Jennifer Love Hewitt Buys A Bed For Matt Damon

Matt Damon received a bed from Jennifer Love Hewitt, the actress revealed. “There was this article and it was about Matt Damon, and he was saying that he works so much that he doesn’t feel like he has a bed of his own anywhere. And it really struck me as this sort of sad thing,” Hewitt explained, according to “I was like, ‘He’s famous and he’s so cute and he’s Matt Damon and he should feel like he has a bed.’ It just made me sad. So I sent him a bed. I sent him an AeroBed and a comforter and sheets. I wrote in there that I was a huge fan and that I wanted him to travel with it and feel like he had a bed wherever he went. I never heard back from him. I have [seen him since] and he’s kind of looked at me a little weird.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hopes Kate Moss Gets Help

September 24, 2005 – World Entertainment News Network reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt believes H&M did Kate Moss a favor by dropping her as the company’s spokesmodel following photos of the supermodel doing cocaine appeared in The Mirror.

“I have to say that I think maybe they did her a favor, and maybe she’ll actually get help,” the actress/singer said. “Coffee’s one thing, but coke is another. It’s not something you want to really have as a problem in your life. I think we have to kind of stop rewarding bad behavior and actually start helping people. You know when you’re out in public that there are gonna be people who watching you, so you should just try to act like somebody that you would wanna be proud of if they got a photo of you. Not that you should always feel like you’re always working, but it goes with the job, I think.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Attracts Ghosts

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Hey, have you seen those promos for that new show on CBS with Jennifer Love Hewitt called the ‘Ghost Whisperer’? She plays a woman that ghosts like to talk to. And if you watch the promos, you know apparently the ghosts are attracted by cleavage.”

Love Hewitt Shopping In LA

August 7, 2005 – Jennifer Love Hewitt was videotaped shopping on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles on Friday (August 5) with a couple friends, signing autographs for several fans after leaving a store and heading to the Lisa Kline boutique. has since removed the video.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Signs On With Hanes

June 10, 2005 – Sandro Monetti of Sky News reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt has signed on with Hanes to be an underwear model. The singer/actress will pose in bras and panties for the company.

Jennifer Love Hewitt At The Broadcast Suite

May 26, 2005 – Jennifer Love Hewitt was on hand for the Broadcast Suite presented by W Magazine Think PR to celebrate television’s new fall season at Le Parker Meridien in New York City on May 17th.

Jennifer Love Hewitt TV Movie Trailer

March 4, 2005 – A preview of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new made for TV movie, ‘Confessions of A Sociopathic Social Climber’ has been posted at The film premieres March 12th at 8PM ET/PT on the Oxygen network.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Lands Psychic Gig For CBS

February 23, 2005 – Jennifer Love Hewitt will play a psychic in CBS’ untitled drama pilot centered on the work of James Van Praagh, known as ‘Ghost Whisperer’, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer Love Hewitt In March’s Maxim Magazine

Jennifer Love Hewitt is featured on the cover of the March issue of Maxim magazine. The singer/actress revealed, “I went to visit a bunch of the troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington when they got back from Iraq, and over half of them had my first Maxim cover issue with them at their bedside.” The full story at has since been removed.

Jennifer Love Hewitt At Koi With Boyfriend

January 28, 2005 – Jennifer Love Hewitt was videotaped out with her boyfriend Scott Austin at Koi in Los Angeles the other night, signing autographs for fans and posing for a few photographs. has since removed the video.

J.Love Attends Gala Opening For National Tour Of ‘Movin’ Out’

September 21, 2004 – Jennifer Love Hewitt attended the Gala Opening for National Tour of ‘Movin’ Out’ at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California on Friday (September 17). has since removed the pictures.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Date Drives Gyllenhaal Back To Dunst?

August 20, 2004 – Three weeks after Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst announced their split, the actor was spotted having dinner on August 8th with Jennifer Love Hewitt at Teru Sushi in Studio City, California. A spy said, “It looked like a date.” Another source added that they were “drinking sake and some other drink on ice in a tall glass.,” and Hewitt told Gyllenhaal to watch carefully as she downed the drink in seconds.

The source added, “They were sharing dessert – he was having tiramisu and she was having green tea ice cream. They were very flirty the whole night.” Meanwhile, a day later, Us Weekly reports that Gyllenhaal was seen out on a coffee date with Dunst, leaving together in Dunst’s Toyota Prius.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Romance, And It’s Not Alec Baldwin

In Touch magazine reports that while Jennifer Love Hewitt admits she’s involved with a guy “in the business”, she insists it’s not her ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster’ co-star Alec Baldwin. “I hate talking about it, because it’s still in the early stages and I don’t know if he’s Mr. Right,” Love said of her new flame. As for the Baldwin gossip? “I had to laugh,” she said. “Alec is a lovely guy, but you’ve just got to ask… if that would make any sense. I only have to be pictured with a guy and everyone assumes I’m dating him – when I’m helping him pick out flowers for his girlfriend.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plots Wedding

July 28, 2004 – Globe magazine reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a bit obsessive over the idea of getting married. The actress/singer has been collecting clippings from bridal magazines for the past 13 years, which she stuffs in a folder. “If you saw it, you’d die,” a pal said. “It’s so organized. Cakes. Dresses. Rings. You name it.” Love Hewitt also visits Tiffany monthly, where she slips on either a 3 or 4 carat round diamond ring to admire.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Praise For Snow Patrol

July 25, 2004 – Jennifer Love Hewitt has been singing the praises of Snow Patrol, Radio 1 reports. “There’s this great band that I just got introduced to in London. They are kind of like a Coldplay,” the actress/singer said. “I think they’re really, really good. I don’t know what the name of the record is, but they’re called Snow Patrol.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Troubles Getting Asked Out

