Jewel Takes Writing Very Seriously

Jewel musicJewel checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jewel) on Wednesday (July 28), discussing her tricks of the trade and how she always is pushing herself as a songwriter and expand her boundaries to multiple genres of music. The 36-year-old writes:

I live in Texas because I think it keeps me grounded. I did not want to get distracted by fame or believe in my own hype. The worst thing for a writer is to become arrogant. When you think you know everything, you can’t listen, and if you don’t listen you don’t learn, and if you aren’t learning, you are starving the one thing a writer needs most. I push myself to learn all the time. I read a lot and watch the world around me so I can keep growing as a writer. Most songwriters quit writing well in their 20s. Yet most novelists are the opposite – they do their best work in their 50s and beyond. I think a lot of that has to do with the lifestyle of these two groups.

I take writing very seriously, and it has been a goal to be more than just a ‘hit’ artist, but to be one that produces great writing and who grows as a singer and writer. That’s why I have pushed myself so hard to expand my boundaries. To write pop, country, rock. To explore dance, to write poems and short stories and fiction. I won’t let my creative life be stifled by genre or formula or any boundaries.

Jewel Talks About Star Light Cafe Tour


Jewel updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jewel) on Thursday (July 22), discussing her Star Light Cafe Tour and writing a song for each stop on the June trek. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I spent my entire youth on the road – from when I was a kid singing and touring my home state of ….Alaska…., to when I got signed at 18 opening for others bands, doing 40 cities every 30 days, 4 and 5 shows a day for years. Then when I made it big I toured the world nonstop. When I released an album I toured for 2 years nonstop in Asia, ..Australia.., ..Europe.. and the states, then I’d make another album and do it again. When I met my husband and we started getting serious, I took a moment to look at a lot of my peers. A lot of the musicians I idolized lived on the road and it seemed like their personal lives may have suffered for it. I didn’t want music to be the only great thing in my life. So I did something that isn’t very popular in my business – I downsized. I turned things down. I made less money. I worked less. But what I gained was a balanced lifestyle that allows me to pay attention to more than just music. I still tour and make music, but I don’t mind doing it on a smaller, more livable scale.

How Jewel Channels Creativity


Jewel checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jewel) on Wednesday (July 14), talking about how she channels creativity. The singer songwriter tells readers:

People sometimes ask how I channel creativity – be it writing songs, short stories or poems, painting or drawing. I don’t have to choose what I will do on any given day because it chooses me. It’s hard to describe – kind of like describing the difference between thirst and hunger. They are both strong impulses, but impossible to describe the subtle difference that causes you to reach for a glass instead of a spoon. That’s how it is with my art. One day I feel hungry to write poems. It’s just quiet. There is no melody to distract and I can focus on the distilled emotion that poetry lets me capture. Other times I find my hand reaching for a guitar, and I can feel a song wanting to be born. I just try to keep my mind still and get out of its way – and when I do, they bubble up quicker than I can write them down.

Does Jewel Have Regrets?


Jewel answered several questions from her Twitter followers on her blog at MySpace (@jewel) on Friday (December 4), including one asking if she regretted anything in her career. The singer songwriter responded:

There are things I regret. That if I was who I am now, I think I could have enjoyed myself more. When I was a child, I went from being homeless to needing bank accounts and fast! There were a lot of bad people around me with bad motives, but I could not see it. It was a recipe for disaster! And I was kept on the road and so isolated and exhausted, I never knew what I had built in a lot of ways. I wish I could go back in time and put the team I have around me now, around me then. I wish I could have worried less and balanced the rapid success better so I wasn’t so sleep deprived and delirious through it all. I wish I had some friends at the time, so I could have shared it with someone who loved me. I was so alone and told to work so much, that it felt like I was surviving, and not experiencing fully the fact that I was pulling some stuff off that very few musicians do. The cover of Time magazine, hit albums and hit book releases, award after award- it was all so great- and I had no one around me to be proud of me, and so I was hardly proud of myself. I never even saved magazine covers or took pictures of amazing things, like when I sang at the Vatican, because the people around me made me feel as if I were arrogant if I did such a thing.

So that’s it. I wish I could have been surrounded by someone who loved me then, and who could have helped me enjoy and relax a little. I was always such a fierce fighter- I fought on- inexhaustible.

Musically, I have no regrets. The album people act like was shocking (0304) is in my mind, one of my best written albums. I think it is a smart and clever pop album, and I’m happy that with time, more folks can see that.

And the good news is I do now have Ty, who really does love me and helps me enjoy what I have. He is proud and takes pictures and reminds me to be proud, too. I never had parents who did that, and so it feels good when he does. Together we stay grounded in our careers and in our lives.

