Downfall Of The Pop Princesses

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Though we never thought it would happen, the current reigning pop princesses Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, P!nk, and Jessica Simpson will soon see rock bottom as their careers are at an all-time low. This is proven by bad publicity, and large sales decreases. We will first discuss Britney Spears – a woman who had once been crowned Madonna’s successor, and nearly 80 million records sold around the world. After meeting, marrying, and divorcing K-Fed, Britney had committed career suicide. A comeback album is in the works for late 2007, but is the public willing to spend $15 on a cd, knowing of what she has done? Will parents turn their children away from her music? Only time will tell as she spends the month in rehabilitation trying to better herself for her family’s sake.

Jessica Simpson In Tears After ‘Dumb Blonde’ Insult

Jessica Simpson on a tree

The National Enquirer reports that while partying at Hyde with a new brunette hairstyle, a feisty female came out of nowhere, going up to Jessica Simpson’s face and snarled: “A leopard can’t change her spots – you’re a dumb blonde and you ALWAYS will be!” The Pizza Hut pitchwoman then burst into tears, running into the ladies room and exiting the place moments later.

John Mayer: I Never Denied Romance With Jessica Simpson

Time Out New York caught up with John Mayer for a Q&A, and suggested the singer can’t deny he and Jessica Simpson are a couple anymore. “I don’t think I’ve ever denied it,” Mayer responded. “When did I deny it? I’m having the best time of my life, so if the names don’t make sense to people, that’s so small to me.” Asked if he felt like his fans are wondering, ‘What the hell?’, Mayer responded, “Here’s the thing: Most artists at one point or another hit a point where they divorce themselves from their fans.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Kid With Coffee Gets Jessica Simpson To Roll Down Her Window

February 23, 2007 – As Jessica Simpson was waiting in her SUV for her assistant to pick up lunch, the paparazzi, wanting a shot, paid a kid to buy her a coffee so she’d roll down her window. She later signed an autograph for a female fan.

Video at Splash has since been removed.

Jessica Simpson’s VMA Prize Provides Orphanage With Transportation

February 22, 2007 – When Jessica Simpson won a Chrysler Crossfire sports car at a swag suite at the MTV’s Video Music Awards in the fall, the singer asked Chrysler to exchange it for a minivan so she could help out the Casa Hogar Elim orphanage in Nuevo Laredo. Chrysler obliged and now Mama Lupita, who runs the orphanage, has received the much needed transportation. “She started to cry for three minutes straight and then said, ‘I can’t wait to give Jessica a big hug’,” a source tells People magazine Mama Lupita said after receiving the delightful news.

Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Party In Minneapolis

February 14, 2007 – Jessica Simpson and John Mayer were spotted at Minneapolis bar Bunkers on Monday night (February 12). Simpson was wearing one of Mayer’s t-shirts and no bra.

Simpson Camp Embraces John Mayer

Roger Friedman of observed Jessica Simpson and John Mayer together at the Sony BMG Grammy after party on Sunday night, seated with Jessica’s sister Ashlee and father Joe. He writes, “What’s clear, though, is that Mayer has embraced the Simpson family or been embraced by them, fully replacing Nick Lachey.” Read more.

Jessica Simpson And John Mayer’s Post Grammy PDA

February 13, 2007 – E! Online’s Marc Malkin reports Jessica Simpson and John Mayer were seen kissing on the cheek at the Sony/BMG Grammy after Grammy party on Sunday (February 11), with John stroking Jess’ back as he serenaded her with the ’80s hit ‘Wishing Well’ by Terence Trent D’Arby.

The story at has since been removed.

