Jessie J Didn’t Want Big Pop Served By Dr. Luke

Jessie J on her knee

Jessie J spoke with 3 News in New Zealand about working with Dr. Luke on two tracks from her debut album and how she told the hitmaker that she wanted songs that wouldn’t make her sound like artists he recently helped scale the music charts. “I remember first going in with Dr. Luke and it’s big pressure when you know you’re going in with someone that’s written huge hits for other female artists and you don’t want to sound like them,” she explained. “And I went in with him and (songwriter) Claude (Kelly) and said, ‘This is who I am. This is what I do.’ And I remember being told like, you know, Luke is kind of very intense, just take it slow and I kind of went in and was like, ‘What up! Like, hello!’ And I think he appreciated my kind of honesty and I said, ‘Look, I don’t want to sound like this, this, this and this.’ And we sat for hours and went through my iTunes and listened to like old Mary J. Blige and old Mariah (Carey) and Whitney (Houston) and Lauryn (Hill) and I said, ‘I kind of want to write tracks like that.’ And there’s a song on my album called ‘Abracadabra’ which totally is very different to what kind of, I wouldn’t say what Luke does, but you know that big, pop Katy Perry, Britney (Spears), I forgotten her name … Ke$ha – that kind of sound.” Read more and watch the interview here.

Fans Greet Jessie J Outside Radio 1

Jessie J was seen at outside the BBC Radio building in London, England the other day. The ‘Do It Like a Dude’ singer signed autographs for her fans as she arrives at the Radio 1 studios, passing by exiting DJ Chris Evans in the process. Watch footage via YouTube below.

Jessie J: Style Should Not Have A Brand

Jessie J talks style

Jessie J took part in Vevo’s Stylized feature, where she talked about her personal fashion during a visit to the AuH2O recycled clothing boutique in New York City. “Style to me is what makes you feel comfortable,” the English pop singer explained. “I’ve always said style should not have a brand. I don’t think style is about how much money you wear on your back or your shoes. I just think it needs to be an artistic creative outlook on who you want to look like.” Watch it below.

Jessie J: I Will Never Label My Sexuality

Jessie J checked in with her Twitter followers (@jessiejofficial) earlier today, talking about her sexuality and haters. The English pop singer writes:

Don’t ever live your life like it will be put in the paper (in the symbolic sense) Life is about living for you. Learning from the good the bad the ugly and the beautiful. #nobodysperfect

For all the people congratulating me on ‘coming out’ or confirming I’m ‘bi’ lol-I have NEVER hid my sexuality. The press just like to grasp anything and make it gossip or an exclusive *hype* I love who I love. I will never label my sexuality. If its a boy its a boy if its a girl its a girl. #simple #whoyouare #thereisaidit

I will never apologize for anything that makes me happy. No one should :)

Whatever I do in life SOMEONE somewhere will HATE it. Be it my music, my face, my clothes, my hair, my bum lol. It Is what it is. Let the haters hate. Live for the moment. #whoyouare

Jessie J Breaks Out Into Song In Times Square

Jessie J takes a boat to see the Statue of Liberty in New York CityIn the fifth episode of “Dare Jessie J”, the British pop singer headed to New York City for some sightseeing. The day started with a visit to “Libby” – better known as the Statue of Liberty, photo shoots and a spontaneous song in Times Square, which was a dare that came in from Tinie Temmpah.

“Oh that’s gonna be embarrassing. There’s like 5 million people sitting on them steps all the time,” Jessie fretted when first viewing Tinie’s dare while on a boat near Libby. “That’s from the ‘New York’ video as well, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. Alright. I’m gonna lose all my dignity on this trip but it’s well worth it.”

Jessie J wears a Statue of Liberty style crown and sings to people in Times SquareAfter completing the dare, Jessie headed off to a digital conference performance soundcheck. “After the soundcheck, I had to head back to the hotel to have a little quick change and fix myself up a bit and then head back to the conference, where the atmosphere is really different from my usual gig,” Jessie explained. “But you know what, I love gigs that make me uncomfortable, so let’s see how it goes.”

Jessie J in a car on a way to a New York City performanceEn route to the gig, Jessie was seen rehearsing on a smartphone and confessed, “I’m doing this because I’ve haven’t ever sung with this backing track. I received it about four days ago and haven’t had a chance to rehearse, so this is how last minute Jessie J can get. I’m always nervous because if you don’t have nerves, you’re too cocky. I think nerves are a specific thing that every artist should have. If you’re on stage and not nervous it wouldn’t feel right.”

Watch it via MySpace below.

Jessie J Freestyles At Barfly

Jessie J performed live at the Barfly in London, England on Sunday (February 6), where the British singer closed out her set with a song that wasn’t on her setlist and didn’t exist before she performed it. Watch the freestyle via YouTube below.

Jessie J LIFT Showcase At Don Hills

Jessie J showcase

VEVO News was on hand for the Jessie J LIFT Showcase at Don Hills in New York City on January 27th. They talked with fans outside the venue including the English pop singer’s biggest fan, who got a chance to meet his idol. Jessie then quized him before offering him a chance to join her on stage. Watch the highlights below.

Jessie J Thought She Missed Her Chance

Jessie J interview

Jessie J talking about how the first label she was signed to ended up going bankrupt in an interview clip at Vevo. “I decided to kind of go around the UK labels to try and get signed, but no one wanted to sign me,” Jessie said. “I don’t think it was a thing where people didn’t like what I was doing, but at the time there was Adele, Duffy, Amy [Winehouse], VV [Brown], Gabriella [Cilmi], there was loads of females that kind of got to dominate the industry, and I think I just missed my chance. So I kind of said to Sony I want to fly to America. I want to see what I can do out there.” Watch the video below.

Jessie J Was A Seriously Intense 9-Year-Old Songwriter

Jessie J hands

Jessie J talked about her first song in an interview clip at Vevo. “The first song I ever wrote I was 9, I don’t really talk about it very much because it was pretty bad,” the ‘Do It Like A Dude’ singer said. “It was like, ‘There is never freedom, in a world like ours, people always dyin, what is it all about.’ And I was 9, seriously intense child.” Watch it below.

Jessie J ‘Price Tag’ Live At Scala

Jessie J performed ‘Price Tag’ with a surprise appearance by Devlin to do B.o.B’s part of the song at the Scala in London, England on (January 18). Watch it via YouTube below.