Jewel: Being Home In Alaska Felt So Good


Jewel checked in with fans on her blog at her official web site on Tuesday (August 25), where the Alaska native talked about returning home to meet with family and perform. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Hello everyone! I had so much fun in Alaska! Man, being home felt so good. I get so homesick for the country up there. There is nowhere else like it in the world, and pictures and even film just don’t do it justice. It felt like food for the soul, letting my eyes drift across the steep and rugged and untouched terrain. I feel lucky to have been raised in what I can only describe as one of the most breathtaking and wild places in the world. I have traveled all over the world and have seen so many magical, beautiful and majestic places- but nothing like Homer. It’s the way the mountains climb right out of the ocean on jagged wings- turning grey and slate and green and navy all in turns, and how glaciers flash their shocking blue undercoats through crevices in the ice that become visible in the slow bends of the frozen flow. The country that raised me is big and wild and I wandered endlessly on my horse in open country, where there are still open ranges where cattle graze with no fences, and bands of horses run wild in that big beautiful country, and where wolves and bears are a real predator to guard against. I just love it up there.

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Atz Kilcher Backstage In Anchorage With Jewel

Jewel's father Atz KilcherJewel’s father Atz gives a brief update from Wednesday night’s Anchorage show on the singer songwriter’s MySpace. Asked by Jewel what song he was looking forward to for the night’s concert, Mr. Kilcher responded with ‘I Am My Father’s Daughter’.

“Boy did we have a ball last night down in our home town of Homer,” Atz said. “Jewel rocked the house. Tonight we are in Anchorage where there’s gonna be another hot show and tomorrow night another one.”

The video at MySpace has since been removed.

On TV: Alanis Morissette, Jordin Sparks, Jewel


Pop acts on television this week include:

Kate Voegele performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’ (NBC) on Monday.

Alanis Morissette performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ (ABC) on Monday.

Alexa Vega visits ‘It’s On with Alexa Chung’ (MTV) on Monday.

Jordin Sparks performs on ‘Good Morning America’ (ABC) on Monday, ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ (ABC) and ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ (NBC) on Tuesday and ‘It’s On’ on Wednesday.

Jessie James visits ‘It’s On’ (MTV) on Tuesday.

Mat Kearney performs on ‘The Tonight Show’ (NBC) on Wednesday.

Jewel appears on ‘Chelsea Lately’ (E!) and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (ABC) on Wednesday.

Mariah Carey visits ‘106 & Park’ (BET) on Thursday.

Demi Lovato visits ‘The View’ (ABC) and ‘Late Night’ (NBC) on Thursday.

La Roux performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (ABC) on Thursday.

Kristinia DeBarge performs on ‘It’s On’ (MTV) on Thursday.

Katy Perry performs on ‘Today’ (NBC) on Friday.

Jewel Blogs About The Great Recession & Healthcare


Jewel checked in with fans on her official web site’s blog on Friday (July 17), talking about the ongoing economic crisis and efforts to improve access to health care in the U.S. The singer songwriter tells readers:

So, as I sit here and watch Morning Joe and hear how unemployment numbers are up and how the economy isn’t “stimulating” as hoped, and how not much of the stimulus money is even injected into our communities yet, and as I watch our government fight as if this were a football game and they were enemies whose only goal was to beat the other side instead of acting like adults doing what’s right, and who are all Americans- I have just one question- how are you all? How is the economy affecting you? What do you think of universal health care? Who has been laid off? Who’s doing ok, and what industry isn’t feeling the crunch yet? Do we have enough to provide our basic needs of food and shelter and health?

My industry is affected – tour sales and album sales are down. But I’m not complaining- I am certainly ok! I remember when I almost died in the parking lot of a hospital of blood poisoning due to an untreated kidney infection. No doctor would see me because I had no insurance. Man, those were low, hard times for me. I was begging for food, but I always had a quiet pride in myself, even though I was on low times and needed help. And I think that good kind of pride helped me make it through those tough times.

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Jewel Feeds Swimming Pigs In The Bahamas

Jewel checked in with fans on her official web site on Friday (July 3), after posting some interesting footage from her vacation in the Bahamas with husband Ty Murray. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Ok, I have meant to post this video forever now! As you all know, Ty and I went to the Bahamas for vacation and we got to do all kinds of amazing things! We even did a Discover Scuba class and we did a dive out in the middle of the ocean- crazy! We fed white gigantic lizards, jet skied, and swam with sharks! But I think one of my favorite things we did was feed swimming pigs. Yes- I said swimming pigs. They live on an island, and when they see a boat come near, they swim out to it for food. We also got on the beach to pet and feed them more. Of course Ty pretended to ride one for a picture- he just stood over one while it walked, but it was funny! So, without further ado – the swimming pigs video! I will post more pictures from vacation soon I hope- as soon as I get some free time. Enjoy! xxj

Jewel Discusses ‘Lullaby’ & Project Clean Water

The ‘Today’ show co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford talked to singer/songwriter Jewel about her new album ‘Lullaby’, husband Ty Murray getting voted off ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and her charity, Project Clean Water. Watch the segment, aired Thursday (May 14), below.