Jeffree Star ‘Get Away With Murder’ Video

Jeffree Star is out with the music video to his new single ‘Get Away With Murder’, the first video off the Los Angeles electropop artist’s debut album ‘Beauty Killer’, out now on Popsicle Records. Watch it below.

More Of The Veronicas Shopping With Jeffree Star

Lisa and Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas with Jeffree Star on a shopping tripAdditional footage of The Veronicas on a shopping trip with Jeffree Star has been posted online. Jess & Lisa Origliasso chat about touring, their new album and more in the clip.

“We’ve got the new record and we released it in Australia already, it’s gone two times platinum. So now we get to come over here and tour,” the twins said. “We’re touring with Natasha Bedingfield mid May. We’re gonna bus with the boys and do the whole bus tour thing again. Really fun. You can’t do #2’s in the toilet and you can’t put toilet paper down the toilet. So if you pee, you have to wipe and throw it in the bin.”

Watch it below the fold.

The Veronicas Go Shopping In LA With Jeffree Star

Lisa and Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas go shopping for prom dresses with Jeffree StarRecently, The Veronicas hooked up with Jeffree Star for a fun day of shopping in Los Angeles. Lisa and Jess Origliasso posted a personal message and video from the trip on their Buzznet page.

“We love LA and can’t wait to get back,” the Brisbane twins write, “but first we want to know when Jeffree’s going to make the trip over to Australia so we can show him around!”

Watch the video below.

Jeffree Star’s Brand New Single ‘Heart Surgery Isn’t That Bad’

If you’ve never heard of Jeffree Star, you’re in the minority — millions of teenagers adore him and his music.

Jeffree just released his highly anticipated new single entitled Heart Surgery Isn’t That Bad
Jeffree is making quite a name for himself in the online world and deems himself “Queen of the Internet.” With his pink hair and dozen’s of tattoos courtesy of his pal Kat Von D and a best selling clothing line carried in Hot Topic, Jeffree is crossing over into the mainstream. He’s been seen out and about on practically every LA red carpet over the past few weeks, is set to appear on LA Ink in March and will be playing huge show like Bamboozle and Warped Tour.

His last single — Eyelash Curlers Butcher Knives — has had 5,945,548 plays on MySpace alone and it was the #1 most downloaded song on iTunes beating out Justin Timberlake and Shakira.

Frankmusik & Jeffree Star In Snit Over Britney Tracks Claim

Frankmusik posted a bulletin to his MySpace fans (@frankmusik) on Thursday (September 4). He writes:

Jeffree Star hates me ha ha!!

Ok so here is the deal. My friend Mika Doll has flown to New York to do some shows and generally mingle with the rad people of New York! Cool you may think! Well it was fine until some stuff I said to Mika Doll got relaid to Jeffree Star. So my friend David Norland who I co own Apparent Records with, asked me to put some pitches forward for Britney Spears as he knew one of the producers on her (apparent) album. So I put two tracks together and only sent one of them. My friend and business partner David wrote a top line for the track and never finished the top line but it was in his pipe line to finish in the near future. So, I told people I was putting tracks forward for Britney Spears as that is exactly what I was doing! Then Mika told j* that I was writing for Britney Spears and this is the ridiculous and quite frankly stupid conversation I had with him (see screen capture – since removed). Oh j* you fickle and silly person. Aldo Shoe Store in South Coast Plaza. Is it treating you well honey?