Timberlake, Mayer Strike Grammy Gold

February 12, 2007 – Contributed Anonymously:

On Feb. 11th, 2007, the 49th Annual Grammy Awards were held at the Staples Center, and awarded all the major pop sensations. While the Dixie Chicks won the most of the evening with 5, other acts like Justin Timberlake and John Mayer each won 2 awards. Timberlake had also set a Grammy new for the 1st annual ‘My Grammy Moment’ performance with Robyn Troup. The duo performed ‘My Love’ with T.I. Among other highlights of the night were Christina Aguilera’s powerhouse tribute-performance and win for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Shakira’s Arabian-knights themed ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. Dance-musician Madonna also won an award for Best Electronic/Dance Album.

John Mayer Wins Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy

February 12, 2007 – John Mayer accepted the Grammy Award for the best pop vocal album for ‘Continuum’ last night. Mayer told the audience, “Thank you. I just got done playing. I’m nervous. I don’t have a lot of time, but this is amazing. I want to thank Michael McDonald my manager, Chad Franscoviak, who was in the room for every song I wrote. The great Steve Jordan for helping me produce the record. I’m runging out. My mind’s blanking. It’s amazing. Thank you very much. This is quite an honor. Thank you, thank you very much, thank you.”

John Mayer Pulls Out Japanese Skills To Duck Jessica Simpson Question

February 11, 2007 – When E!’s Ryan Seacrest attempted to ask John Mayer at the Grammy Awards what’s the status of his relationship with Jessica Simpson, the answered in what sounded like Japanese and then suggested: “Find a Japanese person and decode it. Subtitle it. Then you’ll have your answer.” People magazine was able to decode his response, which was: “She is very beautiful – and you’re the last to know.”

Jessica Simpson Dining At Mr. Chow

February 8, 2007 – Jessica Simpson had the paparazzi outside Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills fooled on Wednesday (February 7) with her new hair color. But the snappers later learned her identity and were ready to hose her upon exit with her hairstylist/pal Ken Paves. Footage from has since been removed.

No ‘I’m Rich & Famous, Boo-Hoo’ Songs From John Mayer

January 26, 2007 – John Mayer was quized by last week’s ‘I’m From Rolling Stone’ writing contest award winner, Andrew Miller, asking the singer/songwriter who has broached several topics in his lyrics if there’s something he refuses to sing about. “I refuse to ever write a song about ANY trappings of fame,” he revealed via e-mail. “That’s like your head crowing inside your ass, only set to music. Lots of people think ‘Vultures’ is about fame and the entertainment industry, but it’s not. It’s more about where my confidence comes from.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Publicity Game

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Talent less, undeserving, moochers, publicity Whores or just a general waste of space. Cue Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, the Idol rejects or winners, socialites and the endless list of instant Celebrities. Love it or hate it, we are submersed in a celebrity obsessed culture in which Andy Warhol pointed out, “we each have our own chance at our own fifteen minutes of celebrity fame”. Those fifteen minutes have never seemed so realistic in a day and age of advancing instant gratification. Pop yourself onto “You Tube” doing something outrageous and you’re a star, attracting millions of hits. Fame and recognition is an addicting drug and our society has paved an easy path for pretty much anyone to try it out. However outrageous or raunchy the act is, people will stop and gasp because lets face it boldness gets noticed. It’s the basic law of human nature. The fastest, loudest, brightest, pulls our attention inward. The biggest splash gets the most attention.

Take a look at supermodel Kate Moss. Her camera captured, cocaine antics of 2006 caused industry experts to gasp and quickly formulate a prediction. They forecast that Moss would hit rock bottom, and that designers would shun anyone who would promote such a tainted lifestyle. In 2006, Moss’ salary jumped from 7 million to 18 million a year and major endorsements deals supervened, including Nikon, Burberry and Calvin Klein.

Paris Hilton, the heiress to the throne of the Hilton family hotel chain is in fact the ultimate mover, shaker and player to the game of fame. In 2007 Guinness World Records cast Hilton as “the most overrated celebrity” yet Hilton is one of the strongest “brands” to exist in our culture today. Raw Talent? I hardly doubt. The main reason Hilton stays of the A list of the pack is sheer brilliance by her handlers. The exhibitionism, coy playful voice and endless slew of publicity stunts has created the Paris Hilton brand, in which “famous for being famous” has never been so profitable. From a business standpoint, Paris Hilton is golden and the worst part is that we are to blame for paying so much attention.

