Jenny Hyun Releases CD

I have been following Jenny Hyun’s career since she made her first website with clips of “Candy” by Mandy Moore. I’ve seen her transform from a shy cam girl to the most amazing artist. She has grown so much lyrically and vocally, not to mention has she ever been through a lot! She was signed to a shady label who did her career no good and it wasn’t until just recently that she was released from their contract. My favorite highlight of her career is when she won the Christina Aguilera MTV WannaBes and got to sing on MTV, It was AWESOME! So as a fan, I can’t even begin to express my excitment when I finally found out she was releasing a CD for her fans to buy via her website This is a day I have been waiting upon for years… The CD features 13 tracks. Some of which she streamed the full length on her website, some we’ve had sample clips of and one is a song she just recently recorded and added to the CD as a bonus track that nobody has heard before. I bought my copy the second I saw it listed on her website, (which might I add, I visit nearly daily for updates.) This is a day her true fans will appreciate! She finally has a CD available for us all… I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail. It sure is nice to see an online artist evolve. Next step – signing to a major label and having her videos on MTV… and I can even see it happening in the near future… So for Jenny Hyun fans everywhere, She has FINALLY released her independant album and it is available now

Jenny Hyun Finally Free From Hydrogen

If you didn’t know the drama of Jenny Hyun and Hydrogen records then you obviously didn’t explore the online independant artist scene. Jenny Hyun has been trapped in a 3 year contract with Hydrogen, a production company who ‘acted’ like a record label and sold her album full of original material without even giving Jenny a dime for work.

But that drama is OFFICIALLY over. As stated on her official website, the artist formerly known as Jaley is finally free of her contract and can now begin to work on her independant career again. This is great news for her fans who have been anxiously awaiting new material from the talented pop singer.

Jenny Hyun Recounts Record Deal Nightmare

Jenny Hyun, formerly known as Jaley, who was most known for her performance on MTV’s ‘Becoming Presents: Wannabe Christina Aguilera’, has posted her nightmarish experience within the music industry after breaking ties with Hydrogen Records and K2 Entertainment. Check out her story on her new website,