder, his unbridled emotion. The first time I watched it, I got to laughing so hard that I missed the man’s question, “What does it mean?”

We all get to pondering the coincidences in our lives. I woke up today at 11:11. What does that mean? Just as I was thinking about my friend, she called. What does that mean? In my opinion – It’s the universe’s way of wanting you to win. It’s all of life’s way of reminding you that are a great creator in this game and that your participation is necessary. Living in synchronicity with your surroundings is the ultimate suggestion that your thoughts, your speech, your beliefs, your actions, and your attitudes are what is creating THE life experience. So what does it mean to see a double rainbow all the way across the sky? Only you know the answer to that because you chose to paint it there. The sky is yours.

As for my comments from yesterday’s post, I was simply digging on and into creation. My partner and I are not expecting a child. As for marriage? The activist in me would prefer to protest my own marriage until ALL PEOPLE are granted the freedom to marry. It doesn’t mean I honor and cherish my friend any less. We would just like to see our kind of love flourish in the hearts and homes of everyone else.

Jason Mraz: Life Is Just A Kaleidoscope

Jason Mraz is offering his thoughts on how he relates to the infamous “double rainbow” YouTube video in his latest blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz). The singer songwriter and environmental activist writes:

Quite honestly, this is how I feel in relationship these days. Even more disgustingly, the word “creationship” comes to mind when referring to what my partner and I have – both of us in full-on dream/manifesting mode – that which is both the cause of our reunion and the cleverness of our daily progress.

What I’ve come to see is how life is just a kaleidoscope, light bouncing off of light – people being mirrors for everyone else’s light. I’m starting to realize our God and Goddess power by allowing our two dreams to merging as one. I suppose the deeper we go in this creation game we’ll end up with a baby. Is there anything more creative than that?

Jason Mraz Is A Vampire Songwriter

Jason Mraz Levi's Pioneer Sessions

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Friday (July 23), discussing how he used to be the king of sneaky sleep while in school, only to grow up to continue to be someone who liked to nap in the day and get his work done at night. The singer songwriter tells readers:

As an adult – as someone who is the creator of his experience, I am fortunate to surround myself with those who bugger off if I collapse into a coma while on the job. They know I work best in the evening anyway – which is when everyone knows I write my best sh**. It’s the vampire writer in me, thirsty for the blood of life, some kind of innocent truth. After everyone leaves I hole up in the studio, get wicked on green tea and work my mumbles into something magical. By the AM, all faith is restored in the community, if it were ever lost.

Jason Mraz Participates In Hands Across The Sand

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (June 24), talking about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and his participation in Saturday’s Hands Across the Sand event, which saw people demonstrating against offshore oil drilling more than 750 beaches across America. The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

I don’t live THAT close to the beach. I have to drive at least 20 minutes to get to my local break and that’s IF I catch all the green lights. Recently I’ve been holding a heavy stomach about that simple drive – guzzling gas up and down my coast in search of waves. The onshore wind and overcast skies make the water crumbly and near-impossible to surf, though – I’m grateful the water is clean.

All along the beaches of our Gulf Coast, surfers, fisherman and summer vacationing families and businesses are beginning to see the Oil devastation up close. For those who love a simple walk on the beach now walk in disbelief and have to watch closely to avoid walking in hazardous tar. Swimming is out of the question – and with oil still flowing offshore, it could be years before these coasts are suitable to support life and recreation.

Watch a WOOD TV8 report about the Hands Across the Sand protest via YouTube below.

Jason Mraz Advocates Draft To Tackle BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (June 21), commenting on the condition of the Pacific Ocean in comparison to the Gulf of Mexico in wake of the BP oil spill disaster. The San Diego singer songwriter opined:

On the Gulf, the beaches are slowly being consumed by oil while the food supply and natural wildlife literally suffocate.

Why is it when the Rolling Stones play a concert on the beach in Rio, 1 million people show up?

Why aren’t there 1 million people lining up around the Gulf of Mexico ready to clean and protect the water?

Anyone who has a driver’s license should be draft-able and called to take action. We are all responsible.