Who could forget Kevin Federline, America’s most hated notorious bad boy and Britney Spears Career Killer? Tabloids have had a field day profiting off the antics of Federline who seemed to ride on a bottomless pit of the pop princess’ cash. Popular culture finds a female breadwinner somewhat inconceivable but Federline’s popularity is in fact based purely on our absence of liberal thinking. Isn’t it common practice for rich men to have jobless companions whom they shower with gifts? Hugh Hefner has made a sport out of displaying not one, but three girlfriends who gallivant around the mansion with no financial woes whatsoever. Yet the media satirizes this thought and our culture jumps on the bandwagon, giving such matters more attention than the ponderous problems in the middle east. That’s not all we give. We give more zeros to the brimming bank accounts of people who haven’t exuded any hard work to deserve it.

The laws of business mirror life everyday. The market dictates the demand. The tabloids and entertainment shows are growing at a hypersonic rate because of the recognition and buzz given through web searches (Britney Spears and Paris Hilton dominated 2006), TV ratings and conversations with our pals. So don’t blame Paris, Kate, Kevin , Jessica Simpson or William Hung for their nonsensical list of stunts, because our celebrity obsessed culture has paved the way to a land that is ever so profitable.

Nick Lachey’s Quick Rebound Hurt Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson 'A Public Affair'

‘Scarborough Country’ host Joe Scarborough spoke with Star magazine’s David Caplan and In Touch Weekly’s Kim Serafin about Jessica Simpson being upset after ex-hubby Nick Lachey began dating other women only weeks after their split.

Video of the segment, aired Tuesday (February 6), at has since been removed.

Nick Catches Heat From Vanessa After Cozying Up With Blonde

February 3, 2007 – TMZ reports Vanessa Minnillo went off on boyfriend Nick Lachey after the former 98 Degrees star was seen with a Jessica Simpson lookalike sitting in his lap. But a source close to the couple said, “Every couple has their spats, they’re not going to break up over it.” Read more.

Nick Lachey As King Of Popworld

January 24, 2007 – spoke with Nick Lachey in a Q&A where the former 98 Degrees star is cast as the King of Popworld, and what would be the first thing he’d change. “I would immediately stop all illegal downloading,” Lachey said. “I think the whole business in general has a lot of problems with that. I do think the Internet is a good thing for music, but as King of Popworld, I would find a better way to integrate the business into the internet.”

Nick Lachey Visits ‘Popworld’

January 21, 2007 – Nick Lachey was on ‘Popworld’ on Saturday (January 20) to answer “The Big Ones” from hosts Alex Zane and Alexa Chung. Among the questions – why he turned down a threesome, a mime describing his new album, and gargling the chorus of ‘What’s Left Of Me’.

YouTube has since removed the video.

Spring Wedding For Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo

January 19, 2007 – A friend of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo tells the National Enquirer the former 98 Degrees star has proposed to the ‘Total Request Live’ co-host and a marriage this spring is planned. “They’re moving forward with plans for an April wedding,” the tipster revealed. “Since they both love Baja, Mexico, it will probably happen south of the border, where they first fell in love.”

Vanessa Minnillo Keeping A Tight Leash On Nick Lachey

January 13, 2007 – The New York Post reports Vanessa Minnillo “was enraged” after a group of models tried to introduce themselves and take photos with Nick Lachey. at Retox Rock Bar on Tuesday night, according to an onlooker. “She told security to move the models back,” the source added. The ‘TRL’ co-host’s rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik insisted, “This account is incorrect. Vanessa has no insecurities about her relationship.”

Nick Lachey On His New Year’s Kiss

January 8, 2007 – ‘Extra’ spoke with Nick Lachey, who spoke about his very public and televised make-out session with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo on MTV. “It’s New Year’s Eve, it’s midnight, you want to kiss your girlfriend,” Nick said. “We never made it a secret of the fact that we’re together.”

