Jewel Turns Down ‘Women In Rock’ Offer

Jewel tells Steppin’ Out magazine that she turned down an offer to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone’s Women in Rock issue. “They asked me to be on the cover, but to me it didn’t seem like a women in rock issue,” she said. “Nothing against Shakira and Britney Spears but… That’s why I turned it down. I would have looked silly if I was on the cover!” She added, “It takes talent to do what those girls do. You can’t knock that… The cover just doesn’t have the integrity to be called a ‘Women in Rock’ issue. When Chrissie Hynde looks at that cover, does she laugh? Probably!”

M2M’s Larsen Excited For First Show With Jewel

M2M’s Marit Larsen checked in with fans on Thursday before their tour opening performance with Jewel on Friday. Marit said, “I’m in Tampa, Florida for the first time, and we’re a day away from doing our first show on our concert tour with Jewel. We had a great sound and lights rehearsal this afternoon and I am now crazily excited to perform tomorrow night… It’s going to be so great performing with our new band for the first time. We all just walk around smiling trying to contain ourselves. It’s going to feel wonderful to get started.”