Javine Hopes Reality Show Will Boost Her Pop Career

Ann Montini of Sky News reports that Javine Hylton is hoping that a stint on reality TV show ‘The Games’ will kick-start her career after performing miserably on Eurovision as England’s representative. “I think that it’s a way of connecting with potential fans in a way you never can through a song,” she told a spy.

Javine Strips For Jeans For Genes 10th Birthday Appeal

Javine Hylton stripped down to her underwear to raise awareness and funds for Jeans for Genes 10th Birthday Appeal on October 3rd in London, England. Javine, a supporter of the charity said: “One in 33 babies is born with a genetic disorder and ongoing vital research is needed to help develop treatments and support for affected children and their families.” Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Javine Hylton On Getting Drugged At Pub

The Sunday Mirror reports that Javine Hylton has spoken for the first time of the night her drinks were spiked at The Gate Pub in Notting Hill. “One minute I was dancing. The next my legs went numb,” the singer said. “I woke up the next morning with a banging headache and started vomiting and shaking.” The 23-year-old added that the doctor she saw “said someone had probably slipped something into my drink like the date-rape drug Rohypnol. The police can’t do anything because I have no idea who did it.”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Heated Words Between Jordan And Javine

The Sun reports that Katie Price, aka Jordan, taunted her Eurovision rival Javine Hylton at a club the other night, saying: “This from last, third from last. You lost Eurovision, you lost it. What’s happening to your music career now?” That prompted Javine to respond, “At least I’ve got an album coming out next year.” Fortunately, Jordan’s boyfriend was able to keep things from becoming violent. “Peter Andre had to hold [Jordan] back,” an onlooker revealed. “It got very heated.”

Javine Moves On From Nick Carter Fling

The Mirror reports that Javine Hylton wasn’t interested in a long-distance romance with Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, and has instead moved on to ‘The Salon’ star Paul Merritt. “They had a drink and swapped numbers,” a source revealed. “They exchanged text messages then bumped into each other again last week and went on a date. They’ve been on a few dates since and things are going really well. Javine has only ever had one serious romance – she dated her ex Tony Chorale for seven years.”

Nick Carter Scores With Javine Hylton & Mystery Blonde

The Mirror reports that Eurovision flop Javine Hylton was whisked off her feet at the Glamour Women Of The Year ceremony by Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and left hand-in-hand to spend the rest of the night making out at London’s Funky Buddha club. “He went up to Javine and said that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her and had been watching her all night,” a source revealed. “He told her she was the most beautiful black girl he’d ever seen and asked if she was a singer. She introduced herself and he said: ‘I’ve heard of you!’ Javine thought it was hilarious. He then said he wanted to meet her for a drink later on and go on a date.” But later at the club, a source said while Hylton wasn’t looking, “there were loads of admirers around him and he started kissing a blonde” and Carter “had his hand up her top.”

Javine Eyes Acting After Eurovision Flop

Javine Hylton tells Ann Montini of Sky News she’s now looking at acting and in particular soaps after her disastrous Eurovision stint. “I love the idea of playing someone like a real nasty piece of work,” she said. “I think I would work well in Family Affairs as I can relate to that show as it’s set in London.”

Major Bling For Javine Hylton At Eurovision

Javine Hylton tells Radio 1 that she’ll be showing off a huge ring on her finger when she represents Britain in the Ukraine for this year’s Eurovision competition in Kiev on Thursday. “I’ve got a one million pound diamond ring,” Hylton said. “A friend of my mum’s from Windsor, he’s like, got loads and loads of money, and it’s his wife’s actually. They keep it in the safe and he’s taken it out of the safe for the first time for me. Which is great.”

Ex-Lover: Javine Hylton Loved Sex In The Shower

Tony Charlery spoke with The People about his torried five-year romance with Britain’s Eurovision entry Javine Hylton. “She would often jump on me on impulse,” Charlery said. “And she loved having sex in the shower. It really turned her on. She would strip off, turn on the hot taps and pull me in with her. She would giggle as the water spilled everywhere. And then she would start squealing loudly, sometimes begging me for more. Sometimes we would take baths together and make love in the bubbles for hours on end.” Read more.

Javine’s ‘Popstars’ Fling Blabs To Tab

Anton Gordon spoke with News of the World about his fling with Britain’s Eurovision entry Javine Hylton, when both were contestants on ‘Popstars: The Rivals’. While the pair were out clubbing, Gordon said, “Javine was holding my hand and talking to me all night. Then she suggested we slip off early. She didn’t need to ask twice. We left around midnight and got in a taxi back to her house. Her mum was away, so we had the place to ourselves. We didn’t waste any time and went straight up to her bedroom. I was so glad to have her on her own so we could get down to it. We got our clothes off pretty quickly, but it was still romantic. There was respect between us.”