Jewel, Ty And Chelsie Dine At Maze

Jewel dined at Maze in Manhattan along with her husband Ty Murray and his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner, Chelsie Hightower, on Thursday (May 14). Ty is in New York City to do press after getting voted off the ABC show. Check out pictures from

Jewel Can’t Wait For Fans To Hear ‘Lullaby’


Jewel updated fans on her official web site on Tuesday (May 5), talking about the release of her new album ‘Lullaby’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Well, today is the day! Yippee! The album is out! My first self-produced work! Man, I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it! If you haven’t gotten your copy already, be sure to look in the infant sections at places like Wal-Mart and KMart, the music section at Target and Babies R Us, in Jeffrey’s Box Office at Toys R Us, and online at,, and of course

I had a busy week last week, helping Ty and going to DWTS. I have posted some pictures, as well as this one with Tyrese in my “Behind the scenes” album. Who knows, maybe one of my songs could work for that movie? Ya never know!

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Jewel Releases ‘Lullaby’ Today

Jewel debuts her first-ever independent release, ‘Lullaby’, today in a partnership with Fisher-Price and Somerset Entertainment. The singer songwriter will embark on a media tour in support of the new album with appearances on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’, ‘Today’, ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’ and others to be announced.

Lullaby was produced by Jewel and recorded at her home studio in Stephenville, Texas. The 15-track album features 10 self-penned songs and a few standards including renditions of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.

“This isn’t just a ‘kids’ album, it’s really a mood album – perfect to relax to at the end of a long day,” Jewel said in a press release. “It will soothe and lull children, but was also written and sung for adults to enjoy and unwind with.”

Jewel: ‘DWTS’ Injury Rule Comments Weren’t Towards Melissa Rycroft


Jewel is reacting to the response her comments on Thursday regarding how injuries were treated on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, seeming to refer to injured contestant Melissa Rycroft. “I think the rule about ‘judging a rehearsal if the person is too injured to perform’ was weird both times they have used it,” Jewel wrote on husband Ty Murray’s blog at MySpace (@officialtymurray).

Jewel now writes on her official web site:

Wow! I can’t believe my comment on Ty’s website got so mangled- and now gossip columns hijacked it and put words in my mouth! Go back to my original blog – I like Melissa and think she’s gifted (and a real Texas sweetheart), and I adore Steve-O. My comment had nothing to do with either of them. My comment was on a sports website about a rule I have never seen in any type of competition before. Name another sport where if you can’t compete, they use your score from practice. Can you imagine an Olympic diver who can’t compete for any reason, and so they let them use their practice dives from that day? Or a chess match, for that matter. If Ty were in the same position, I’d still ask the same thing. I am not a mean-spirited person, and I think all my fans know that. Ty and I have fallen in love with all the contestants, and are in awe of how hard they all work. I can tell you that whoever wins this competition will have earned it, as I see firsthand how incredibly hard they all work. So please don’t believe what the gossip columns are trying to turn this into. This isn’t a catty girl versus girl thing they are trying to make it into- neither I nor Melissa are like that.

Jewel On Trying To Tour While Trying To Start A Family

Jewel updated fans on her official web site on Thursday (April 30), where the singer songwriter addressed fans who have wondered when she plans on touring outside North America. Jewel writes:

So, I know I haven’t been to Europe or Australia or anywhere, really, to tour in quite some time, and fans are asking if I have plans to. I quit doing [world] tours a few albums back because it took 2 years to do. That was fine when I was single, but it was hard on a relationship. I have tried to balance this career with a love life, and have had to let some things loosen up a little, like world touring unfortunately! – BUT I miss you all over there and would love to do some theatres solo acoustic and will start looking at it for sure. My only dilemma is that Ty and I want to start a family, and I’m trying to figure out what things to take on- Lullaby CD, country album, US tour, Ty’s and mine own TV show, Dancing with the Stars, world tour… ? A burden of riches!! So we will feel our way through this and see what we can manage, and still start a family since that’s something that can’t wait. I’m almost 35- no spring chicken! Haha!

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Jewel & Ty Murray Offer A Look Inside Their Closets

Jewel and Ty Murray sittingJewel and husband Ty Murray show give MySpace a peak inside their closets while they’re staying in Los Angeles as Ty competes in ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Out of the competition due to injury, Jewel said she’s been spending her time “writing songs and doing a little bit of damage on my credit card and I’ve been shopping for summer frocks.” Jewel added that she hates hanging on to old clothes and auctions stuff off a lot.

The clip at the singer songwriter’s MySpace Video channel has since been removed.

Jewel Watches ‘Dancing With The Stars’ With Her Dad Atz

Jewel updated fans on her blog at her official web site on Tuesday (April 21), after cheering on her husband Ty Murray on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ while sitting next to her father Atz in the audience. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Yeah, that was my dad Atz (pronounced Otts) sitting next to me last night. He came all the way from Alaska on some business, and I’m so glad I got to see him! He’s here on behalf of the Alaskan Cattlemen’s Association about some grazing rights for their cattle up there. The hat I held up was his Vietnam Veterans hat- they made him take it off during taping because it was a baseball cap and they have a dress code. I wanted to hold it up so all his Veteran buddies could see. He served in Vietnam and was part of the Tet Offensive of ’68, a famously gory battle. He recently was able to have a reunion with the guys he served with, and he said it was an amazing experience to see everyone again all these years later. He’s here until Thursday, so I will get to see him more.

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Jewel Returns To LA To See Ty Dance

Jewel updated fans on her official web site blog on Monday (April 20), ahead of husband Ty Murray’s return for another week on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The singer songwriter flew to West Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend. Jewel writes:

I’m on a plane right now- seat 3B. I layover in Atlanta, then on to LA, where I will land just in time to get to the TV set to see Ty dance. He is going to be in a group routine that is very “Austin Powers,” so that should be interesting to see! And I can’t wait to see his waltz!

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Jewel And Ty Murray Are Trying For A Baby

Jewel and Ty Murray spoke with the paparazzi the other night in Los Angeles, where they were asked about Ty’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ hopes and trying for a baby. “We’re trying, we’re gonna start trying for sure,” the singer songwriter said. Jewel was obeying doctor’s orders using a crutch to maneuver around. Watch footage below.

Jewel’s Weekend Update

Jewel updated fans on her blog at her official web site on Monday (April 6), talking about how she spent her weekend. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Friday night, 7pm- Just sitting at the trendy Chateau Marmont waiting for a friend, Matthew Rolston, for dinner. He shot my first Rolling Stone cover, my Spirit CD cover, and he shot my videos for “Foolish Games” and “Jupiter” (one of my favorite never seen videos!) and “Again and Again.” Gosh- he’s the only director/photographer I have gone back to multiple times I think, because he makes me feel beautiful! He also shot the hair color commercial I did with Beyonce, if any of you remember that. He always makes me feel like I have perfect teeth and a tiny nose! Haha! And I also like him because he is kind and has a calm and quiet temperament. Some photographers are hysterical and high strung divas, and that makes the day seem a lot longer and more painful than it is. I have never really enjoyed photo or video shoots. I have always been kind of self-conscious having all that focus on me all day long. It’s a bizarre process that really took me years to get used to.

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