Jennifer Ellison Dumps Gang-Feud Fiance

The Sunday Mirror reports Jennifer Ellison has dumped her fiance Tony Richardson after being caught in a vicious gangland turf war. “It is true that the relationship ended a few days ago,” her mother Jane said. “I don’t know where Tony is now, and I don’t want to know.” A friend of the couple added, “Jen’s been living in fear and has simply had enough. She hopes that putting distance between her and Tony will protect her family.”

Blasts At Jennifer Ellison’s Home

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Jennifer Ellison is living in fear after a second terrifying attack on her Liverpool home yesterday. Powerful fireworks blasted her house porch and a car parked nearby, damaging both. The singer’s boyfriend Tony Richardson, 24, is believed to be at the center of a gang feud. “I was wakened around 2.30 am by two huge bangs,” a neighbor said. “I thought there had been another gun attack. This is starting to get really worrying. It was only last month the house was shot at. I don’t know what they have got themselves involved in. They seemed like a lovely couple when they moved in.”

Jennifer Ellison Gives Drunken Boyfriend An Earful

The Mirror reports Jennifer Ellison blasted her boyfriend Tony Richardson after he got blasted at a Liverpool pub. Ellison had dressed up to go out to a club, but realized Tony was too boozed up to go to Ampasand nightclub in Manchester. “She was shouting and swearing at him,” remarked an onlooker. “Punters rushed out of the pub to see what was going on – we thought she was going to smack him one,” reveals a witness. He was trying to calm her down but the girl had had enough. She squared right up to him and said: ‘You’re a fu**ing useless bastard – I’m going to have you.'”

Gangster Agony For Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison’s terrified fiance Tony Richardson has fled Liverpool to live in London with the singer after their home was blasted in a drive-by shooting. Richardson gave cops a list of six names after his pal was knifed in a pub three years ago and has been labeled a “grass” (ie. snitch) and fears thugs will seek revenge. “Tony’s in a right state. He has to constantly look over his shoulder in case somebody has been sent to get him,” a pal explained. “He can never relax and is really worried about what it is doing to his relationship with Jennifer. She is a star and Tony thinks she may get fed up with all the baggage he brings.” Ellison commented, “The past weeks have been hell.” Read more.

Jennifer Ellison Furious At Jealous Boyfriend

The Mirror reports that after Jennifer Ellison’s boyfriend Tony Richardson went after a paparazzi for taking an upskirt shot of his girlfriend, Ellison started screaming at him, worried it could prevent her from getting in the papers. “Jennifer has to have a good relationship with photographers in order to have a career,” a source explained. “But Tony’s a very jealous man and hates the idea of her backside being plastered all over the papers. She was screaming at him and the row got so fierce the driver had to pull over.”

Shots Fired At Jennifer Ellison’s Home reports that a police investigation was under way today after gunshots were fired at the home of Jennifer Ellison, who reportedly wasn’t home at the time of the attack. A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “No-one was injured as a result of the attack, and at the moment it is not known when the shots were fired.” Ellison is currently promoting her latest single ‘Bye Bye Boy’.

Jennifer Ellison Lands ‘Phantom’ Movie Role

The Evening Standard reports Jennifer Ellison has landed a part in the Hollywood version of ‘Phantom Of The Opera’, where she’ll star alongside Minnie Driver in the big-screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical. Joel Schumacher is directing the flick, and Ellison will play the role of Meg Giry, a young friend of the heroine Christine. Read more.

Jennifer Ellison Banned From Seeing Trashy Pal Jordan

The Sunday People reports Jennifer Ellison has been banned by her record bosses at East West from seeing pal Jordan, because they fear she’ll copy her trashy image. They want Ellison’s image to be further upmarket.

Jennifer Ellison Teams Up With Keep Britain Tidy

Jennifer Ellison teamed up with Keep Britain Tidy volunteers and posed with hand held signs bearing the slogan ‘Don’t be a Tosser’ at the launch of a new anti-litter campaign in Camden Lock, London on Thursday (August 21). “There’s nothing worse than when you are driving along a nice country lane and someone throws something out of the window,” she said. “It damages the environment and kids out there, especially, should realize that it’s them that’s going to have to live with the consequences in 10 or 20 years’ time. People do it because it’s the easy option but it doesn’t take much effort to hang on your rubbish and throw it away when you get to where you are going.” Check out pictures from GettyImages and RexFeatures.

Jennifer Ellison Posters Defaced In Home Town

The Sunday People reports Jennifer Ellison was left devastated when vandals defaced posters of her all over her home city of Liverpool. “She was really upset. She didn’t expect it to happen in her home town of Liverpool,” a pal revealed. “We told her it’s people jealous of her success.”