June 30, 2004 – Star magazine quotes Jennifer Love Hewitt on how she reluctantly plans to take more charge of her love life. “When it comes to dating, I probably do more of the asking out than getting asked because guys do not ask anymore, which is a horrible thing. I’ve literally, in my entire life, had two guys come up to me and ask me out.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Would Love To Duet With Usher Or Timberlake

Fred Topel of spoke with Jennifer Love Hewitt about her new movie ‘Garfield: The Movie’ and also asked who she would love to sing a duet with. “Gosh. Wow. Probably, I would love to do something with Usher, I think that would be really, really cool,” Love Hewitt responded. “I would love that. Justin Timberlake would be really cool, that would be so fun. I mean, I would love, love to get to sing a song with Bonnie Raitt. I think that would be really interesting.”

Love Hewitt’s Sitcom May Get Picked Up Mid-Season

June 7, 2004 – Although the Jennifer Love Hewitt starring sitcom ‘In the Game’, which co-stars Ed O’Neill of ‘Married With Children’ fame, was previously pronounced dead, it apparently got a new lease on life last week when ABC confirmed it was considering the show as a midseason replacement for next winter. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC bigs felt so bad that the actress/singer had been relegated to the D-List for the ‘American Idol’ finale they took another look at the show.

Jennifer Love Hewitt On The Cover Of Vegas Magazine

May 31, 2004 – Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover of Vegas magazine, promoting her new film ‘Garfield: The Movie’. “I mean, it’s really simple,” she says of the film’s story. “It’s a family movie. Adults will like it. Kids might not know who Garfield is but they’ll want to see it because he’s animated and cute and funny.”

Details at have since been removed.

Nick, Jessica, And J-Love TV Pilots Don’t Make The Cut

May 19, 2004 – E! Online reports that among the high-profile pilots that didn’t make the cut for ABC’s new fall TV schedule were ‘Hot Momma’, a sitcom starring Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees; an untitled sitcom featuring Lachey’s wife and reality costar, Jessica Simpson; and a comedy starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as a single mom.

On TV: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Wilson Phillips, Marc Anthony

Pop acts on television this week include Jennifer Love Hewitt, who promotes her new movie ‘Garfield: The Movie’ on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday, ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ and ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ on Thursday, and ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ and ‘The Early Show’ on Friday; Wilson Phillips, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Tuesday and ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ on Wednesday; and Jennifer Lopez’s new hubby Marc Anthony, who as of now is still scheduled to perform on ‘The View’ and ‘Today’ on Tuesday.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants To Work With Shaggy

Sky News reports Jennifer Love Hewitt plans on hooking up with Shaggy after they first met at the World Music Awards in Monaco. Tabloids suggested the two had a passionate and noisy night in Shaggy’s hotel room later. She said: “We really hit it off, and I know we can make great music together.”

A New Man For J.Love?

Splash News reports Jennifer Love Hewitt was photographed getting a big hug from an unidentified male friend outside a furniture store in West Hollywood, California. The guy swept the Love Hewitt off her feet, literally, after chatting to her for a few minutes.

Love Hewitt Dines At Ivy, Deals With Ugg Boots

Jennifer Love Hewitt shared a joke with a friend and pulled up her Ugg boots as she waited for her car outside the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood, California on Sunday (February 29). The singer/actress also had lunched at the Ivy restaurant, happily posing and signing for fans, and at one point held onto her short skirt which was threatening to billow open due to gusty conditions.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plays Diva In London

Jennifer Love Hewitt surprised hotel staff at London’s plush 5 Cavendish Square with her bizarre requests. “Jennifer is in town working on her new movie ‘Truth About Love’. She loves the hotel and knows her every whim will be catered to,” a spy told The Mirror. “One time she sent someone out to buy her a box of 48 Krispy Kreme doughnuts from Harrods – another time it was nail varnish remover. When it took half an hour to arrive, she was less than happy.”

J.Love-less For Valentine’s Day

February 19, 2004 – reports Jennifer Love Hewitt spoke about her Valentine’s Day which was devoid of romance. “We had the Lonely Hearts Club for Valentine’s Day. It’s a thing we do every year. Any girls that don’t have a Valentine we all get together and we do something fun,” the actress explained. “None of us had a Valentine this year so we kinda got together. It’s sweet. We have chocolates. We had about 10 people and we went to see the Cirque Du Soleil, which was fun. We’ve been doing it about five years now. It’s always really fun because it’s always a good back-up as it takes pressure off Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have somebody, you know that the girls are gonna be there and that’s really important.”

J.Love And Paris Hilton Discuss Valentine’s Day Plans

February 16, 2004 – Us Weekly caught up with several celebrities to find out what they were doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday. Jennifer Love Hewitt responded, “Normally, I worry about what I’m going to do. This year, I’m renting a romantic comedy and eating chocolate.” And Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter’s girlfriend Paris Hilton said, “I really want to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but Nick might be working.”

2004 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photos

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and his wife Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan, Rebecca Romijn Stamos, and Ricky Martin were on hand for the 2004 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California on Sunday (February 29). Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

The 46th Annual Grammy Awards Photos

Carmen Electra, Carlos Santana, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Cris Judd, Eamon, Haylie and Hilary Duff, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jimmy Jam, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez of *NSYNC, Kelly Osbourne, Madonna, Paula Abdul, Paulina Rubio, Stacie Orrico, and Sting were on hand for The 46th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 8) at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic, RexFeatures, and GettyImages (arrivals1 / arrivals2 / show / pressroom).