JC Chasez On The Idea Of His Supergroup Girl Radical

Girl Radical group

Recently formed girl super-group Girl Radical have premiered the first of five webisodes featuring *NSYNC star JC Chasez, who is the founder and brains behind the project. The series of webisodes touch on how the group got started, the audition process, tracking of the first single, and exclusive interview clips with JC himself. The girls range from a variety of different ethnic and social backgrounds and each endured a rigorous audition process to land the gig.

JC Chasez talks Girl Radical“This whole thing started when Jimmy (Harry) and I, my production partner and writing partner, we were talking to an artist we were working with at the time. She was a Japanese artist, and she was telling us about the latest sensations in Japan and it was these supergroups. As much as a girl group has been done, it’s never been done like this. It was so fresh, so dynamic, so huge. It’s the first time I got excited about a pop project in 10 years.”

Watch Episode #1 of Girl Radical’s Web Series via YouTube below.

Girl Radical ‘Just A Girl’ Video

Girl Radical 'Just A Girl' music video

JC Chasez has announced his latest project, Girl Radical, an eleven-girl super-group based in Los Angeles. The former *NSYNC star’s collective has debuted their debut cover single and video of ‘Just a Girl’ by No Doubt. Chasez partnered producer/songwriter Jimmy Harry to develop the group’s loud-and-proud brand of pop music, in addition to being a musical “dad” of sorts to the many members of the new project.

“Jimmy [Harry] and I have been friends for many years, and we’re always writing and submitting things for different artists. We always talked about starting a project from scratch, but we didn’t know what it was going to be,” Chasez explained to Billboard. “One day we ended up working with this Japanese artist and she showed us the this thing called AKB48. Basically it’s a Japanese group that started with 48 members and has fluctuated anywhere from 48 to 60. It was like this army on stage performing, and I’ve always been attracted to the spectacle.”

‘Just a Girl’ will be available for purchase on iTunes on September 19th.

JC Chasez At The 2009 MTV Movie Awards

Popstar! magazine caught up with former *NSYNC member JC Chasez at the MTV Movie Awards red carpet on Sunday (May 31), where he talked about being excited to see Kings of Leon and remembering Mickey Mouse Club at 13. Watch via YouTube below.

Justin Timberlake Hosts MTV ‘The Phone’ Premiere Party

Justin Timberlake hosts MTV 'The Phone' Premiere Party

On Monday night (April 20), Justin Timberlake hosted the MTV ‘The Phone’ Premiere Party, sponsored by AT&T and LG held at MyHouse in Hollywood, California.

Debuting tonight on MTV at 10pm/ET, ‘The Phone’ is a new reality series, executive produced by Timberlake, in which contestants use AT&T’s newest device, the LG Xenon, to successfully navigate challenges to earn money and continue competing in the game.

Also in attendance were ‘High School Musical’ star Ashley Tisdale and Justin’s former *NSYNC bandmate JC Chasez. Check out their pictures below the fold.

Britney Spears Week On ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’

JC Chasez talks about Britney Spears and her influence on dancingBritneySpears.com visited ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ for Britney Spears week, interviewing JC Chasez, Beat Freakz and former Britney dancers Teresa Espinosa and Rino, and the Ringmasters.

“I think that Britney has had a huge influence on dance culture. What makes her so great, she’s just a great performer. She knows how to, I would say, toil with the audience’s emotions. She knows how to press your buttons in good ways and other ways that make you think. Other ways that, you know, she just understands how to really tap into those emotions.”

JC added, “She’s really had a large influence on a lot of people one time or another through her videos, and a lot of music of hers is upbeat and it’s set up to dance to.”

‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ airs Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT on MTV. Watch video below.

JC Chasez Teams Up With David Archuleta On ‘Don’t Let Go’

JC Chasez spoke with Hollyscoop about working with David Archuleta on ‘Don’t Let Go’, a track off the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up’s self-titled debut. “I did the last song that was on his record,” the former *NSYNC star said at the grand opening of the Target Terrace at LA LIVE in Los Angeles. “We did it very last minute, but I think the song is good. Working with him is amazing. He has such a strong feeling about who he is as an artist. I did background vocals on the song I did with him.”

JC Chasez Comments On The Elections

JC Chasez was spotted leaving a medical facility on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, where the former *NSYNC star was asked for his feelings about last week’s U.S. elections. “It’s great man,” he said. “America made up its mind, and finally we move on with our lives.” Watch the Hollywood.tv clip via YouTube below.

JC Chasez Defends His Style

‘The Noah and Katrina Show’ caught up with JC Chasez at the ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ taping, where Noah talked about the former *NSYNC star being a “fashion icon.”

Asked if he’s every worn an outfit in his career that he regretted, JC said, “No, but I would say I learned from.”

When Noah pulled out a photo of a certain outfit, JC defended the snakeskin pants. “Don’t hate. You wanna know why,” JC said. “Lenny Kravitz sat in front of me at the awards show and asked me where I got my jacket because he wanted one.”

The episode ends with Katrina starring “Mini Miley” in the world premiere of her Miley Cyrus miming music video to ‘Bottom of the Ocean’.

The clip at YouTube has since been removed.

JC Chasez Chats With Fans Live

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On this site LiveVideo.com there is a page dedicated to America’s Best Dance Crew. The page is www.livevideo.com/abdc. LiveVideo has a crew on the set of ABDC and they stream live. Members can chat with the judges and the crews live. This happens every Tuesday around 5:30 pst.