FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World Party

Former Hear’Say stars Myleene Klass and Suzanne Shaw, Britain’s Eurovision entry Javine Hylton, Liberty X star Michelle Heaton, and Jennifer Ellison attended FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World Party hosted by the men’s monthly magazine, at Umbaba on April 21st in London, England. The party celebrated the annual poll of 100 sexiest women as voted for by readers, which was topped by Britney Spears in 2004. Check out pictures from GettyImages, FilmMagic and RexFeatures.

Myleene Klass Cooks For Christmas

December 19, 2004 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene tells The Sunday Mirror she’ll be doing all the cooking for her family on Christmas, even though she’s a novice cook. “I’m cooking for the whole family and I can’t cook,” she admitted. “Last year my dad did it, but for every glass of sherry he put in the food he had one himself so we didn’t eat until 7pm and I’d eaten all the selection boxes.”

Myleene Klass Plans Pop And Classical LPs In ’05

November 23, 2004 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene insisted to Neil Sean of Sky News that she hasn’t been dropped by her record label after press reports claimed she was. Klass said she’ll have two new albums out next year. One disc will be another classical album, while she returns to pop on the other. “I have not gone off the showbiz radar I will be back bigger & better next year,” Klass revealed.

Javine Won’t Pull Tatu Stunt At Eurovision

Javine Hylton tells ‘Top Of The Pops’ she won’t be doing anything like t.A.T.u. when she represents Britain next month for Eurovision. “It’s a bit of a let down when people do things like that,” she said of the Russian pair’s on-stage kissing. “It should be about the song and how they perform. Not taking their clothes off or whatever.”

Javine Hylton’s Boob Boob

Javine Hylton won the race to represent the Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest, but is still facing questions regarding her wardrobe malfunction. “I wasn’t aware at all this morning until I saw the papers,” she told Radio 1. “I didn’t feel it come out and I didn’t see it come out but obviously it went back in again, so good. I wasn’t really embarrassed you know because the feeling I got, it like, overpowers that completely.”

Javine Comments On ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

After BBC received several complaints for Javine Hylton’s breast popping out during her appearance at last Saturday’s ‘Making Your Mind Up 2005’, the UK’s Eurovision entry responded. “Oh, my God, that was so embarrassing,” 23-year-old said Sunday. “I didn’t have a clue that my boob was on show. No one told me and I think it only came out for a split second. I knew the dress was quite skimpy but I wasn’t thinking about that too much as I didn’t want that to hinder my performance.”

Her manager Jonathan Shalit added, “Her’s was a genuine wardrobe malfunction, unlike Janet Jackson’s.”

Skeptics are having a tough time believing the singer, since she had already been photographed earlier in the week squeezing and exposing her breasts while in the pool vacationing in the Grand Canaria and was competing against notorious flasher Jordan.

The article at esctoday.com has since been removed.

Janet Jackson Seeks Protection From Alleged Stalker

March 8, 2005 – ‘Celebrity Justice’ Executive Producer Harvey Levin tells ‘Extra’ that Robert Gardner of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has made Janet’s life a nightmare. “He tried to crash a dress rehearsal of ‘Saturday Night Live,'” Levin revealed. “He was found to have a pair of scissors, a box-cutter and a multi-functional knife.” Jackson is asking a Los Angeles judge for an emergency restraining order against Gardner, claiming he threatened to come see her again last week.

CBS Chairman: Janet Jackson Knew What She Was Doing

March 3, 2005 – Playboy magazine asked CBS chairman Les Moonves what he thought about Janet’s “wardrobe malfunction” excuse at the 2004 Super Bowl. “She knew what she was doing,” Moonves said. “I don’t think this was an accident in any way.”

Jordan Complains After Losing Eurovision Bid

Jordan (aka Katie Price) spoke with News of the World after losing her bid to represent the Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest to Girls Aloud reject Javine Hylton. “I know I’m the best performer of the lot but there’s been so much bitching about me from the other contestants the country’s been swayed to vote against me,” the balloon-boobed pin-up complained. “Javine said I shouldn’t enter because I’m pregnant and Gina G has been just as bitchy, going on about my boob job as if having big boobs is a crime. She’s obviously just ridiculously jealous. It made me even more determined to win so naturally I’m disappointed. But I’m a fighter and I always get what I want. I’d love to fly the flag for the UK. And if I can’t do that I’ll just have to wear it!”

Javine To Represent Britain In Eurovision

Former ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ contestant Javine Hylton is the British 2005 Eurovision entry. The singer won the public vote with her song ‘Touch My Fire’ – beating ballooned boobed pin-up Jordan (aka Katie Price) into second place.

Javine Pulls Out The Stops To Compete With Jordan

Javine Hylton was photographed grabbing her breasts while in the pool on holiday in the Grand Canaria on Tuesday (March 1). The singer is currently competing against Katie Price (aka Jordan) to represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest. Check out pictures from ISIFA.com (account required).

Virgin Drop Javine Hylton

The Mirror reports that Virgin Records have dropped Javine Hylton. The 22-year-old is now planning other projects, including a West End show. “Although I will always be grateful for the support and hard work of all the Virgin team, ultimately I wasn’t releasing music that I felt truly represented me,” Javine said. “I am determined to develop my true musical style. I’ve been offered some exciting projects, so watch this space.”

Javine Hylton’s Phone Etiquette

Top of the Pops caught up with Javine Hylton to learn everything you’d want to know about her phone etiquette. Asked when she phones and when she texts, Javine responded, “I’d phone if it’s something really important and you need to speak to someone. If it’s just to let someone know something about where to meet up then I just text.”

BRMB’s ‘Party In The Park’ In Birmingham

Bellefire, Blazin’ Squad, Darren Hayes, Deepest Blue, Gabrielle, Girls Aloud, Javine Hylton, Mark Owen, McFly, Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, Peter Andre, Pop!, former S Club star Rachel Stevens, former Boyzone star Ronan Keating, Sam & Mark, former All Saints singer Shaznay Lewis, Sugababes, The Calling, and V were on hand for The New 96.4 BRMB’s ‘Party in the Park’ 2004 Sponsored by O2 Music on Saturday (July 10) at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham, England. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and WireImage.

Rachel Stevens Releases Debut U.S. Single

July 11, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Rachel Stevens is after a U.S. pop career ala Britney Spears/Beyonce. The ex S-Club star has contributed her song, ‘Fools,’ to the Princess Diaries II soundtrack and is making it her lead single from her debut album, ‘Funky Dory.’ The song will be released to radio August 2nd, followed by the release of her album on September 21st. Rachel is currently promoting her single, ‘Some Girls,’ overseas but in September, Rachel will come to the U.S. to promote ‘Fools’ and the disc’s second single, ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex.’ The tracklisting has already been finalized. Read on for the complete tracklisting.

Rachel Stevens – ‘Funky Dory’
Suggested Retail Price: $11.99

1. Fools
2. Sweet Dreams My LA Ex
3. Funky Dory
4. Some Girls
5. Breathe In Breathe Out
6. Glide
7. Heaven Has To Wait
8. More, More, More
9. Little Secret
10. I Got The Money
11. Blue Afternoon
12. Silk
13. Solid
14. Some Girls (Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix)