Jennifer Ellison’s Dangerous Life With Fiance

The Mirror reports Jennifer Ellison is playing down the risks of her romance with fiance Tony Richardson, the target of Liverpool gangsters, and seems to revel in the respect she gets as a gangster’s moll. “You never see Jenny and Tony apart – he’s like a lap-dog following her everywhere,” a manager of one of Ellison’s favorite bars revealed. “Tony usually keeps himself to himself – I’ve never seen him start a fight. But everyone knows his face and that makes him an easy target. Jen’s a gorgeous girl, but some of the places around town have wanted to bar her and Tony for the trouble they attract. When the bouncers see them coming it can put them on edge because they know they’ll have to be on their guard in case something kicks off. And some celebrities have avoided coming to our bar when they know Jen and Tony are in. No one wants to get mixed up in all the violence that follows them.”

Gang Members Give Jennifer Ellison Chilling Warning

The Sunday Mirror report gangland hitmen have issued a chilling threat to struggling pop star Jennifer Ellison: “You’re next.” Her boyfriend Tony Richardson, 24, already has a £50,000 bounty on his head. “Tony Richardson is a dead man walking,” said a source connected to one of the biggest gangs. “Ellison won’t like it when she realizes this is not a soap opera and that she is not playing a part.”

Jennifer Ellison’s Fighting With Her Boyfriend Again

The Mirror reports a Jennifer Ellison had another bust-up with her on/off boyfriend Tony Richardson on Saturday (April 10) at Southport’s Zebra Square which left their three-year romance on the brink of collapse once again. “She became louder and more aggressive with Tony, and it got to the point where everyone within earshot was looking at them,” an onlooker remarked. “She was rambling about all kinds of stuff. She was slagging off Jordan, saying she did her head in and that she should get back with her ex-boyfriend Scott Sullivan. And she said she didn’t believe Jordan’s relationship with Peter Andre was anything more than a publicity stunt.”

Jennifer Ellison And Boyfriend In Gang Attack

The Sun reports Jennifer Ellison and her boyfriend Tony Richardson were subjected to a gang attack last Wednesday as they sat in a car outside a bar in their home city of Liverpool. “There was an incident inside the bar between Jennifer and another girl and the girl was thrown out,” Ellison’s agent Dave Read revealed. “When Jennifer and Tony left they were met by a gang of men who we think were connected to the girl. There was a bit of a fracas but both Jennifer and Tony were unhurt.” Read more.

Jennifer Ellison’s Sex Confessions

News of the World reports Jennifer Ellison has confessed she’s so hot for sex she has christened almost every room of her home with fiance Tony Richardson. “I’ve made love in the most outrageous places,” purred the singer/actress. “Even the kitchen and bathroom. But although I’ve got a a high sex drive, I’m still just a bit too scared to have sex outdoors. I’d be paranoid about CCTV cameras catching me and ending up on Crimewatch!”

Jennifer Ellison’s Pop Career In Crisis

Sky News reports that the pop career of Jennifer Ellison is in trouble as Warner records tries to time the release of her next single. “It’s all looking tricky for Jen,” an insider at the label revealed. “We have pulled her single ‘Baby Get Down’ three times now to try to find the right moment to release it. She’s a difficult artist, in the way that we cannot get any radio play at all. No-one takes her seriously.”

Jennifer Ellison Sees Lover Beaten Up

Sources tell The Mirror Jennifer Ellison’s on-off boyfriend Tony Richardson got beaten up at Colin’s Bridewell Bar And Grill on Friday night. “He’s public enemy number one in Liverpool,” revealed one insider. “A group of lads were eyeing up Jen and calling him a ‘grass’. He laid into them and they gave him a right beating. Jen was horrified by it.”

Jordan Will Be Out To Get Jen After Betrayal With Ex

The Mirror reports Jennifer Ellison’s cozy night out with pal Jordan’s ex Dwight Yorke and father to her son Harvey could result in a sharp divide in their friendship, and no doubt throws further turmoil in her on/off relationship with fiance Tony Richardson. “[Jennifer and Dwight] sat together in a corner looking very cozy,” a source revealed. “The bloke Jen had been with earlier stormed out when he saw them together. They seemed very friendly and Dwight’s mates left him to it and chatted up soccer groupies instead. Dwight looked very keen on her and the pair soon left the club together, followed by his friends.”

Jennifer Ellison Back With Fiance Tony Richardson

The People reports Jennifer Ellison is back with her fiance Tony Richardson – just seven days after ditching him. Despite his gang feud problems, an insider said, “Jennifer just couldn’t bear to be without Tony. It’s clear they’re back together.”

Minnie Driver Forges Friendship With Jennifer Ellison

The Daily Mail reports Minnie Driver has struck up a very unlikely friendship with Jennifer Ellison. The pair bonded over their Versace dresses at the Fashion Rocks event last week, and spent the whole evening together – even following each other into the toilet.