Jennifer Love Hewitt Just Peed Herself

Jennifer Love Hewitt was briefly interviewed on Access Hollywood Monday saying, “One word ‘Cher.’ I just saw Cher and I was so excited and she smiled at me I nearly peed on myself.” She had seen Cher perform at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut over the weekend.

Joey, Chris And J-Love At Dan Aykroyd’s Birthday Party

June 23, 2002 – *NSYNC members Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick (who appears to have his thumb in a cast) were amongst the stars at Mohegan Sun for Dan Aykroyd’s Birthday Party on Friday in Uncasville, Connecticut. Others attending the bash were Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, and of course Dan Aykroyd.

First Listen Of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ‘Barenaked’

June 16, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt stopped by KIIS FM to talk with Rick Dees on Friday. She talked about working with Jackie Chan on ‘The Tuxedo’, her new album and working with Merideth Brooks on it, and the first single ‘Barenaked’ – which they play in its entirety during the interview. Rick had quizzed her midway through the song saying he didn’t think it was really her – so J-Love did an impromptu acoustic version of the song live in studio right after the recorded version finished. Audio has since been removed.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets ‘BareNaked’ For Jive Debut

June 13, 2002 – Reuters reports Jennifer Love Hewitt will release her Jive Records debut album ‘BareNaked’ on September 24, according to her Jive Records label. The album’s initial single will be also be titled ‘Barenaked’ and will ship to radio on June 16, to be aired on July 1. Her video for the tune is out the week of July 15 and will be premiered on MTV’s ‘Making The Video.’

John Mayer Hooks Up With Jennifer Love Hewitt

The New York Post reports Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boyfriend of the moment is John Mayer. Jennifer has been hanging out lately at Mayer’s Los Angeles rehearsal studio and sent him a balloon and cake arrangement to congratulate him on his recent sales spike, so say spies.

John Mayer Credits His Honest Music For Connecting With Crowds

May 30, 2002 – John Mayer tells he believes he’s connecting with a large audience because his music is honest. Mayer said, “Hopefully, when you see me on stage playing, you believe it. I mean, that’s really the true litmus test of whether somebody is liked as a musician, as a performer, is ‘Do I believe them?’ Well, why do I like Aaron Lewis from Staind? Well, because I believe him, because I believe that that’s the kind of guy who used to, like, scratch his girlfriend’s initials into his arms with a pen when he was in high school. I believe that. And so, hopefully, when people hear me singing, they believe that I’m the person who’s creating that.”

Clip From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Album On Rosie

May 11, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the Rosie O’Donnell show on Friday. They played a brief cut from her new album, which is due out in September. They showed a cool clip of ‘Tuxedo’. She cried a little at the end saying “good-bye” to Rosie and she bought Rosie a trip to Hawaii as a going away present.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Vandalizes Restaurant reports Jennifer Love Hewitt has admitted to vandalizing a restaurant with the help of Shaggy at the World Music Awards. Jennifer said, “On the first night, we went to this restaurant that when you are done eating, you can take your plates and chairs and smash them into little itty-bitty pieces in this thick fire pit. Shaggy and I were throwing chairs. I actually got a little too into it. I grabbed a huge table with help from Shakira’s band and threw it into the fire. I figured this is the one time in my life that I am going to be able to break a bunch of stuff and not feel bad. I definitely let out my inner rock star.” ABC will televise the awards this Sunday.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Latest Romance — Shaggy?

Shelby Loosch of the Globe reports Jennifer Love Hewitt hooked up with Shaggy when the pair hosted the World Music Awards in Monaco, where they spent a passionate night together in Shaggy’s suite at the posh Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. A source revealed, “Jennifer thought no one knew she was in there, but they made quite a bit of noise.” Afterwards, the pair only had eyes for each other at a gala dinner hosted by Prince Albert and snuck out early.

Mandy Moore & Love Hewitt Helping Red Cross

March 10, 2002 – The National Celebrity Cabinet was announced February 21 by the American Red Cross and includes members such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore and Hector Elizondo. The National Celebrity Cabinet was developed as part of the Entertainment Outreach Program to help our organization highlight important initiatives and response efforts. They will serve a one-year term.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Jive Records Debut ‘Exciting’

March 10, 2002 – Sonicnet spoke with Meredith Brooks who is producing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Jive Records debut, and Brooks gave her thoughts on the album. “Everyone’s going to be so surprised,” Brooks said. “She’s a great soul singer. I’m very excited about both records. I suggest you don’t do two records at once, but I’ve made it through.”

Love Hewitt Hopes To Return As Winner Next Year

March 6, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt spoke with the Sun following her hosting of the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. JLH said, “It’s been awful sorting out what I’m going to wear.” As for her own musical plans, she said, “I’ve been in the studio so I hope next year I’ll be here winning awards.” Check out a photo of Love with Shaggy here.

Poster Claims Love’s Boyfriend Not Enrique

December 30, 2001 – A poster on the message board claimed in a post today to have met Jennifer Love Hewitt while she was filming ‘Tuxedo’ in Toronto and says, “I saw her so many times and got to talk to her and her boyfriend,” adding “Her boyfriend is not Enrique and not [LFO’s] Rich [Cronin]. I will not say who exactly because I don’t think she wants everyone knowing.”

Enrique Iglesias Addresses Jennifer Love Hewitt Rumors

Enrique Iglesias will be on Access Hollywood tonight to address rumors about him and Jennifer Love Hewitt. They quote Enrique on several radio spots I’ve heard this morning saying, “It’s not hard to kiss Jennifer Love Hewitt.” Check your local listings for tonight’s episode.

Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Love Hewitt Talk To Access Hollywood

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on with Access Hollywood Tuesday to talk about her music video role opposite Enrique Iglesias for his song ‘Hero’. Jennifer said, “We’ve been friends for a while. A little over a year, we always joked about, ‘can I be the girl in your video?’ One day, he called me up and said, “I think we have a storyline for a video that would be perfect for you.”

Enrique talked about working with veteran actor Mickey Rourke and the fight scene he had with him saying, “He does such a good bad guy, it’s actually kind of scary. When I’m actually face to face with him, it kind of scares you, which is cool. You can actually tell in the video.”

Iglesias says he hopes the video, in which he ends up being killed by Rourke’s character will have a lasting impact, “If it touches people’s hearts, I think the song will stay there forever.”

More On Enrique Iglesias And Jennifer Love Hewitt

Univision carried on the theme of Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Love Hewitt perhaps being more than friends after filming the video for Hero. The site says the publicists still insist the two are “Just friends.” A friend though revealed, “Jennifer is crazy about Enrique.” So far, the only public photos are of the two hugging, so Univision admits it’s difficult to tell what their relationship truly is.

Love Hewitt And Enrique Iglesias In Bedroom Romp?

The Star reports romance heated up on the set of Enrique Iglesias’ new video shoot for Hero with his video co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt. A pal told the tabloid, “they’re not going to rush into marriage, but their absolutely perfect together.” Spies say the two were all over each other and during a meal break at the Merv Griffin resort in Palm Springs, the two excused themselves and went to Enrique’s room.