Ed Sheeran Performs ‘The A Team’ On ‘Good Day New York’

Ed Sheeran and Jewel

Ed Sheeran touched down in New York City the other day, making an appearance on ‘Good Day New York’, where he did an interview and performed ‘The A Team’. Backstage, the English singer songwriter ran into another popular recording artist, Jewel.

Asked what he was doing later tonight with his show the following night, Ed said, “I’m meeting up with some friends. I’ve got some friends that are in New York, which is really random, so I’m going to go out and have a drink.”

Talking about the hard work needed to get to where he is now, Ed said, “I’ve probably done the same amount as anyone else in my position has done. I’m just trying to keep the ball rolling at the moment.”

Talking about his break into the music biz, Ed said, “I did a lot of touring. I released a lot of independent EPs, and grew up a fan base and then I got picked up by a label and the album was released.”

Watch the performance at myfoxny.com.

Jewel Fixes Her Snaggletooth For June Carter Cash Role

Jewel and her fixed snaggletooth as June Carter Cash

Jewel checked in with her Twitter followers (@jeweljk) on the set of her Lifetime TV movie ‘Ring of Fire’, the upcoming biopic is based on the memoir ‘Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash’ by June and John Carter’s son John Carter Cash. As part of the role, and perhaps for other reasons, the 38-year-old singer songwriter had her famous snaggletooth fixed, tweeting a photo of the results. Jewel writes:

Been working hard to be up to speed for my first scenes for the June Carter Cash story. Begin shooting Tuesday. But I miss my tweets – how are you all?

Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth

Jewel Enjoys Mothers Day With Ty And Kase


Jewel spoke briefly with People magazine about how she spent her “magical” first Mother’s Day, after the singer songwriter gave birth to Kase Townes 10 months ago. “I spent the day relaxing with my two favorite men, Ty [Murray] and Kase,” the 37-year-old said. “We hung out at the ranch and enjoyed being outside with our animals and nature.”

Jewel Performing Live Set On Ustream


Jewel checked in with her Facebook fans to alert them of a online live show she’ll be doing on Wednesday on Ustream. The singer songwriter says:

I have some exciting news! On April 13th at 2 pm PT I will be performing live via Ustream presented by AT&T and Cisco! I will be playing a few of my songs and answering fan questions afterwards! Be sure to tune in! Can’t wait to see you all there.

Pregnant Jewel Released From ER After Car Accident (Baby Okay)


Jewel checked in with her Twitter followers (@jeweljk) after being involved in a scary car wreck where the pregnant singer was t-boned by a volunteer fire truck in Stephenville, Texas at around 11 AM central time. Fortunately the impact was on the passenger side door, and apparently the only other passenger was in Jewel’s womb. Check out a photo of the accident at TMZ. She writes:

Hey everyone-just got released from the ER & my doctor’s office- everything is fine-me & the baby are okay – thanks for all your thoughts & prayers

Jewel Pregnant


Jewel and her husband Ty Murray tell People magazine they’re having their first child. “I took a pregnancy test and it was positive,” said the 36-year-old singer songwriter, who is in her second trimester. “It was so hard to keep it a secret. I was worried I’d start throwing up on set and everyone would be like, ‘Oh, she’s pregnant.'” The couple are currently remodeling their home, converting the guest room into a nursery for the baby. Read more.

Jewel Records ‘It Gets Better’ Video

Jewel Records 'It Gets Better' music video

Jewel has posted a video in support of the ‘It Gets Better’ project, where the singer songwriter talked about her first crush being with a guy in high school who was gay, and how a friend told her he wouldn’t be her friend if she remained friends with a gay friend. “It breaks my heart that anybody would want to take their own life for how they are,” Jewel said. “It’s totally fine. It’s okay to be exactly how you are.” Watch the message via YouTube below.

Jewel And Ty Murray Trying For A Baby

Jewel made a visit to ‘Chelsea Lately’ on Monday night (August 30), talking with host Chelsea Handler about her simplistic camping lifestyle, married life with Ty Murray, going on a cross country motorcycle trip, doing their laundry in the sink, and working on having a baby. “We’re having sex a lot, yeah,” Jewel said. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Jewel Talks About The Band She Had With Sarah Palin

In the exclusive premiere of ‘Betwixt The Music’, Jewel tells the story of the band she formed with Sarah Palin and what led to their eventual break up. “Did she steal from me,” Jewel says in the FunnyOrDie.com clip. “Years before she ever did it in real life, did I happen to write a song called ‘Shooting Wolves (From Helicopters)’? I inveted those catchphrases that she says, like pallin’ around, goin’ rogue, you betcha. Just look at my book of poetry, you’re gonna see a lot of Sarah Palin ‘originals’.” Watch it below.

Jewel Biking Across America With Ty Murray


Jewel checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jewel) on Thursday (August 5), talking about how she’s going to motorcycle across America with her husband Ty Murray, leaving a compressed schedule to promote her new album ‘Sweet and Wild’. Jewel writes:

As you guys know, Ty and I did a crazy thing – we decided to ditch work for 2 months and ride our motorcycles across America! Didn’t I just release a new album? Yes I did! Shouldn’t I be out there promoting it more? Probably! But I have been making and releasing albums and touring my tail feathers off for so long that there has never been time to do something like this! So Ty and I thought if we don’t do it now, we never will! We just have to make the time!

With that thought in mind, I planned this summer’s album launch and tour to be very intense and very packed together, allowing myself to take these two months off.