Jessica Simpson’s Diet/Exercise Pay Off with Bally Deal

Jessica Simpson 'A Little Bit' single cover

Jessica Simpson is teaming up with Bally Total Fitness to promote the exercise chain with an appearance in a 30 second commercial titled, “A Little Bit Goes A Long Way” which will feature Simpson performing “A Little Bit.”

In addition, Bally Total Fitness will launch the “A Little Bit Goes A Long Way” promotion with the company distributing Jessica Simpson’s “A Little Bit” CD-single to all consumers who join one of the Bally clubs across the country throughout October.

Paul Toback, Chief Operating Officer, Bally Total Fitness Corporation said of Jessica, “Both on and off stage, Jessica embodies our spirit, confidence and optimism — the ultimate fit with Brand Bally. She is an extraordinary talent and we’re sure that people are going to love the spot and the CD.”

Jessica Simpson Loses Daddy’s Abstinence Ring

October 3, 2001 – The Globe is reporting that Jessica Simpson’s abstinence ring, given to her by her father Joe, fell off her hand during a recent concert and hasn’t been found since. Jessica says, “Someone in the audience has it now, but I’m still holding on to the promise.”

Jessica Simpson’s Grandmother Near Death

September 30, 2001 – Thanks MooseMan. “The grandmother of pop star Jessica Simpson is losing her battle with cancer. That what the moderator of JSMB board been saying. Jessica’s dad/manager Joe Simpson along with his immediate family is at his mother’s bedside in her home in Temple, Texas. According to the JSMB moderator, Jessica’s grandmother is likely at ‘the end stages of her battle with cancer’ and may not have much longer to live than previously thought.”

Top Jessica Simpson Search Terms’s August search term results for Jessica Simpson related terms are out, and the term ‘Jessica Simpson’ got a respectable 93,358 searches for the month. This compares to 163,883 for rival Christina Aguilera and 47,839 for Mandy Moore. ‘Jessica Simpson picture’ was #2 with 15,679 queries while ‘Jessica Simpson nude’ was, as with all the younger female pop stars, near the top at #3. As one might expect, Jessica’s internet popularity blows away that of her boyfriend Nick Lachey, who only garnered 4,041 searches last month. Jessica’s most searched for song was ‘Irresistible’ with 617 searches.

Jessica Confesses To Being Back With Nick

September 27, 2001 – In an article in this week’s US Weekly, Jessica Simpson talked about her reaction to the terrorist attacks in the United States but at the same time admitted to being back together with Nick Lachey.

Jessica states, “My boyfriend called and woke me up. He was right across the Hudson River from where the twin towers once stood, waiting for a flight at Newark International Airport.

“I was in my hotel room in L.A. talking to him as the plane was going into the World Trade Center and I was stunned. I was like, ‘Nick, drive home to me right now.'”

Jessica Simpson Issues Statement on Terrorist Acts

Jessica Simpson released a statement through her official site’s message board contact regarding the terrorist attacks against the United States that was much more thoughtful that her fathers comments, though like her father, she couldn’t help but add a plug for her new video. Read on.

Jessica Simpson’s Father Leaves Disrespectful Message

I was disappointed to read Jessica Simpson’s father Joe’s message talking about returning home where he seems to address the horrible terrorist attacks Tuesday as an afterthought to promoting his daughter.

In his message, Joe Simpson wrote:

Hey you guys!!! we are home…… i can’t tell you how good it is to be home for a moment. i have loved sleeping in my bed… i forgot how much i loved home.

Jessica is so happy to be sleeping at home. wow, she is just enjoying being a normal person. of course, this won’t last. we will be working again this weekend.

Thank you so much for praying for my mom. She is really having a tough time. She has never been sick. she has always been the one to take care of everyone else. This is really hard for me to watch. I don’t understand why things happen. We can only trust that God has a plan.

Of course, we can hardly believe what has happened in New York and Washington. I know that each of us will be changed forever. We can only pray!

Hopefully, Jessica will be making a video entry soon. Things have been a little crazy, but she still loves you guys…. she will be introducing her new video on the 20th… make sure you watch and vote it to the top…..

We are looking forward to the future. remember…. a little bit goes a long way!


Having a ‘of course’ blurb taking precedent over how happy Jessica is to be home and talking of voting a new video Jessica made to the top of TRL is difficult to stomach. Joe could learn well to separate promotion from condolences… the two don’t mix…. and yeah, that would include talking about his sick mother in the same message as well (and certainly I don’t fault him for updating readers on that, let me be clear). It would be best if Joe chose to wait at least until next week to try and shove commercialism down readers’ throats. Shame on you, Joe Simpson.

More From Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

Conan O’Brien had a segment on Friday for Triumph’s appearance at the VMA red carpet, the show, and the press conference afterwards. For a transcript to what happened, including shots at J.Lo of course, and *NSYNC, Jessica Simpson, Pauly Shore, Will Smith, and others… read on.

Conan: The MTV Video Music Awards were last night and it was a big, big deal. All the big stars turn out. Well, we here at “Late Night” were especially proud that our good friend got to go. And by our good friend, I mean Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog.

Yeah. He got to go. He was also one of the featured performers on the show. He got an album on the charts. This guy’s gonna places. And apparently triumph was there all night and before the show, he actually caught the action on the red carpet, brought a film crew. Take a look.

Triumph: Tonight, the met opera house is brimming with hundreds of pop music’s biggest stars. Yes, the entire spectrum of pop music is represented here — everything from crap to [ Bleep ].

Hey, where’s DJ Jazzy Jeff? Where’s Jazzy Jeff? Doesn’t he get to poop on movie screens once a year, too? We love you.

Hey, A.J., You’re a Backstreet Boy. Why did it take so long for you to get depressed?

Gwen Stefani! Gwen, there’s no doubt that you suck.

I’m trying to figure out who of us — which of us has the better life. What do you think, folks? What’s better? To interview boy bands all day or to eat your own puke.

It’s a hard one. There’s Jessica Simpson. Very original. She’s being told what Britney’s doing so that she can rip it off.

Nelly Furtado. Here we go.

For Pauly Shore: This is very embarrassing. The 1995 awards are right next door.

Run, Mick, run! *NSYNC is performing! Run! Your life is to catch second-hand stuff!

Janet Jackson, please talk to me! Is my Michael coming? Is he bringing the llama?

I want to insult the llama.

Conan: Yeah, that was some night.

He did a good job. Well —

Well, of course, after he was done on the red carpet, then it was time for the actual awards show itself. Here’s a highlight from Triumph’s appearance.

Triumph: How do you score, man? You must be hung like a great dane.

What am I doing talking to you? J. Lo, J. Lo —

Please, J. Lo, please let me sniff your butt.

Come on! J. Lo! I don’t get it, J. Lo. It — she doesn’t understand. For a dog, it’s like climbing Mt. Everest.

Conan: Yeah, they’re good friends in real life.

They hang out a lot. Anyway, afterwards, triumph was immediately hustled to the press tent, where I thought he conducted himself very professionally and did a great job.