Jill Sobule: Katy Perry Comments Were In Jest

Jill Sobule is clarifying her comments about Katy Perry in an interview with Therumpus.net, which some reported a profanity laced tirade over Perry’s version of ‘I Kissed a Girl’, when she actually made the remarks in jest. Sobule writes:

It all started with an interview I did for one of my new favorite blog sites: Therumpus.net — a semi-obscure but hopefully growing arts and cultural website. It was one of the more interesting interviews I have ever done, as I was actually asked, engaging questions for a change. However, the interviewer had to ask the annoying yet inevitable “What did I think of the Katy Perry version of “I Kissed a Girl?”

I thought maybe this time I would have fun with it and goof on what many of my fans were hoping to hear over the last year. I prefaced my reply with a wink, and then rambled on with a string of over the top dumb-ass profanities, purposely out of character and completely in jest.

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Jill Sobule Comments On Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’

Jill Sobule spoke with EW.com about how Katy Perry is enjoying a hit right now with ‘I Kissed a Girl’, a song title that matches her 1995 hit. “I don’t feel precious about the title, but I’ve gotten tons of e-mails from annoyed fans,” she explained. “Some think it’s more of a Girls Gone Wild thing than anything shocking or empowering to true gay feelings.” Sobule added, “Katy Perry’s song is a kind of catchy party song, although I will admit that I do smile when a critique mentions my version in a more favorable light. Is that wrong?” Read more.

Jill Sobule ‘Cinnamon Park’ Video

Jill Sobule is out with the music video to her new single ‘Cinnamon Park’, from the album ‘Underdog Victorious’. Watch it via YouTube below.