Y100.7 FM Summer Splash 2005 Concert Pictures

Backstreet Boys, Gavin DeGraw, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, Jesse McCartney, Lindsay Lohan, The Pussycat Dolls, and Tyler Hilton performed at the Y100.7 FM Vera Cadillac Summer Splash Concert on Tuesday (May 24) at Office Depot Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Check out pictures from WireImage and GettyImages.

Jesse McCartney Hangs With Strippers On His 18th Birthday

Jesse McCartney checked in with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Monday (May 4) while at LAX. He talked about hanging out with strippers for his 18th birthday, being able to drink in Australia now that he was legal there, his show in Seattle this week and the station’s “baby bird, mama bird” game, being on high rotation on the Disney Channel, and he spoke with 5-year-old fan Jordan. kiss1061.com has since removed the audio.

Jesse McCartney Visits Lowie’s hot30 Countdown

Jesse McCartney dropped by Lowie’s hot30 Countdown the other evening. Jesse was drinking a beer in the studio since he’s legal in Australia. He took calls from fans, including one who gave him a card and white rose earlier and another who kept saying “Oh, my God”. Jesse also performed an acoustic version of ‘She’s No You’. The interview at Auspipe.com has since been removed.

Jesse McCartney Top Search Queries In March

Searches for singer/actor Jesse McCartney were huge in the month of March on Yahoo’s pay-per search engine overture.com. Searches for ‘Jesse McCartney’ were 717,014 for the month — more than 5 times pop rival Aaron Carter, while ‘Beautiful Soul’ was the ‘Summerland’ star’s most searched for song. The most common misspelling was ‘Jesse MacCartney’ with 19,128 searches, followed by ‘Jessie McCartney’ with 18,768.

Jesse McCartney Visits Kyle And Jackie O. Show

Jesse McCartney visited Kyle and Jackie O. on Austereo the other day in Sydney. He talked about the success of his music, being able to legally drink in Australia since he just turned 18, his ideal woman — Jesse complained that the “high maintenance” girls in Los Angeles “are so hard to deal with it’s ridiculous, you just want to slap them around”, his prom, and more. Jesse then took some phone calls from fans, one bold enough to ask if he had ever been attracted to another guy, prompting McCartney to quickly insist he never had been and “I’m not a homosexual”, she then said if she had to date another guy, who would it be — he finally spit out Johnny Depp. They then joked about Kyle admitting to Jackie that he earlier had said Jesse would be a guy he’d want to date, not knowing Jackie would share this with the teen idol. The interview wrapped up with a male caller joking that he had a girl’s name, prompting Jesse to recall how he would be turned to tears in grade school when kids called him “Jessica”. The interview at Auspipe.com has since been removed.

Jesse McCartney Visits Fox FM

Jesse McCartney dropped by Fox FM in Melbourne, Australia the other day to chat with Matt & Jo. The singer/actor talked about travelling overseas, just turning 18, trying to keep a clean-cut image, being tired of talking about himself, whether he’d pose nude, and more. They also got a huge fan on the phone who calls herself “Mrs. McCartney”. The interview audio at Auspipe.com has since been removed.

On TV: Hilary Duff, Gavin DeGraw, Jesse McCartney

Gavin DeGraw is not bald

Pop acts on television this week include Hilary Duff, who co-hosts ‘The View’ all week; Lisa Marie Presley, who performs on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Tuesday and visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday; Gavin DeGraw, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Wednesday; and Jesse McCartney, who performs on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Wednesday.

Jesse McCartney Phones Into Z100

Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo interviewed Jesse McCartney on Z100 on Monday (February 28). The singer/actor phoned in to promote the new season of ‘Summerland’. They girls on the show also joked about a countdown until he was 18-years-old and wanted to know what “product” he uses on his hair, but he upset them by revealing that he’s been dating someone recently. ‘She’s No You’ will be his next single and a tour is “definitely” going to happen, and he gave the premature announcement that he’ll be at Zootopia. Z100.com has since removed the audio.

Jesse McCartney Chats With Dave Ryan In The Morning

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On Monday, Jesse McCartney called into the Dave Ryan In The Morning Show on KDWB to discuss what he’s up to, his recent shows, and his need for underwear. You can listen to the full 8 minute interview at Tommy2.Net.

Jesse McCartney Discusses Acne Issues With Jackie & Bender

Jesse McCartney was on the line with the Jackie & Bender show on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Monday (February 28). One of the morning show girls was joking about the countdown to his 18th birthday is like it was with guys for the Olsen Twins. He also talked about ‘Summerland’ premiering tonight, with Carmen Electra joining the cast for 5-6 episodes which he doubted at first but she surprised him. McCartney wished Cameron Diaz would join the cast, but then he talked a bit about her acne problem, which prompted them to joke about the big zit he had last time he was in Seattle. That got him talking about the makeup he has to deal with on the set of ‘Summerland’. They wrapped up with a lightning round. Kiss1061.com has since removed the audio.