Hairstylist On Jessica Simpson’s New ‘Do

Jessica Simpson 'A Public Affair'

Ken Paves spoke with Star magazine about the new hairstyle created for friend/client Jessica Simpson. “We were just having fun and playing with her hairdo the night before and Jessica just loved it,” Paves explained. “[Jessica] calls it an ‘auburn ginger.’ It was just what she wanted. She wore that color as extensions and just loved it so much that she decided she wanted to have her [real] hair colored.”

The story at has since been removed.

Christina Aguilera Hanging Out With Jessica Simpson

TMZ spotted Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan with Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee leaving Hyde on Friday (February 2). After ditching Ashlee, the crew piled into Aguilera’s Rolls Royce Phantom and took off for a party in Beverly Hills.

Aguilera had said a few months ago, “Recently, I was staying at a hotel when I got a letter from Jessica Simpson, who was in the penthouse across the hall. It was super complimentary. She said my voice and my artistry were pushing her. I was touched, because that’s so rare in this business, which stirs competitive nature and cattiness in women. Hats off to Jessica — that was a cool move. It’s a beautiful quality to be a woman in support of other women. The world needs more of that.”

Footage from X17 has since been removed.

Jessica Simpson Goes Cross Country To Meet Up With John Mayer

Jessica Simpson 'A Public Affair'

Jessica Simpson arrived in Miami early on Monday (January 22) to meet up with boyfriend John Mayer at the Four Seasons Hotel, where he’s staying while he’s in town working on some music with Sony. “Jessica flew in very early after a red-eye flight on Monday morning, and spent the day with her boyfriend,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They went to the gym.”

The full story at has since been removed.

John And Jessica Out For Sushi In Miami

January 24, 2007 – ‘Extra’ reports Jessica Simpson and John Mayer stepped out for sushi in Miami on Monday night (January 22) amid a gaggle of paparazzi. Sources revealed the singing couple held hands and kissed. Mayer picked up the tab as Simpson fixed her lipstick before facing the photographers.

Jessica Simpson’s Mall Security Battle Paparazzi

January 24, 2007 – A fight broke out in a Los Angeles area mall when the mall security surrounding Jessica Simpson dealt with overly aggressive paparazzi who refused to obey orders to back off.

John Mayer’s Suggestion For ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star

January 20, 2007 – On his official web site’s blog, John Mayer is suggesting that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ producers have Isaiah Washington’s character to come out of the closet, forcing the actor, who used a homophobic slur to describe his co-star T.R. Knight, to portray the subject of his own ire for the remainder of his contract. The posting has since been removed.

John Mayer And Jessica Simpson Make Their Romance Public

January 3, 2007 – The New York Daily News reports Jessica Simpson and John Mayer were “full-on making out” at the Hudson Hotel party thrown by Christina Aguilera when the clock struck midnight on the New Year’s holiday. The couple have been staying at The Mercer hotel in SoHo. “John has been thrilled thrilled that they have been tricking the media, but she doesn’t really care. His Christmas present to her was a framed copy of the Us Weekly cover that says ‘Dumped: John ditches Jessica.'”

Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Are Boyfriend And Girlfriend

January 3, 2007 – Us Weekly reports Jessica Simpson was heard referring to John Mayer as her “boyfriend” while hanging out with the singer over the weekend. “They are dating,” a source close to Simpson confirmed. “They’re boyfriend and girlfriend. She flew into New York and stayed at his place.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Christina & Jordan, Jessica & John In Makeout Battle

January 3, 2007 – Inside Stereo early New Year’s Day, a source tells The New York Post it was like “a love competition” with Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman, as well as Jessica Simpson and her rebound romance John Mayer. “It was Jessica and John vs. Christina and Jordan,” the tipster said of the liplock battle of the stars. “Both couples were fully locking lips and spooning into the early morning.”

The full story at has since been removed.